Vice President, Information Technology

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Vice President, Information Technology
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$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Dynamic IT executive, 25+ years? spearheading global operations. Technical expertise, strong business acumen, partnering with corporate executives, developing and driving strategic plans. Committed to on time and on budget projects. Leverages creativity, ingenuity, and keen ability to discover untapped opportunities.



Visionary professional with over 25 years experience spearheading global technology operations that support and contribute to business success and growth.
? Combines demonstrated technical expertise and strong business acumen, partnering with corporate executives to develop and drive strategic plans.
? Provides dedicated leadership to multi-dimensional technology and operational teams, with a commitment to delivering projects on time and on budget, with minimal business interruption.
? Brings unique creativity and ingenuity to all challenges, with a keen ability to discover untapped opportunities for attainment of corporate goals.

? Executive Technology Leadership ? Solutions Management ? Relationship Development ? IT Program/Project Management ? Consensus Building ?.
? Vendor Management ? Customer Relations ? IT Operational/Infrastructure Management ? Negotiations ? Software Design ?.
? Disaster Recovery Systems ? E-Commerce ? Systems Development & Implementation ? Staff Management ? Budget Management ?.


M&R MARKING SYSTEMS/TRODAT USA, Piscataway, New Jersey ? 1996-Present
International manufacturer and supplier of identification products, with annual sales of $35M.

Vice President, Information Technologies (1996-2007); Consultant (December 2007-Present)
Directed and developed overall IT services and management across global customer/vendor base, including 24/7 data center operations to support patented e-commerce application, Supervised 8-member staff, with full budget management control. Designed comprehensive IT strategy to support long-term business objectives ? including participation in Board-level leadership activities ? and prioritized and deployed resources to maximize productivity and customer experience. Overseas manufacturing systems integration to China, Taiwan and Costa Rica with distribution systems and logistics into 81+ countries.

Developed and implemented enterprise data system and data warehouse capabilities to support growth. Managed telecommunications/technical infrastructure services and SLAs, launched IT initiatives to support new products, and directed vendor and outsourcing relationships.

Major Achievements:
? Received partnership in firm due to outstanding contributions to company success and profitability.
? Delivered improvements to same-day order fulfillment rates by automating systems, which also slashed order processing, packing, and shipping time by 66%.
? Conducted successful negotiations with a carrier to provide next-day delivery at optimum cost, which allowed use of just 1 shipping facility and expedited service for domestic customers.
? Triggered $600K+ annual savings through strategic negotiation of key shipping/logistics contract.
? Successfully completed multiple system conversions with no downtime during business hours.
? Invented patented e-commerce (B2C/B2B), OnlineCustom (OLC) software ? U.S. Patent 6,901,376.
? New software resulted in significant growth for customers, including one who rose from bottom 10% in customer ranking to 7th-largest in less than 2 years.
? Created and implemented critical disaster recovery systems for both internal and remotely hosted systems.

HYM FINANCIAL, INC./UNIVERSAL TRUST, West Paterson, N.J. ? 1992-1996
Financial services conglomerate comprised of a national brokerage firm, trust company, and mortgage company, with $8B in assets under management.

Vice President, Management Information Services
Spearheaded MIS operations, with oversight of 13 employees. Provided daily operational support for 7 national offices, expertly managing teams of programmers and technical staff to ensure successful development and installation of new systems, as well as in-depth training for users. Implemented disaster recovery systems, developed and negotiated business plans for acquisitions and startups, and controlled operating contracts and IT-related legal activities

Major Achievements:
? Expertly architected real-time Brokerage Information Systems and Trust Accounting Systems, managing $1.5B+ in Certificates of Deposit and $6.5B+ in securities.
? Ensured operational success through design, deployment and support for all telecommunications systems, WAN, and LAN, as well as Telerate, Bloomberg, ADP, and Quotron trading and information networks.
? Generated $250K annual savings through expert negotiation of a key telecommunications agreement.


TRANSISTOR DEVICES, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey ? 1986-1992
Director, Management Information Services; Treasurer
Corporate responsibility for MIS, Financial and Accounting departments at seven divisions with 695 employees. Annual revenue of $65M.

? Supported 373% revenue growth through implementation of a customized MRP software package that provided essential information and controls.
? Architected corporate-wide CAD/CAE/CAM systems that slashed product development cycle time by 75%.
? Expedited document retrieval through development and implementation of an effective transactional document archival/retrieval system.

INITIAL SERVICES, USA, Secaucus, NJ ? 1984-1986
Corporate Director, Management Information Services
Corporate responsibility for MIS/DP at fourteen divisions and three sister companies with 1,900 employees. Annual revenue of $150M.

? Implemented Distributed Processing techniques for centralized MRP systems, making each division self sufficient while maintaining control at the corporate level.
? Successful development, installation and conversion of manual systems to interactive on-line computer systems with complete auditing facilities. Systems included MRP, financial, route accounting & scheduling.
? Revamped a large networked computer system to eliminate the need for a proposed $445,000 upgrade.
? Implementation of disaster prevention and recovery procedures/systems.

KURT ORBAN COMPANY, Wayne, NJ ? 1981-1984
Director, Data Processing
Manufacturer, Importer and Distributor of steel products, oil pipelining, tubular goods and OTR tires. Distributed Winnebago camping and off-road products. Annual sales of $750M with 125 employees in six divisions.

? Successful design, development, installation and conversion of manual and large scale batch systems to on-line computer systems(ie: financial, manufacturing and distribution).
? Implemented Distributed Processing techniques, reducing billing backlog of $200,000 from ten days to same day billing effectively increasing cash flow.
? Implemented EDI purchasing and acknowledgment automation with international suppliers in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan replacing telex.
? Revised and made usable a library of accounting programs resulting in a $250,000 savings.
? Selected, trained and developed department personnel. Reducing MIS/DP staff from nineteen to ten, while increasing productivity.


Computer Science/Biology Major
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, New Jersey
Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Courses in Lean Manufacturing & Project Management


Activant Prelude ADS (ERP/CRM) ? Results ERP ? Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2000/NT ? UNIX DG/UX ? HP/UX ? IBM U2 ? Unidata ? Universe ? SB+ System Builder ? Ultimate ? Pick Systems ? Dataworks? Avante ERP
xml ? .Net ? Progress ? EDI ? Microsoft SQL Server ? Citrix Server
MS Terminal Services ? Microsoft Exchange ? Fax & Telephony integrations

IBM P5 Series ? HP 9000 ? Data General Aviion ? Ultimate ? Honeywell
Sun (Solaris/OS) ? IBM RS/6000 (AIX/OS) ? LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) ? Cisco
Symbol Technologies ? Bar Code & RF systems (wireless)

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Vice President, Information Technology

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