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Chief Information/Digital Officer
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Digital Partner at McKinsey with over 20 years of experience and primary focus on Digital Transformation of Insurance companies


2004  Present
McKinsey & Company (mostly New York NY; India  2008-11)
Partner in Digital McKinsey

I joined McKinsey as an Associate right after completing my MBA at INSEAD; my career at McKinsey can be viewed in three broad phases which are described in more detail. My primary goals have been to (a) Drive distinctive and enduring business impact at my core clients (b) Build capabilities within the Firm to serve our clients.

Established Partner Phase (2017  Present)
Over the last four years I have been part of our Insurance practice leading Technology/Digital services. I focus on shaping the senior management agenda at my core clients, building their internal capabilities and transforming the business models to adopt relevant technology innovations - in the process achieving business impact. In this role, I am also accountable for building Firm capabilities to serve beyond my core clients  I serve as thematic counselor on Digital/Technology for a number of non-core clients. The case example below is indicative of the type of impact I am having with my core clients:
Case Example: Client is a mid-sized Insurance company with primary focus on Life/Protection and Retirement/Annuities with annual revenues of $8-10B. Like most Life Insurance companies, client has been under tremendous pressure driven by persistent low interest market, rapidly changing distribution landscape and the need to reduce operating costs to stay competitive. Over the last 2+ years, I led the program to
" Revamp their Technology organization to make it a lot nimbler (Agile) and modern
o Reduced the Technology costs by 30% even while doubling the overall productivity (head count reduced from ~1,500 to ~1,000 incl. employees and contractors)
o Lowered the time-to-market by 50% while improving the quality of work by 2x
o 80% of applications moving to public cloud by the end of 2020
" Create Data & Analytics group both to centralize data into a usable data lake and to build analytical capabilities within the business units for data informed decision making \
" Transform the Group Retirement business to adopt and scale Digital solutions through reimagining customer journeys
o Increased the adoption of Digital new business applications from <30% to >90%
o Improved the net flows by more than 30% in one Quarter (post transformation) even during the Covid-19 pandemic
" Build capabilities within the client to extend the above business model across the rest of the organization
Early Partner Phase (2012  2016)
I moved back to New York after spending four years in India. This was at the height of financial crisis but also the start of a new era in technology: Cloud. I was asked to establish and lead our Cloud Service Line. Over a period of 5 years, I developed our value proposition for serving clients on Cloud, drove our go-to-market plans (both as a standalone offering and as part of our broader Digital solutions/counseling) and increased the Service Line capabilities to more than 100 consultants across the globe. We served over 20 clients on the topic during my leadership  after 2016, I continue to stay associated with the group but have moved on to the Digital leadership role within our Insurance sector
Case Example: Fortune 10 Healthcare Company (USA): Client is a Fortune 10 healthcare company with pharmaceutical, medical devices & consumer business units and annual technology spend of >$2B. The 2008-12 financial crisis resulted in a complete freeze on capital spend  as a result, by early 2013, IT was coming apart at the seams and required significant investments. I led the 2+ year program to:
" Move all of their IT footprint to a private cloud environment with corresponding changes to their operating model and workforce (including service provider contracts); in addition to modernizing technology, this also resulted in IT run rate cost reductions of >$300M
" Create a healthcare-compliant environment with a major public cloud provider and encourage business units to aggressively adopt public cloud for new requirements; annual public cloud spend reached $100M within 2 years that impacted both IT cost reduction above and (more importantly) business innovation
" Drive collaboration across the three major business units  a major pain point for the company that grew primarily through mergers and acquisitions

Pre-Partner Phase (2004  2009)
During my first three years with McKinsey, I was part of the Business Technology Office serving clients in various sectors on multiple Technology related topics. In 2007, I moved to our India office where I spent an additional two years, working mostly on Technology enabled Public Health. It was during this time that my focus switched from serving client in short engagements to longer term, impact oriented programs. I had a health issue at the end of 2009 which required me to go on disability during 2010-11.
Case Example: The healthcare profile in India is rapidly shifting from communicable diseases (malaria, cholera etc.) to non-communicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension etc.) placing a huge burden on the system. Situation in Rural India is much worse than in Urban India driven by lack of healthcare workers 70% of the population resides in villages while >80% of the healthcare workers are in cities/towns. I led an 18 month program to:
" Create a non-profit company and, in the process, design two healthcare solutions
a. Mobile van  a cross-functional team of nurse, pharmacist and lab technician with necessary medical supplies to visit a village once a month for providing the necessary tests and medicines
b. Telemedicine - call center staffed with doctors in the urban areas to provide prescriptions and remote support
" Prove the effectiveness of the solutions to address major non-communicable/chronic conditions (diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy and child care)
" Establish public-private partnership with the regional government to roll out the solution across the region with 500 mobile vans (covering 20,000 villages once a month) and 1,000+ doctors in the call center
" Scale up the program with necessary management structure; by the time we wrapped up, the non-profit entity was serving 100K+ people (patients) per day

1997  2003
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young 1997-2000)
Associate through Senior Manager
I joined Ernst & Young in 1997 as part of the System Integration group primarily serving clients on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation programs esp. Oracle Applications Business Suite. In 2000, this group merged with Cap Gemini. Over a period of 6 years, I served a number of clients starting in technical roles (e.g., data conversions, interfaces to other/legacy systems) to, over the last 2 years, leading large-scale transformation programs. As part of this role, I also led the creation of standard solutions (e.g., for configuring Oracle Applications) that could be used to speed up the implementation programs with much higher quality.

1996  1997
Oracle Corporation
Software Engineer
This was my first real job out of school. I interviewed with 10 different groups at Oracle and got offers from nine of them (including the Core Database group). I decided to join the Industry Applications Division that was focused on tailoring Oracle solutions to specific industries  our initial sector focus was on Consumer Goods. However, the group was just being set up and, as an entry level software engineer, the job was not satisfying even though I was promoted within a year. As a result, I left the company and took up a consulting role to explore various industries.

MBA, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France 2003-04
Master of Philosophy in Computer Science, Yale University 1993-96
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, IIT Bombay India 1989-93

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Chief Information/Digital Officer

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