Dynamic Innovation Executive

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Dynamic Innovation Executive
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$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Strategic Innovation Leader with 15 years' experience developing multi-functional web-based, mobile, hardware, and software solutions that expand business verticals and bottom-line profitability. Recent results include guidance on the construction of an MVP that has attracted two fortune 500 clients.



** Channeling Laser-Focused Innovation and Technology Development to Achieve Corporate Goals **

Strategic Innovation Leader with 15 years' experience developing multi-functional web-based, mobile, hardware, and software solutions that expand business verticals and bottom-line profitability. Recent results include guidance on the construction of an MVP that has attracted two fortune 500 clients.

> Creative Innovation - Proven record of defining new opportunities for responsive technology development based on existing and emerging market trends. Possessing the ability to pull together a concept with corporate vision to bring new ideas and products.

> Adaptive Product Development - Strong focus on translational research, defining and iterating on market differentiators that expand opportunity pipelines across broad-use platforms and multiple markets.

> Key Catalyst - Deep experience as a change agent helping technology companies, R&D Departments, and CTOs forge new corporate directives with technology that manages rapidly changing markets.

> Solution Architect - With the technical expertise and forward-thinking vision to conceptualize and implement best practices for technology development suitable for future expansion.


* Budgets
* Fiscal Reporting
* IP Process
* Cloud Architecture
* Cloud Deployment
* Enterprise Design Patterns
* Software Design Patterns
* Product Development
* Technology Roadmaps
* Continuous Improvement
* Agile Development
* SaaS/App/Mobile Architecture
* Healthcare IT Solutions
* ACOs

Stimulating Technology Teams | Advancing Product Solutions | Advancing Intellectual Property

CONTACT SOLUTIONS - Reston, VA | Aug. 2013 - Present
Snapshot: Selected to launch the company re-start as it shifted to a product-driven enterprise. Spearhead new product development with improved business delivery mechanisms, providing a seamless process from incubation to delivery.

Director of Innovation (Jan. 2015  Present) | System Architect  Innovation (2013  2015)

As member of senior leadership committee and most senior innovation leader within the organization, determine business strategy and drive intellectual property development to ensure the portfolio reflects the technology vision. Early work as Director of Innovation will focus on optimizing processes to determine the balance between technology incubation, research, and education. Collaborate with COO to develop internal business models and to define an organizational culture supportive of innovation.

As System Architect, designed initial processes, architecture, and technology road maps to support smart product development that could deliver MVPs capable of capturing market interest and driving solid revenue growth.Completed the MVP and attracted 2 Fortune 500 customers. Defined the role of innovation for the organization; instilled formalized processes; developed short and long-term goals. Defined Transition of new product delivery to the cloud at a national level, with current plans that include the potential for internationalize offerings.

Collaborated with senior management to identify technology focus aligned with the companys 3-year Green Book plan for product development. Defined the technology trajectory to establish best practices for innovation efforts: authored near-term white papers and training requirements; and outlined mid-term innovation to address issues and long-term iteration to divest technology. Report to COO | 3 direct reports

* Technology Assessment: Created a triage process to assess existing technologies and define the way forward for innovation. Evaluated projects against a broad spectrum of strategy alignment, technology hype and novelty, criticality, and delivery proximity.

* Intellectual Property (IP) Process: Refined and formalized the companys IP process to include Proof of Concepts, Concept Architectures, Performance Metrics, and Execution Strategy. Led numerous evaluations of technology, technology markets, and new business verticals. Managed and directed the corporate portfolio and processed/defended office actions.

* Process Development: Introduced technology automation, which decreased product cycle, sales cycle, and improved reliability of the overall process.

* Internal Communications: Serve as the CTO office, defining company technology foundation and ensuring transparent communication of company strategy, direction, and culture.

* Product Feasibility: Developed architecture and network design and deployed to the cloud a national network for live engagement and unified communication between web and mobile applications. Created micro service architectures, network architectures and incubated product technology for VOIP, WebRTC, and Chat/XMPP-enabled mobile apps and web browsers; Asynchronous Routing; and a Self-Service Automation framework.

* Corporate Strategy: Authored strategy documents and white papers focused on process direction-setting for the organization. Topics included: IP Process, HIPAA Execution Strategy, Omni Channel Communications, Responsive Web Applications, FDA Design Controls, and Enterprise Design Patterns.

* Team Development and Training: Promote continuous learning by delivering 'lunch-and-learn' presentations. Author articles for the corporate social website to encourage enterprise-wide communication.

BLUE HIGHWAY (A Welch Allyn Incubator) - Skaneateles, NY | 2008 - 2013
Snapshot: Recognized for visionary innovation; recruited to lead evaluation, development, and implementation of future and emerging technologies across health care, private sector, and military verticals.

