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VP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness

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VP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Executive with US and international success in designing and leading strategic, high-impact learning, organizational development, performance improvement, and change management initiatives. Respected leader with big-picture vision who inspires people, influences perspective, and creates collaborative working environments.


Learning Needs Analysis, Leadership/Organization Development, Curriculum Development, Competency Modelling, Domestic/International Training/Learning, Strategic Planning, Merger Integration Management

Generated $9 million savings in licensing and operating costs as key member of team that developed enterprisewide learning management program; presented business case and evaluated/selected vendors.
Developed blended learning program delivered to 1,100+ staff spanning 20 countries and in 6 languages; key contributor to $5+ million incremental savings, achieving 20:1 ROI ratio.
Designed/implemented Prospects in Procurement program in US/UK; spearheaded college campus recruitment, creating pipeline of high-caliber talent; led full new-hire development life cycle, cutting 2-year attrition rate 50%.
Directed leadership development, organizational effectiveness and learning programs supporting Finance, SCM and Treasury functions of Fortune 50 firm.
Managed highly successful integration training of 600 new professionals following an acquisition within aggressive 6-week time frame through Web-based broadcast.
Streamlined, standardized and migrated legacy global salary review/bonus and Leadership Development processes to enterprise HRIS system; reduced cycle time 15%+ and error rate 80%.
Effectively managed vendor sourcing, selection and contract negotiation, generating significant savings.

Bachelor's of Business Administration, Marketing, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 1985.

Open to relocation.

Learning & Organizational Effectiveness Executive, [Fortune 50 Financial Services] 2003 - Present
Recruited to create/execute strategies for organizational/leadership development and learning solutions supporting 2,700 employees in Finance, Supply Chain and Corporate Treasury. Manages 13-member team/$2.5 million budget.
Strengthened enterprise performance by creating job-specific learning curricula, senior management assessment/development program, and human capital selection, utilization and succession plans.
Implemented 360 feedback/performance measurement process; increased participation from 50% to 100%.
Developed new leader assimilation (Onboarding, New Team Integration, Key Stakeholder Check-in) programs.
Facilitated improved corporatewide communication and team building through effective meeting design, Web-based learning/information broadcasts, town hall meetings and roadshows.

Director of Global Learning, Procurement / HRIS Manager, [Fortune 500 ethical Pharmaceutical] 1995 - 2003
Established L&D program for procurement function in US and international affiliates; managed $2.5 million budget.
Provided thought leadership and strategic direction to align program with corporate and customer objectives.
Conducted learning needs analysis, defined/prioritized requirements and developed L&D processes/standards.
Improved retention and employee satisfaction by developing/deploying certification program in strategic sourcing.
Established strategic learning and development program for 1300-member global procurement function; managed integration of the model into entire organization.

Project Manager, [Professional Services] 1989 - 1994
Managed large-scale projects providing technology training/support to the retail, hospitality and food service industries; directed team of up to 30 trainers.
Selected for 2-year assignment in the UK to support startup operations.

Prior experience: Positions of increasing scope and responsibility in Retail Management for The May Co.

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VP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness

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