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Manufacturing President and CEO

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Manufacturing President and CEO
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$250,000 to $500,000

Resume Summary
A performance driven executive with proven P&L, market penetration, operations, process control, engineering, joint venture, and purchasing expertise. Demonstrated achievement in manufacturing turnaround, product development, industrial expansions, strategic planning, and union/non-union organizational change. Accomplished in standalone situations and lean manufacturing.



Manufacturing Turnaround ~ Joint Ventures ~ Greenfields

A performance driven building products, steel, and glass executive with proven P&L, marketing, product development, operations, engineering, joint venture and purchasing experience. Achievement demonstrated in manufacturing turnaround, market penetration, industrial expansions, strategic planning, and union/non-union organizational change. Strong leader, communicator, enrolling change agent, team builder, and problem solver. Accomplished in standalone situations and adept in performing with lean resources. A dynamic producer of motivated, cohesive teams that quickly assess problems, manage change, reduce costs and produce results. Expertise includes:

P&L Turnaround
Market Share Development
Business Plan Accountability
Lean Operations Management
New Product Development
Strategic Planning
Breakthrough Team Leadership
ISO/QS-9000 Quality Certification
Supplier and Customer Partnering
Process Engineering Methodology
Non-Union and USWA Labor Relations
Project/Design/Construction Management


At CURRENT COMPANY, a $37 million household and industrial building products manufacturer supplying the fabricated housing and recreational vehicle industries owned two investment groups

February 2005 – Present
President and Chief Executive Office
Southeast, USA

President and Chief Executive Officer for a $37 million manufacturing business with ten process lines including calender operations, custom vinyl, paper, acrylic and specialty printing, multi-ply laminating and fabric coating. Developed and commissioned an offsite state of the art product design center near customer base. Brought in as a "turnaround executive". Responsible to the Board for profit and loss performance. Directed sales/marketing, product development, operations, accounting, finance, process control, customer service, information systems, QA/QC, purchasing, traffic/production planning, staff and open shop human resources, maintenance, and Board/Partner relations.

Improved EDITDA from $1.1m to $2.0m with historic markets declining and resin cost rising.
Improved sales 16% from $32.5m to $37.7m with the key product line improving 27%.
Created an operating measurement culture resulting in calender yield loss improving 26%.
Adopted a “ship it right the first time” quality process improving customer returns 12%.
Pushed lean manufacturing converting post emboss to calender emboss & 2-step P1 to 1-step.
Opened a state of the art product design center to focus on future OEM pattern placements.
Taking advantage of printing proficiency and established distribution, introduced paper product lines.
Improved RVwall covering market share from 25% to 40% and secured a 95% position at Winnebago.
Developed 6 new products: P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, and P7.
Improved an inherited $4.6m AP past due position to $0.9 before the 4th qtr. 2006 market decline.
Following years of capital neglect, achieved process reliability via a $1.2m portfolio of CAP-X.
Installed a “plant controllable gain sharing system” as variable compensation for all Associates.
Initiated a behavioral observation process and reduced the OSHA recordable rate to 3.6 from 8.6.

At PREVIOUS COMPANY, an $164 million Coating International Joint Venture

December 1998 – February 2005
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mid Atlantic, USA

President and Chief Executive Officer for a $164 million, 250,000 ton per year, plating company. Brought in as a "turnaround executive". Responsible to the Board for profit and loss performance. Directed sales/marketing, operations, accounting, finance, process control, customer service, information systems, QA/QC, purchasing, traffic/production planning, staff and union human resources, maintenance, and Board/Partner relations for a state of the art electrolytic plating facility.

Improved net income from 1998's ($ 3.9m) to 2003's +$5.9 m overcoming “flat sales pricing”.
Improved sales bookings from 129,100 tons in 1998 to 263,100 tons for 2003.
Improved volume from 1998's 139,300 tons to 2003's 276,500 tons, exceeding rated line capacity.
Established world class quality improving customer claims from 1998's 2.1% to 2003's 0.7%.
Established a measurement culture by adherence to SPC, QS-9000, and yield bucket methodology.
Improved yield loss from 1998's 3.30% to 2003's 0.90% for a $1,396,000 annual savings.
Raised company to the industry's quality leader earning #1/top tier quality honors at all 28 accounts.
Improved the line delay rate from 1998's 21.6% to 2003's 6.9 % for a $155,000 monthly savings.
Established annual positions with six key raw material suppliers throughout tenure.
Achieved a world class OSHA safety recordable rate of "0.0" in 2003 from 11.3 in 1999.
Negotiated a multi-year working capital/sales distribution agreement with trading company in 2001.
Achieved joint ISO/QS-9000 registration in 2000 as well as achieving all subsequent renewals.
Renewed both the 2002 and the 1999 Union Labor Contracts a month before contract expiration.
Installed a “plant controllable gain sharing system” for both staff and Union associates in 1999.


