Software Systems Architect Developer Leader

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Software Systems Architect Developer Leader
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Software architecture/algorithm work with enterprise computing (Python Erlang/OTP C++ C) (Linux/Solaris), SMPTE movie distribution, public key infrastructure, cryptography, digital signal processing, automated theorem proving, programming languages (object-oriented, functional, multi-threaded, logic, procedural), program transformation, Web site design, formal specifications, optimizing compilers.


Software Systems Architect, Engineer, Developer, Communicator, and Leader

Can I help you as a software systems architect, engineer, developer, and communicator in a leadership position?

Working in the software industry on Linux, Solaris, Windows, and NetWare, I have mastered software architecture and algorithm related issues through work with enterprise computing (Python Erlang/OTP C++ C Lisp Prolog Java), SMPTE based movie distribution, public key infrastructure, cryptography, digital signal processing, computer networking, automated theorem proving, programming languages (object-oriented, functional, multi-threaded, logic, and procedural), program transformation, Web site design, formal specifications, optimizing compilers, relational databases, and graphical user interfaces. Specialized in Theoretical Physics for my MSc in Engineering Physics.

Performed all aspects of software systems creation from company formation, research, management, and problem definition, via specification, design, documentation, programming, and testing, to course development, introduction, maintenance, and production support. For instance:

In charge of a SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) based Python system of multiple parallell Linux processes for importing digital device information from a large number of movie theatres world-wide for use in a PostgreSQL database system for booking and encrypted movie distribution providing theatres with time limited decryption keys for cinema viewing. Providing theatre information to movie studios with an FLM-x RESTful Web Service.

Architectured and led implementation of software for a system locating boxed goods in temporary warehouses by using digital signal processing to analyze emitted radio signals from the boxes using multi-threaded C++ on Linux.

Worked on an inference engine in an automated theorem prover for higher order logic in Common Lisp for program synthesis and verification.

Invented and implemented an architecture to handle automatic error recovery in a 235,000 source line telecommunications embedded system of communicating processes written in the dynamic, functional, declarative, multi-threaded, soft real-time, distributed, programming language Erlang.

Invented the object-oriented, soft real-time, large scale, programming language ObjectivePlex, to speed up telecommunications service creation from 18+ to 6 months. Led its formation in cooperation with the user and implementation communities.

Designed and led the implementation of an optimizing global data flow analysis register allocator in the back-end of a cross-compiler for the procedural, soft real-time, programming language PLEX. Despite extensive use worldwide, only 1 error has been discovered in this 30,000 line Pascal/assembly code system since its release in '84. This was accomplished using my formal, set-theoretic, SETL based specification language, with peer reviews, and thorough testing.

Recruiters: Please, do not submit my name to any employer without my prior consent.

Working with teams, always ready to learn new things, my main interest is to encourage, research, invent, and implement simple, optimal, and robust solutions to complex problems. However, you should know that in recent years, my total compensation has been in the range of $125,000 to $145,000. I am a US citizen.

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7/2017 - Present
Erlang/OTP Consulting, Anaheim Hills, California

Consulting services using Erlang/OTP for distributed, fault-tolerant, soft real-time, highly available, non-stop applications, with hot swapping code updates.

2/2013 - 6/2017
Deluxe Digital Cinema, Burbank, California

Senior Software System Engineer

Deluxe Digital Cinema is involved in the movie industry with digital cinema post production services.

In charge of all FLM (Facility List Message) feeds that import digital device information using RESTful HTTP based protocols over the internet from movie theatres world-wide to an internal database system used to produce and distribute time-limited encryption keys to the movie theatres to allow them to open up encrypted movies for viewing. Also in charge of passing the assembled and standardized FLM information on to the movie studios via Deluxe's FLM-x RESTful Web Service for booking purposes.

Doing requirements gathering, design, development, maintenance, and testing for production use in Python w/ SQLAlchemy and raw SQL access to PostgreSQL to enhance and expand the incoming FLM feeds and the outgoing FLM-x Django/Apache based Web Service in a highly agile teamwork oriented organization using Jira and Git with requirements, business goals, customer support, release management, and deployment to Linux CentOS based production servers.

