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Post your searches at no charge.
RiteSite assists Executives by publishing job postings by: (1) Recruiters in the retainer compensated firms honored in Rites of Passage and "Rites-Honored" on RiteSite, who may omit further identification in their postings, (2) Recruiters in other search firms, and (3) Employers.  Registration indentification automatically accompanies the postings of Recruiters (2) and Employers (3), so that executives can check authenticity.  Everyone posting on RiteSite is either verified or verifiable!

Are You a Recruiter with a Rites-Honored Search Firm?
Is your firm honored in Rites of Passage?  If so, you have special privileges: Post anonymously. Don't reveal your name and your firm's name (unless you want to).  Viewers know from reading Rites of Passage that you normally never advertise your searches in newspapers or on the commercial Internet sites.  They're pleased to be able to submit their resumes on jobs they'd normally never find out about.  You respond if you're interested.  Otherwise not.   Is your firm Rites-Honored?  Find and select it below to register:

Are You a Recruiter with a Search Firm NOT Listed in Rites of Passage?   RiteSite is equally pleased to post your jobs with compensation over $100,000 per year, and will automatically include your identity information with your posting.   Register Me as a Search Firm Recruiter.

Are You an Employer -- Corporation or a Nonprofit?   RiteSite is equally pleased to post your jobs with compensation over $100,000 per year.   Register Me as an Employer.