MBA - Executive Program (EMBA) 1983

MS - Structural Engineering & Applied Mechanics 1979

BS - Civil Engineering 1976


State of Pennsylvania

State of Indiana


At COMPANY THREE. a publicly traded (NYSE), $9.5 Billion Multi-division Manufacturer

July 1997 – Dec. 1998
Manager, Trade Business Systems/Technology Improvement
Mid Atlantic, USA,

Cultural/Technical Change Agent for developing/leading the following strategic business unit initiatives;

The “Customer Based Quality Program” realized 1998 savings of $4.5m by reconfiguring limits.
The “Tanks for Less Team” optimized furnace repair costs from $23.2m to $14.9m per repair.
The “Sandsations Breakthrough Team” reduced the budget for a new operating line by $35m (or 50%).
The “Magic Product Team” developed a joint venture strategy with customers for new capacity.
The “Automatic Inspection Tech Team” selected the new technology for system “AI” projects.

June 1992 - June 1997
Plant Manager, Specialty Products
Southeast, USA

Plant Manager of a 174 man, 300 ton per day, $33million per year manufacturing facility. Directed operations, process engineering, accounting, customer service, maintenance, production planning, quality control, and human resources at a propitiatory technology, continuously operated, non-union factory. Implemented the plant’s tri-mission to develop, produce, and market unique value added products, to provide swing system manufacturing relief for the corporation’s automotive and trade market segments, and to develop the next generation of process technology for improved consistency and campaign life.

Improved net income from 1992’s ($18m) to 1995’s “near breakeven conditions”.
From 1992 to 1995, improved plant yield by 56% and factory throughput by 8%.
Reduced non-conformance sales charge backs from 3.9% (1992) to 1.0% (1995).
Improved from Chrysler McGraw’s worst supplier in 1992 (9th of 9) to their best supplier for six quarters in 1995-96 (1st of 11) by posting eighteen consecutive months of “ZERO PPM” defects.
Introduced eight high performance product lines: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, and P8.
Installed “P&M” incentive compensation coupling last week’s metrics to this week’s wages.
Established a process disciplined culture with 290 standard practices and SPC process control.
Improved the OSHA safety recordable rate from 12.4 to 3.1 using a BAPP type observer program.
Reduced P & M absenteeism to a multi-year level of 0.5%, the lowest level of all corporate plants.
Reduced total factory manning from 201 to 174 during tenure.
Simultaneously achieved joint ISO/QS-9000 registration in 1997.
Co-directed (50% plant forces) the $16m 1997 next generation process rebuild (on time/budget).

October 1989 - June 1992
Manager, Construction and Civil Design Mid Atlantic, USA

Directed all capital/major rebuild construction and associated civil design activity for the Corporate Division. Combined annual capital budget generally exceeded $250 million with accountabilities both foreign and domestic on projects both greenfield and/or modernizing. 1990-92 major expansions included a $57m plant in Southeast, USA, a $15m process rebuild in Mid-west, USA, a $30m auto replacement product plant in Mid-west, USA, a $33m process rebuild in Mid-Atlantic, USA, and a $112m greenfield plant in Europe. Other key responsibilities included idle facilities, environmental remediation, and the CAD system.

At COMPANY FOUR, a publicly traded (NYSE) $11.4 Billion decentralized Manufacturer

June 1987 - October 1989
Construction Manager
Mid-west, USA

Directed the development and installation of a $260 million greenfield “mini-mill” consisting of a two vessel EAF shop, a ladle metallurgy facility, the world’s first commercial “thin slab caster”, a 500 foot reheat furnace, a four stand hot strip mill, a push pull pickle line, a single stand reversing cold mill, twelve “hydrogen bell” batch annealing furnaces, a single stand temper mill, and a slit and trim line. Since the owner functioned as its own general contractor, the Construction Manager’s accountabilities included: site selection, site layout, land procurement, staffing, installation engineering, construction and materials purchasing, specification development, capital budgeting, cost control, scheduling, quality control, management of forty discipline installation subcontractors, facility commissioning, merit shop labor relations, government relations, press relations, and the obtaining of building permits.

At COMPANY FIVE, a publicly traded (NYSE) $14.1 Billion Steel Conglomerate

April 1987 - June 1987
Area Manager - Finishing Operations
Mid-Atlantic, USA

July 1986 - March 1987
Manufacturing and Engineering Manager
Southeast, USA

January 1986 - June 1986
Engineering Manager
Southeast, USA

June 1984 - December 1985
Manager Project Administration
Mid-Atlantic, USA & Mid-west, USA

August 1983 - May 1984
Senior Buyer
Mid-Atlantic, USA

August 1981 - July 1983
Project Team Contract Administrator / Buyer
Southeast, USA

October 1979 - July 1981
Buyer & Associate Buyer
Mid-Atlantic, USA

June 1976 - September 1979
Engineer & Engineer Trainee
Southeast, USA & Mid-Atlantic, USA


Age: 53

Married (29 yr.)

Excellent Health

Children: Three (one in college/two in law/graduate school)
Key Activities: Marathons (eleven to date and have ran 1,000+ miles per year since 1980), Mountaineering, Backpacking, Golfing, Skiing, Coaching Cup Level Soccer, and Teaching Sunday School

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Manufacturing President and CEO

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