FLM-x is an ISDCF (Inter Society Digital Cinema Forum) supported standard allowing for the transfer of digital cinema device information in an XML format based on the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) standards.

3 - 11/2012
90meter Smartcard Software, Costa Mesa, California

Principal Software Engineer

90meter provides Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software supporting smartcards in both classified and non-classified environments.

Ported the PKCS #11 multi-threaded C++ middle-ware to Red Hat EL and Solaris, with RPM for automated installation. Worked on re-architecturing the TPS part of the Red Hat Certificate Manager Dogtag multi-threaded C++ implementation to support PIV smartcards.

As the company failed to locate viable Linux based business opportunities, I was laid off.

8/2010 - 3/2012
EMC Avamar, Irvine, California

Principal Software Engineer

EMC Avamar enterprise backup and recovery system uses deduplication algorithm to minimize network use and storage need when doing backups over world wide networks.

Enhancement of the encryption handling of backed up data in the Avamar Server, a multi-node and multi-disk Linux based system for back-end storage as part of the 750,000 source lines multi-threaded C++ Avamar Backup System. Maintenance of various parts of the system.

10/2008 - 8/2010
Panasonic Avionics, Lake Forest, California

Lead Software Engineer

Panasonic Avionics provides the airline industry with market leading In-Flight Entertainment systems.

Worked with further development of the underlying 372,000 source lines multi-threaded C++/MySQL Satellite Communications System. Part-time to 3/2009 and then full-time as a contractor. Covering the whole system from application interface, via central server, to various transport media servers for satellite communication to corresponding servers in the aircraft. Corrected and enhanced a Linux shell script and C++ based real-time supervision system for the ground servers.

9/2007 - 6/2010
TruePoint Systems, Long Beach, California

Co-Founder, Lead Software Engineer

Recruited by the early stage start-up company TruePoint Systems to start the software team in charge of creating all software implementing the company's innovation for locating boxed goods in temporary warehouses. Using off-the-shelf components for the hardware and C++ on Linux running on regular Intel PCs, the company's solution is very cost effective and deploys at customer sites in just a few days.

Under my leadership, we have been creating the multi-threaded software needed to do a full proof of concept of our system with hardware and software well integrated. Our antennas receive radio waves emitted from small transmitters on the boxes in the warehouse. The members of my software team have been taking care of graphical user interfaces, test components, and software infrastructure for a distributed Linux system, while I have been implementing all needed algorithms for Digital Signal Processing (DSP), location calculations, overall architecture, and project management using Scrum based Extreme Programming.

All work has been done using C++, STL, ACE, Boost, wxWidgets and Subversion. I have also been doing all needed sysadmin for the company -- mostly Linux including installation of all needed tools and databases, some Windows, and networking setup. Built a subsystem oriented version handling tool on top of Subversion.

TruePoint decided to refocus for an immediate sale of the company. We downsized 9/2008 to a small core team working part time to package the technology for sale to 3/2009. 12/2009 - 6/2010 system was brought to full scale for demo for our investors and potential future customers. Due to unfavorable market conditions, the company was put on hold.

6/2006 - 6/2007
EdenTree Technologies, Los Angeles, California

Senior Developer

EdenTree Technologies provides the telecommunications industry with a network management tool, the Lab Manager, that manages the automated creation of networks for test purposes. Network elements are connected using programmable switches. The Lab Manager allows users to quickly configure their networks graphically. The used resources will then be reserved when they all are available using a scheduling algorithm, allowing a large lab to utilize its resources efficiently.

Concentrated on handling various graph oriented algorithms in the Lab Manager server and its thick client GUI. Reworked a prototype to product quality for allocation of available network elements to be used in a generically specified network diagram based on network element type and user defined attributes. Optimized sending over network element information from the server to the client GUI by rewriting the used SQLObject ORM based database access to raw SQL queries extracting the needed information from some twenty tables in as few queries as possible. Using a need based caching algorithm. Extended the client GUI to allow for the displayed network elements to be filtered to let the user easier manipulate an otherwise large amount of network elements. Introduced different views to show the network elements grouped according to various criteria. Integrated the Lab Manager with a Configuration Manager written using JBoss -- communicating from the Python based Lab Manager using ZSI WSDL.

