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VP Software Product Development

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VP Software Product Development
Location Confidential
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
15 years of innovative, high performance, scalable, cutting edge software development in areas of grid computing, distributed databases, distributed systems, networking, middleware and information integration. Management of multiple groups. Strategic Planning. Product Management. Release Management. Build vs Buy decisions.



Progressively increased technical and management responsibilities delivering key Oracle Server products successfully from Oracle 7 to Oracle10g

Hired and retained a top-notch global development team across multiple time zones.

Delivered key features of Oracle Database Server: Grid Computing Server Virtualization, Instant Client, Queueing and Messaging, Pub/Sub, Rules, JDBC/JMS, OCCI, OCI, ODBC, Objects, Internationalization, Database Cache and Distributed Systems with a revenue impact in millions of dollars every year.

Effective Communicator - represents the company at client meetings, standards bodies and conferences.

Member of the Enterprise Grid Alliance Technical Steering Committee.

Keynote speaker at the Globus World 2003 Data Management Workshop.

Awarded 7 patents and has filed for numerous other patents.

Recognized as a Distinguished Alumni of UNC Chapel Hill. []

Database Server Division, Oracle Corporation 1993-Present

Director, Grid and Database Access 2000-Present
Reporting to a Vice President and managing a high profile development team of 50 developers and managers at HQ and India.
Technical Leader for a) Grid Computing Server Virtualization b) Application Development initiatives and c) Distributed Systems.
Architect, Project Lead and Release Manager for Grid Computing Features of 10gR1/2.
Responsible for the direction, content and delivery of multiple initiatives in the areas of Distributed Databases and Systems. Revenue impact of these products are in millions of dollars every year.

Grid Computing - Defining and executing visionary projects in this new initiative. Patent-pending dynamic provisioning of Enterprise Data Center components to power lots of databases based on Service Level Metric and Demands - a true Utility Computing implementation. The key features are Resonance, Transparent Session Migration and Server Managed Failover. [,1759,1527944,00.asp]

Instant Client - On-Demand deployment of all applications for Oracle without prior Oracle installation. Patent-pending technology allows applications to be downloadable and deployable on demand.[]

Streams and Advanced Queues - A database integrated messaging and queuing product that allows the most sophisticated publish, subscribe and propagate applications to scale and perform at requirements specified by Fortune 500 company architectures. []

OCCI - A complete C++ programming API for database access for object oriented middletier access to the database.[]

OCI Everywhere - Oracle's Native Access driver for all database based applications internal or external.

ODBC Drivers for Linux and Windows resulting in hundreds of dollars of cost savings to customers.

Ora*Net - The communication substrate for Oracle Products including support for Infinband and other high performance architectures.

Delivered additional projects in the areas of Application Server infrastructure, data access APIs, JDBC, JMS, application integration framework, and caching products.

Keynote speaker of the Data Management Workshop at GlobusWorld 2003. GlobusWorldWorkshop

Awarded 4 patents, filed for numerous patents; the group has filed for over 20 patents.

Hired very experienced individuals to ramp up new initiatives and projects quickly.

Worked with ISVs to enable them to be successful with their products based on Oracle stack. []

Sr. Development Manager, Access, Queing and Messaging, 1998-1999

Reporting to a Senior Director and managing a high profile development team of 20 people.

Was responsible for the direction, content and delivery of multiple projects in and beyond the Oracle 8i release in the areas of Enterprise Application Development and Integration.

Delivered Oracle Advanced Queueing.

Conceived, defined and delivered Oracle Database Cache v1 the first in the market.

Delivered workshops and seminars for software developers and ISVs on the use of data access and messaging as a platform for delivering scaleable mid-tier solutions in the Internet domain.

Delivered from my group were additional projects in the areas of Application Server infrastructure, data access APIs, Event Notification framework and JMS.

Awarded 2 patents, others pending; the group filed for 7 patents.

Development Manager 1996-1998
Managed a group of 6 developers expanding it from 2.

Designed and implemented for the Oracle 8 release, the Oracle Call Interface, which is the most comprehensive, highly scaleable, high performance interface in the industry for data access.

Responsible for the all the code encompassing the entire client-server and server-server (distributed) infrastructure of Oracle Server.

Interfaced closely with external clients like SAP, Baan, Peoplesoft and other Independent Software Vendors.

Awarded 1 patent; the group was awarded 5 patents.

Senior Member/Member of Technical Staff 1993-1996
Contributed to Oracle 7 server release designing and developing features involving multiple resource groups.

Touch Communication/SAIC, Campbell, CA 1990-1993
Member of Technical Staff
Contributed to X400, FTAM and OSI based communication infrastructure development.

1988-1990 UNC Chapel Hill, M.S Computer Science.
1982-1986 IIT Kharagpur (India), B.Tech Computer Science and Engg.

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VP Software Product Development

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