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Curriculum/Content Development

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Curriculum/Content Development
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
Developer of Curriculum Materials
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Science/mathematics curriculum developer; managing editor; supervising producer of educational videos and interactive e-learning materials. Produced highly-rated math videos for respected educational content provider. Ph.D. in Anatomy, emphasis in neuroscience. ASQ-certified CSSBB. Additional experience: neurophysiologist/neuroanatomist with pharmaceutical company; financial software development.


Science/Math Writing, Editing, Educational Content Management
Print, Video, and Interactive System Development

• E-learning product development
• Science/math curriculum development
• Educational video program development
• Project management
• Software development
• Curriculum and software user analysis
• Process analysis and improvement
• Team building
• Quantitative and qualitative analysis

• American Society for Quality-certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB; quality improvement)
• Author of more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles

Educational Content Consultant, Managing Editor, Supervising Producer of Content and Research for a well-respected educational resource provider

Math Videos: Provide overall editorial direction and curriculum development and content guidance in production of math videos for classroom use in all main math areas, grades K-12. Production in two years includes 227 five- to 12-minute segments, in 39 programs.
• High Ratings: Videos released so far from this project (as of Dec, 2006) for grades K-8 have received exceptionally high ratings from teacher users. Average rating of 26 programs: 3.5 out of 5 possible, compared to 3.0 for 82 other math programs produced since 2000; 54% have ratings of 4 or 5, compared to 21% for other programs.
• Awards: One program received a Telly Award, and a CINE Golden Eagle Award.

• Work with the production team and outside consultants to guide treatment, script, and video segment development for educational video presentations for math curriculum.
• Sketch conceptual development in preliminary treatments.
• Develop original examples and applications for video content presentation to coordinate with video footage, including mathematical modeling and analysis.
• Coordinate and manage input and feedback among educational content team members for communication with the production team and integration into the videos.
• Review treatments, scripts, and video footage in each stage of production for content integrity, editorial considerations, and educational impact.
• Introduced personas (user archetypes) to help focus design considerations on target audience goals.

Science Online Interactive Simulation and Multimedia Lesson Development: As Managing Editor, guided initial content development for simulations and multimedia lessons for online presentation, for supplemental science use in classrooms. Worked with a separately contracted content provider to set standards of development and provide accurate, engaging, grade-appropriate online presentation of content.

Science Curriculum Developer

Served as a science content specialist developing curricula for grades 3–8. Curricula covered all areas of science. Lessons are delivered over the Internet and incorporate offline activities.
• Wrote initial drafts of main content lessons with accurate, age-appropriate content presented in an engaging way, including specifications for online assets such as static and animated illustrations and interactive elements.
• Worked with instructional designers, visual designers, activity developers, an editor, and a media specialist to assure accuracy and appropriateness of content and presentation.
• Participated in developing the scope and sequence, objectives, big ideas, activities, and assessments for grade 6–8 courses in Earth science, life science, and physical science.
• Made suggestions that, when implemented, improved workflow to enable more effective and efficient creative development work under time and budgetary constraints.
• Developed standards and teamwork principles to help maintain vision and facilitate quality work.
• Participated in a process-improvement workgroup; developed suggestions for unifying design and development efforts.
• Assisted in development of personas (user archetypes) for interaction design of educational program.
• Helped analyze and interpret survey of users of Internet-based curriculum.

Senior Vice President and Analytical Software Developer

Developed and incorporated into a software tool analytical techniques for financial planners serving high-net-worth clients. The program models clients’ future financial status and applies unique value measures. One of four founding principals.
• Developed and incorporated key concepts into the software.
• Managed interactions with a subcontracted software development company aiming to prepare the program for commercialization
• Initiated and led use of a new approach for user interaction (interface) design that uses an archetypical “persona” to focus on user goals; introduced this technique to the subcontracted software development company.
• Incorporated the interaction design approach into the decision process for issues other than the programmatic interface.
• Participated in fundraising efforts for the company.