Using multi-threaded Python, TurboGears, SQLObject, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, XMLRPC, and wxPython on FreeBSD and Linux. Working in a rapid development teamwork environment with Development, Marketing, QA, Sales, and Management using the Scrum methodology.

6/2005 - 6/2006
Candelis, Irvine, California

Senior Software Engineer

Joined Candelis as it was just about to be started as a spin-off from Procom Technology to provide smaller medical offices with a cost efficient PACS system for transfer of medical images using the DICOM protocol built on an Intel box running Debian.

Worked on a DICOM multi-threaded C/C++ server to handle routing of images from medical imaging modalities, like MRI and X-ray, for compression and storage on the server, and for transfer to other PACS systems. Built on top of the DCMTK toolkit using the DICOM protocol. Using first SQLite and then MySQL to keep track of persistent state. Optimized and secured transaction oriented database access routines to allow for handling under extremely heavy image transfer load. Robust Unix process handling to safeguard against sudden power loss and still allow operations to continue where left off when rebooted. Customer support at system upgrades to ensure system consistency.

3/2003 - 6/2005
Symantec, Santa Monica, California

Senior Software Engineer

Symantec supports corporations as well as individual consumers with security software and services.

Porting Windows and NetWare based multi-threaded C/C++ software to Linux for enterprise management of large numbers of computers with AntiVirus and Firewall security software. Approached this by implementing the needed underlying library functions from Windows MSDN and Novell NDK on Linux. Wrote a thread management and synchronization package that allows Windows thread handling code to run unaltered on Linux as well as NetWare (both Clib and libc based).

Working in a team oriented environment of developers and testers. Introduced Extreme Programming methodology to my immediate team members.

9/2002 - 3/2003
Consulting, Anaheim Hills, California

Computer Scientist

Provided consulting services in multi-threaded C and C++ on Linux, Solaris, and Windows with MFC, enterprise computing for J2EE with Java, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, JDBC, RMI, EJB, JavaMail, JMS, Swing, Java 3D, RTSJ, and .NET with C#, FCL, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, COM+, and XML, SOAP, UDDI, and CORBA:

Xenadyne (12/02 - 1/03) with extension of their Web site with access from J2EE's JSP and Java Servlets to their real-time network element management protocol mediation device from ObjectStream, see below. Implementation done on Linux and Solaris.

10/2001 - 9/2002
TRW Systems, Carson, California

Software Engineer/Senior Manager

TRW Systems is a systems integrator supporting defense, civilian government, and commercial clients.

Worked to provide US Army with next generation communications infrastructure in the "Warfighter Information Network -- Tactical" (WIN-T) project. Video, voice, and data are delivered on demand with high bandwidth for full Battle Command.

Focused on algorithm design for Ad Hoc Routing where every Mobile Node is a router, enabling wireless nodes to access the Internet even though they are too far away from a gateway to the Link State backbone. VoIP, QoS, MPLS, and MLPP are supported. Studied TCP/IP Linux stack's C implementation. Looked into use of SDL to specify stack operations. Investigated Network Operations issues for information dissemination, assurance, and Network Management.

TRW lost the bid for the WIN-T project. As I at the time had not yet received my US citizenship and most other jobs within TRW requires security clearance, I was laid off.

1998 - 2001
Sympoiesis, San Josť, California

Computer Scientist/Founding Partner

Joined Sympoiesis as it started to scale up from a one-person company. The mission of the company is creation of software reengineering technology for automated manipulation of source code, and application of this technology to solve customers' analysis and conversion problems.

Worked on the following projects:

Automated Theorem Proving (7/00 - 10/01)

Improvement of efficiency of automated theorem proving for use in program synthesis and verification. An inference engine for higher order logic was being implemented in Common Lisp. Our work was supported by consulting:

Provided Reasoning (2 - 9/01) with a value dependence graph summarizer for use at interprocedural data flow analysis in a language independent software bug analysis system written in the company's own language Refine: set-theoretic with program transformation on a persistent object model. Developed test programs in C for use at regression tests of the value dependence graph analyzer.