Principal Researcher - Computer Science

Defined organization goals, developed infrastructure, and created new technology programs for start-up Welch-Allyn incubator. Authored 5-year pro forma; managed multiple project budgets, and led cross-functional teams of developers, programmers, and engineers in new technology development. Guided innovation for high-visibility projects in remote health solutions and remote status monitoring:

Remote Health Solutions Program: Developed customizable remote patient monitoring system using personal cellular gateway technology.

Areas of Focus
* Authored 2-3 year business plan including budget, performance metrics.
* Developed key partnerships and relationships with medical device manufacturers, mobile carriers, SMS service providers, overseas manufacturing, solution hosting, medical experts, and third party vendors.
* Ensured compliance with HIPAA and FDA.
* Monitored effects of new legislation such as ACOs, and pay-for-performance.

* Innovated Web "app store" architecture for medical applications.
* Developed social health network that connected family and health care providers to patient app data.
* Created analytics engine to monitor and report patient vital signs using algorithms and smart messaging.
* Developed framework for highly customizable UI, which facilitated multiple monitoring paradigms.

US ARMY Personal Status Monitor Program: Developed technology and research roadmaps to improve real-time diagnostic capabilities for on-the-ground troops.

Areas of Focus
* Defined target areas of development and recruited teams of engineers, IT staff, and product development teams.
* Spearheaded cross-functional group to focus development of multiple technologies needed to support project and maximize investment potential.
* Created budgets, performance objectives, and IT architecture to support development.
* Presented progress to executive staff, US ARMY program leaders, and US Congressmen and Senators.

* Developed fully-functioning prototype of monitoring system that incorporated new software, hardware, and IT platform technology.
* Created analytics engine to monitor and report vital signs and range of motion as indicators of health.
* Registered new patent (pending) for technology that enabled camera-like vision of troop status.
* Prototyped and created radio-silent smart communications capability.
* Adapted customizable UI to monitor soldiers in a variety of field settings.

WELCH ALLYN - Skaneateles, NY | 1997 - 2008
Welch Allyn, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic devices, and patient monitoring systems.
Snapshot: Recognized for analytical thinking and innovative creativity in developing novel technology solutions.

Chief Architect Platforms/Office of the CTO New York (2002 - 2008) | Senior Software Engineer, R&D (2000 - 2002)
Software Engineer, Imaging (1999 - 2001) | Software Engineer, Data Collection (1997 - 1999)
R&D Technician: Carrier Corporation (1997 - 1997)

Rapidly promoted through increasingly challenging IT, technology, and software development leadership roles. As Chief Architect for the Platforms Group and Office of the CTO, defined corporate standards, vision, and direction. Built IT and research roadmaps to develop new products and services that overhauled Welch Allyn's cornerstone products. Led cross-functional team of 10-15 with focus on high-performance team building and individual career development.

Technology Leadership

* Authored and presented 4-year plan for new technology exploration.
* In 2005, selected as Welch Allyn representative for multi-company think tank tasked with founding the Continua Health Alliance, a multi-organization non-profit dedicated to improving healthcare quality.

Executive Team Leadership

* Budgetary responsibility included: Capital Expense, Labor, Contract Labor, Direct Project Expense, IP Cost, and New Hires.
* Coordinated with international business units to align objectives, resources, and technical vision.
* Led assimilation of acquired defibrillator company into Welch Allyn IT infrastructure.


* Designed component-based controls procedure (FDA), templates, and implementation architectures for new products.
* Provided architectural guidance for all new medical devices and solutions.
* Led design and implementation of communications' protocols facilitating network inter-operability from medical devices to EMRs and HIS systems.
New Product and Technology Innovation
* Created tools and processes that improved product development performance.
* Aligned technical vision with business objectives.
* Led construction, expansion, and maintenance of Connectivity Research Lab.


Masters' Certificate: Advanced Course in Engineering, Computer Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, 2001

BS, Electrical Engineering, minor in Mathematics, State University of New York Utica/Rome, Utica, NY, 1995

A.A.S., Electrical Engineering, Cayuga Community College, Auburn NY, 1993

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Member, 2004 - Present

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), Member, 2004 - 2009

Continua Health Alliance, Member, 2005 - 2008

Continua Health Alliance Device Interface Group, Chairman, 2006 - 2007
USB Implementers Forum Member, Medical Device Interoperability Workgroup, 2007 - 2009

Blue Tooth Medical Device Profile Group, 2006 -2008

Integrating Healthcare Enterprise, Member, 2005 - 2009

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Software and Enterprise Design Patterns | Responsive Web Design | Cloud PaaS | SaaS Azure | PHP | Java | .Net | Ruby on Rails | Ajax | JSON | Angular | JQuery | HTML5 | CSS3 | SOAP | RESTful | Web Sockets | C/C++ | XML | WebRTC | XMPP | Ubuntu

PATENTS AND PUBLICATIONS: 10 granted and 3 pending patent applications. Full patent and publication list available upon request.

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Dynamic Innovation Executive

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