Vice President Sales & Marketing

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Vice President Sales & Marketing
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Consistently successful achieving profitable divisional and business unit revenue and market share growth. Talented at identifying untapped market opportunities or sales processes and responding quickly to market shifts, aggressively acquiring and developing new accounts, and leading teams to exceed expectations.


Executive leader with a track record of consistent success achieving profitable divisional and business unit revenue and market share growth. Talented at identifying and developing untapped opportunities and responding quickly to market shifts to achieve long-term business objectives. Respected for addressing cost issues head-on, strengthening productivity, and accelerating profit at challenged operations, while effectively managing the change implications to people and processes. Possesses a strong ability to influence key stakeholders by making data-driven recommendations and utilizing a collaborative and intuitive leadership approach.

MBA, Purdue University; BA Business Administration, Indiana University


Divisional Sales & Marketing Leadership: Established and directed sales and marketing teams across multiple business units in the US, Canada, China and Mexico.

Revenue & Profit Growth: Led sales teams to achieve 45% revenue growth over two years at TrueNorth Steel; 37% at Omni Technologies; and 25% at Miller Logistics, with corresponding increases in net profit.

New Business Development: Led development of new markets and products for TrueNorth Steel's Structural and Tank business units; created new Key Account Manager role for the P&G account at Omni Technologies, increasing sales to P&G by 30%.

Customer Centric Focus: Responded to customer requests by creating new service offering that generated $100K in annual revenue with a ROI of 8 months on new equipment.


President/General Manager

Recruited to manage day-to-day operations of machine and fabrication shop for new ownership group. Assumed full P&L responsibility and oversite of 23 employees (at height of business expansion).

Transitioned company into new markets; prior to 2016 company was heavily dependent upon coal mines in W. Kentucky. Responded to downshift in industry by winning new customers in manufacturing, automotive, agribusiness and power generation. Added 24+ new customers YTD 2018.

Developed a health and safety program instituted a safety culture resulting in reduced safety rating to 0.80 and workers compensation expenses by 82.5%; achieved three consecutive years with zero incidents.

Fully implemented shop ERP system reducing per job labor costs and improving operational output.

Managed company through two major customer bankruptcies; provided leadership to sustain employee engagement, morale and productivity.

TRUENORTH STEEL Fargo, ND 2011 to 2013
Vice President Sales & Marketing

Recruited as a change agent to break into new markets, increase sales revenues, and enhance bottom line profitability. Organized, improved and upgraded sales and marketing team results for the company's five business units (Corrugated Steel Pipe  CSP, Structural Steel, Tanks, Windows, and Logistics) with 600 employees across 5 states, generating approximately $145M in annual revenues in 2012. Provided strategic direction and directed the day-to-day activities of the Sales and Marketing departments of each company through a team of business unit sales managers.

Increased revenues $36M or 24% (completely organic) in 2011, and $29M or 19% in 2012; significantly outperformed profit expectations.

Created sales and marketing budgets for each business unit.

Led business development efforts Entered Oil Sands market in Canada for the Structural Steel business unit; launched three new products in 2012 for the Tanks business unit.

Formed and staffed an internal marketing department significantly reducing costs of previously outsourced services while improving lead times and marketing material quality. Created marketing program producing market awareness of new business name, TrueNorth Steel.

Implemented Salesforce CRM across all business units, greatly improving communication between sales and production  providing greater visibility of the sales pipeline and sales forecasts.

Developed sales strategies - specific to each business unit to maximize profitability.

Introduced and implemented Miller Hieman sales training program across all business units, which standardized sales processes companywide and improved communication among business units.

Created and implemented an early order program to pull sales forward from seasonally high demand months into off peak months, resulting in the best financial first quarter in company history for the CSP business unit. The program incentivized dealers to receive inventory early, reducing production labor and material costs, locking out competition, increasing our annual capacity (sales & production), allowing the business unit to respond immediately to emergencies, and lengthening our seasonal selling window.

OMNI TECHNOLOGIES Cincinnati, OH 2008 to 2011
Director Sales & Marketing

Recruited to reorganize and improve sales team results. Directed the Sales and Marketing departments comprised of a marketing coordinator, customer support/inside sales, and outside sales representatives. Customers included Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Procter & Gamble (P&G) and packaging equipment manufacturers.

Achieved revenue growth of 37% (completely organic) in 2009 a 19% improvement over previous high. Led sales group to exceed 2010 revenue budget in 9 of 12 month: a company first.

Successfully implemented a new sales strategy that significantly improved revenues and bottom line profits. Also created new account manager role for the P&G account, increasing sales to P&G by 30%.

MILLER LOGISTICS Franklin, IN 2005 to 2007
General Manager / COO

Brought in to run day-to-day operations of $5.3M trucking company while preparing it to be acquired or acquire another company in the logistics supply chain management arena. Initially hired to prepare the company for acquisition; focus changed to include possibility of acquiring other companies.

Increased revenues $1.2 M (25%) in 2005; improved net operating profit 50% in 2005 and 2006.

Attracted two potential buyers, as well as an acquisition target; subsequently negotiated and arranged financing to acquire a $40M logistics company; CEO rejected all deals.

DALLMAN INDUSTRIES Indianapolis, IN 2003 to 2005
Sales & Marketing Manager

Part of same work out team as Robus Leather assembled by private equity group. Reorganized and managed the sales and marketing departments. Company sold ATM environments to financial institutions throughout the US and Canada.

Managed and developed strategic alliances with construction companies, architect firms, value-added distributors, and independent sales agencies generating $400K in new sales.

Renegotiated previously unprofitable contract with Bank of America resulting in a 36% price increase.

ROBUS LEATHER Madison, IN 2000 to 2003
Sales Manager

Part of new management team assembled by private equity group. Sold bonded leather globally to leather goods manufacturers, designers, and distributors. Customers included Tumi, Allen Edmonds, Coach, as well as contract manufacturers in China and Mexico.

Hired new independents agents globally resulting in $600K in new sales.

Created a new product line within strict specifications for US military shoe manufacturers. Developed a low cost/high volume product for price leader markets in underdeveloped countries.

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Vice President Sales & Marketing

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