Introducing Neomeo (11/00) to use the Erlang technology in their distributed messaging system with a course and detailed discussions of their architecture.

Start-up Company Formation and Consulting (9/99 - 6/00)

Worked in the management team to define a business around the Domain Name Lookup idea, see below. While pursuing funding, I took on consulting assignments:

Righthinking (4 - 6/00) with design and implementation of a fault tolerant Erlang based Web server and database architecture.

Shoreline Communications (12/99 - 4/00) on their Voice over IP TCP/IP based PBX. MS/Access and Visual Basic programming on WindowsNT of telephone call handling features and automated PBX system configuration.

ObjectStream (8 - 10/99) with specification of a Java API for access to their protocol mediation device, see below.

Domain Name Database (5 - 8/99)

Designed and implemented in C++ a persistent read-only Domain Name Database for use with patent pending Domain Name Lookup algorithm, invented by my company. Users on the Internet access Web sites using descriptive and geographical information directly in the URL instead of the low-level technically oriented address. Apache is used to display resulting list of URLs in the user's Internet browser.

Ada Y2K Analyzer (9/98 - 4/99)

Designed and implemented in Emacs Lisp an Ada variable occurrence browser and annotation system for Y2K analysis of large Ada systems:

Navigation is done over variables ordered by related values. Annotations are added or changed by the user to indicate Y2K relevance level of an inspection point. A system of colors is used to master the large amount of analysis result information. Multiple users work simultaneously as a team on the same Ada system. Summary information is instantaneously shared within the team. The summary data is mutexed and variable type classes are reserved by each user to prevent data corruption in a fast paced team analysis effort.

The analyzer was used to locate all Y2K remediation code sequences in a 110,000 Ada source lines system in one man week.

Jovial Y2K Internet Browser Editor (6 - 9/98)

Invented and implemented an Internet browser based interactive editor of Jovial variable analysis data. Implementation was done in HTML 4 using frames and dynamic layers generated by JavaScript in the client and Perl CGI scripts in the server. Apache was used as the Web server.

1996 - 1998
ObjectStream, Pleasanton, California

Staff Engineer

Recruited to the start-up company ObjectStream. Supported management of telecommunications and computer networks with highly customizable protocol mediation device. Two-way regular expression controlled real-time translation between TL1/QD2 based network elements and the object-based modeling language NEDL. Facilitates mediation, with NEDL as the common denominator, to high-level management models in GDMO, CORBA, SNMP, etc.

Worked on the following projects:

Mediator C++ Managed Object Interface (4/97 - 6/98)

Re-architectured implementation of a POSIX multi-threaded C++ API to the C mediator based on my multi-threaded testing. Equipped system with a debug mode to facilitate error detection. Secured use of data common to multiple threads, parallelized threads for speed optimization, removed dead-locks, simplified thread management and handling of external events, used controlled exception based error handling. Ported from Solaris/SUNWspro to AIX/C Set ++ and HP-UX/aC++. Replaced my use of RogueWave and STL with own library to avoid third party dependence. Extension of Tcl/Tk with mediator C++ API functionality.

Resulted in a 9,500 C++ source lines TMN/C++ standard influenced API that was on higher level of abstraction than the underlying C API, and still was only 7% slower on a dual processor machine.

GDMO/ASN.1 Network Element Modeling (9/96 - 4/97)

Leader for project with major telecommunications vendor. TMN management using a large ITU/Bellcore SDH/SONET standard GDMO/ASN.1 model via Q3 adaptation to TL1 fiber optic multiplexing network elements. Performed planning, cost estimates, work delegation, reviews, vendor contacts.

Member of Network Management Forum TMN/C++ standardization working group, where I specified automatic association management services in CMIS/C++.

1995 - 1996
Quintus Corporation, Fremont, California

Senior Software Engineer

Quintus provides solutions for customer-driven enterprises through its specification controlled GUI and data-model interface to multiple relational databases in a client/server environment.

Designed and implemented migration from old system of 154,000 lines of Quintus Prolog code to new WindowsNT/Unix based system of 172,000 lines C++. Wrote translator in Prolog that translates old specification to new structurally different specification language ADL.