Senior Vice President and Investment Professional

Was a founding principal in a Registered Investment Advisory firm.
• Managed employees and finances.
• Evaluated clients’ wealth management strategy options using a proprietary software program, providing clients with quantitative basis for asset management choices.
• Explained investment analysis to clients and communicated the analytical results to them.
• Was licensed as a securities representative (series 7) and Investment Advisor Representative, and for sales of life and health insurance.

Research Neurophysiologist
For a Biotech Pharmaceutical Company

As key member of team developing models of neurological disease in laboratory animals, developed and applied state-of-the-art neurophysiological testing techniques.
• Set up and ran the company’s first laboratory for neurophysiological testing of living animals.
• Served as a key member of a team developing models of experimentally induced neurological disease.
• Developed efficient and effective means of repeated testing of rats for neurological disease.
• Applied these techniques to demonstrate reality, severity, and nature of several forms of neurological disease, and effects of therapeutic treatment.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Appointment funded through a postdoctoral research grant from the National Institutes of Health, obtained through a competitive application process.
• Extended the generality of some of the previous findings in rats to monkeys and cats using previously learned physiological and anatomical techniques.
• Ascertained neurochemical responses of the central nervous system to nerve damage in rats, contributing information about how nerve damage leads to pain.
• Determined mechanisms of neurotransmitter action in isolated brain cells using calcium-sensitive dye, a cellular physiological technique.

Consultant—Programmer and Statistician

Programmed interactive test software and statistically analyzed complex data for study of human spatial information processing. The analysis required piecemeal handling and manual reassembly of complex analysis of variance too large for SPSS to handle directly on available mainframe computer.

Doctoral Researcher
In a Department of Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy of a large university.

Investigated anatomical and physiological features of somatosensory pathways in the rat spinal cord and brain, primarily some indicated to be involved in pain. Assisted teaching various biomedical courses.

Graduate Student, Researcher, and Teaching Assistant
In a Program in Evolutionary and Systematic Biology and a Department of Ecology and Behavioral Biology of a large university

Investigated brain size and structure in squirrels. Took courses in ecology, evolution, behavioral biology, neuroscience, and other biomedical sciences. Assisted teaching various biology courses.

At a hospital

Supported clinical, biochemical, and neurophysiological characterization of a family with a rare neuropathy. Assisted in a study of physical fixation of ankle fractures and the relationship to functional recovery, collecting data from medical records.

Education, Training, and Certification
• CSSBB, American Society for Quality certification in Six Sigma Black Belt, March, 2005 (quality improvement)
• Certificate Program, Six Sigma-Black Belt Level, Villanova University, 2005
• Certificate, Project Management Professional Prep, Villanova University, 2005
• Ph.D., Anatomy
• B.A., Biology
Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi (science), Pi Mu Epsilon (math)

Special Technical Qualifications
• Published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers.
• Manuscript reviewer for scientific journals: occasional from 1989 to 2000
• Grant reviewer for NIH neuroscience study section on Integrative, Functional and Cognitive Neuroscience: 1998–1999
• Programming languages: Microsoft FoxPro and Visual FoxPro
• Statistics: SPSS
• Office applications: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
• License: Life and Health Insurance

Volunteer and Community Service

Took leadership role in several educational, political and community action projects:
• Organized and led a program for Holocaust commemoration at a synagogue, incorporating a) the creative participation of the 8th-grade class studying the Holocaust and b) original modifications of memorial expressions (early 2000s).
• Helped a friend who had lost a son drowning in the Gulf of Mexico to promote getting flags on the beach for beach safety. Flags were installed (early 1990s).
• Campaigned against a proposal to dismantle the pre-first grade program in Texas, a program from which my son had benefited. The program was not dismantled (early 1990s).
• Campaigned to prevent severe reduction in time limit for residence in married student housing at a large university, using data analysis on population dynamics to support the case. The time limit was not reduced to the degree that had been proposed (mid 1980s).

Taught Hebrew and other classes in religious schools (occasional from 1990s)

Participated in amateur and professional dance groups (1970s and 1980s), including leading an amateur performing Israeli folk dance group for one year; included directing and staging a full-repertory performance and designing the lighting regime for the show (1980s).

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