Extended ADL, its Yacc++ grammar, and C++ abstract syntax tree generator to comply with the migration and new requests from application designers. Designed and implemented ADL consistency verification and a front-end to the relational databases Informix, Oracle, Sybase, and MS/SQL Server to configure and reconfigure ADL specified tables.

1991 - 1995
Ericsson Business Systems, Cypress, California

Senior Systems Analyst

Ericsson Business Systems performs market adaptations of the MD110 private branch telecommunications switch. Products for networked switch applications.

Worked on the following projects:

Architecture for Communicating Processes with Isolated Error
Recuperation (3/93 - 8/95)

Being an expert on Ericsson's functional, soft real-time, programming language Erlang, I faced the problem of making an existing 235,000 Erlang source lines telecommunications embedded system recover from error situations. Invented a general software architecture for large numbers of communicating processes with automatic isolated error recuperation. Implemented the architecture as a middle-ware Process Abstraction Layer (PAL).

Designed a plan to place the application code, with the least possible change, on top of PAL. Presented the result with a course, reference manual, and detailed implementation documentation. PAL was accepted by the project.

Erlang -- InterViews Interface & C++ Concurrent Call Machine (4/92 - 3/93)

Invented and implemented a full 1 : 1 interface between Erlang and the Interactors based parts of the C++ graphics package InterViews from Stanford University.

Architecture for an Erlang Graphical User Interface Builder (2 - 3/92)

Invented and implemented the architecture using ideas from the Vienna Development Method (VDM) and the Model View Controller (MVC) method from Smalltalk-80. VDM uses denotational semantics to formally describe sequential systems.

Erlang Software Engineering Environment (1/91 - 1/92) Project Leader

1990 - 1991
Ericsson Telecomunicaciones, Madrid, Spain

Project Leader

Recruited back to Ericsson to its Spanish subsidiary's R & D department to lead the maintenance of the support system (APS3) for Ericsson's central office telecommunications switch AXE. Worked with ERICSSON TELECOM in Stockholm to transfer the APS3 maintenance to Madrid.

1988 - 1990
U S WEST Advanced Technologies, Denver, Colorado

Member of Technical Staff

U S WEST administers the local telephone network in western US. Joined the Science & Technology department at its research subsidiary.

Worked on the following projects:

Formal Specifications for Telecommunications Processes (2 - 7/90)

Researched the use of the formal description technique LOTOS to describe telecommunications features in a Service Creation project and interfaces in an Open Distributed Processing project. LOTOS is an ISO formal description technique, where communicating processes are described on a high level of abstraction using process algebra.

Semantics Directed Graphical Editor for Object-Oriented Data
Modeling (1/89 - 5/90)

Led the implementation of a prototype editor for data modeling using the Entity-Relationship method extended with object-oriented constructs. Used Quintus Prolog extended with the object-oriented layer ProTALK and the graphics package ProWINDOWS. Defined an architecture for a rapid prototyping workbench and implemented it by extending ProTALK.

Prototyping Environments Study (5 - 12/88)

1980 - 1988
ERICSSON TELECOM, Stockholm, Sweden

ERICSSON TELECOM develops the central office telecommunications switch AXE and its processor APZ. It is programmed in PLEX, a Fortran like language for real-time programming.

Worked on the following projects:

Creation of the Programming Language ObjectivePlex (5/87 - 5/88) Specialist

Conceived an idea of how to extend PLEX with object-oriented concepts to speed up development from 18+ to 6 months. Under my technical leadership, ObjectivePlex was shaped. Presented my ideas to users and implementers, led discussions, mediated contradicting opinions, incorporated new ideas, created solutions to requirements. Introduced the 30 implementers to my ideas on how to implement the compiler, programming environment, and run-time system. All done in a diplomatic fashion to keep everyone satisfied, yet maintaining the integrity of the language and its implementation.

Recognized in a Swedish national computer magazine with an article about my work.

Plex Compiler Design & Maintenance (3/85 - 5/87) Manager

CHILL Investigation and VDM Formal Specifications (3/84 - 3/85) Systems Analyst

Global Data Flow Analysis & Register Allocation (8/82 - 2/84) Systems Analyst

Designed and implemented the global register allocator in the new APS3 PLEX compiler back-end. Invented a formal specification language based on SETL. Wrote a 3,000 line formal specification of the global register allocator. Had thorough peer reviews. Led a group of programmers implementing it in 30,000 lines Pascal/VS and IBM/360 assembly code. Extensive testing.

Only one error has ever been detected since its release, despite the PLEX compiler's extensive use daily by Ericsson and customers worldwide.

Old PLEX Compiler Maintenance (10/81 - 12/82) Programmer

AXB20 Telex Switch Education (1/80 - 12/81) Teacher

1979 - 1980
ASEA, Ludvika, Sweden


ASEA manufactures high voltage transformers. Experimented with transformer cooling and integrated transformer calculation programs with a CAD environment.

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Programmer/Physics Student

CERN is a European nuclear research organization using nuclear particle accelerators. On a 4 month scholarship. Ported and used a Monte Carlo program in Fortran/HX to calculate high-energy particle flow through matter.


Technology: SMPTE based movie distribution, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), enterprise computing, computer networking, ad hoc routing algorithms, automated theorem proving, case based reasoning, programming language design, functional and logic programming, multi-threaded programming, object-oriented programming, formal description techniques, VDM, Web site design, client/server technology, interpreter design, debugger design, compiler design, compiler generators, code optimization, global register allocation, data flow analysis, graphical user interface design, structured programming, algorithm and data structuring techniques, software engineering environments, conceptual data modeling, database front-end, relational databases, MVC, Linux system administration.

Programming Languages: Python, Erlang/OTP, C++, C, Visual Basic, Java, C#, JavaScript, Perl, HTML, XML, Common Lisp, CMUCL, GNU Emacs Lisp, Refine, Quintus Prolog, VM/Prolog, SQL, SETL, Objective-C, Pascal/VS, PLEX, Fortran/HX, TS-Fortran, Algol, csh, bash, sh, Rexx, EXEC2, Clist.

Systems & Tools: Git, Jira, RPM, Telelogic Synergy, wxPython, wxWidgets, SQLObject, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Subversion, J2EE, .NET, Yacc++, yacc, lex, RogueWave Tools.h++, STL, POSIX multi-threaded C, GNU Emacs, Unix, Linux, Fedora Core, CentOS, Red Hat EL, FreeBSD, Debian, Solaris, SunOS, VMware, Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP/7, NetWare, Novell NDK, Perforce, Office XP, Visio, DOS, GDB, DBX, CVS, ClearCase, Source Safe, Apache, CGI, Firefox, Netscape, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, MS/SQL Server, MS/Access, VM/CMS, TSO, InterViews, Unidraw, libg++, ProTALK, ProWINDOWS, CGSS, SSH, OpenSSL, PGS, Solaris/SUNWspro, HP-UX/aC++, AIX/C Set ++, egcs, gcc, make, fvwm2, tvtwm, olvwm, Applixware, FrameMaker, Island Graphics, XEDIT, ISPF.

Knowledgeable: Django, ACE, Boost, JBoss, TurboGears, DICOM, DCMTK, JPEG, TCP/IP, MPLS, OSPF, Voice over IP, OPNET, PVS, TMN/C++, Tcl/Tk, Threads.h++, DSET, Vertel, TMN, SDH, SONET, GDMO, ASN.1, CMIS, CMIP, ACSE, Q3, TL1, CORBA, IDL, BasicScript, Visual C++, fault tolerant systems, denotational semantics, predicate calculus, lambda calculus, object-oriented databases, AI, neural networks, expert systems, open distributed processing, ANSA, ObjectOry, Jackson Structured Programming, Smalltalk-80, Eiffel, Scheme, Ada, Jovial, CHILL, Z, LOTOS, SDL, ESTELLE, JCL, XFree86, X11r6, OpenWindows, Sunview, AIX, HP-UX, MVS, AutoPlan, PANVALET.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Lund Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden, 1979. Specialized in Theoretical and Nuclear Physics.

Human Languages: Proficient: Swedish, English. Intermediate: Norwegian, Danish, German. Beginner: French, Spanish.

Personal: Married, three children. US and Swedish citizen.

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Software Systems Architect Developer Leader

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