Executive Sales Leader

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Executive Sales Leader
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Resume Summary
Senior Sales leader, MBA, has over 20 years experience growing sales of factory floor, engineered solutions by building knowledgeable, motivated teams, leveraging company and partner capabilities to develop creative solutions to customer challenges while maintaining goal and customer focus.


Senior Sales Management Executive

Manufacturing Automation Industry

Senior Sales Executive with MBA has over 20 years experience with technology-driven, engineered solutions, and a track record of promotions and exceptional accomplishments. Experience, expertise includes:

Business Development
Team Building, Coaching
Product and Solutions Marketing
Contract Review and Negotiation
Services and Technical Support
Industry Leadership
Customer and Channel Partner Relationships
Strategic Planning
Recruitment, Onboarding, Training
Forecasting and Pipeline Management
Goal Focused, Growth Driven
P&L Management

Professional Experience

Mid-west supplier of electrical & automation solutions. Customers include manufacturers (ex. Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Metals, Energy, Auto), OEMs, machine builders, Systems Integrators, Government, and others.

Vice President, Automation Division (2011  2015)
Director of Sales & Marketing, Automation Division (1993  2011)

Initially hired as Director of Sales and Marketing to turn around a stagnant Automation Division. Promoted to Vice-President based on business growth and improving the overall performance of the division, including sales performance, marketing, supplier and customer relationships and product portfolio management.

Managed $2.7M budget, Twenty-two employees, including Sales, Application Engineers, Customer Service, Field Service and Administration.

* Sales Growth, Staffing, Marketing & Performance Improvement

Built the automation business from $4.2M to record high of $31M. Established the division as a dominant market force.

Developed and executed strategic plans, focused on market growth, new business development, internal investment and customer relationships.

Hired, coached, and managed on-boarding and training programs for employees. Set annual goals for team members with reviews to be conducted regularly throughout the year.

Increased sales close rate and expanded the level and caliber of customer engagement by restructuring the team to create a more diversified sales, product management, services, and applications engineering team.

Strengthened sales team performance by fostering an entrepreneurial drive, reinforcing a focus on sales growth, account development, and revising the compensation plan to be more competitive with the market.

New compensation plan provided a greater incentive to succeed and a stronger focus on strategic customers, suppliers and products, ensuring that the company offered high quality, high performance solutions.

Reinforced to sales team the importance of their utilization of CRM and its use as a tool for pipeline management, account management, forecasting and individual review meetings throughout the year.

* Marketing

Collaborated with marketing to define needs for and execute promotional events and customer training.

Develop and maintain sales collateral, web site presence and customer training class content.

* Contract Negotiations

Reviewed, negotiated, and held approval authority for all supplier and customer contracts received by the company. Negotiated more than 450 contracts over an 18-year period. Focused on key areas of risk, including but not limited to liability, warranty, indemnification, performance, governing law, lien rights, pricing and title of goods.

* Major Contract / Customer Success

Secured and managed the largest and most profitable single customer contract in company history  a five-year, $22M integrated supply contract with the US Department of Defense.

Contract opportunity was initially rejected by ownership as something beyond the companys scope.

Partnered with a third party, assembled a bid team and co-managed the bid project that won the contract, which included an on-site service and support team funded by both partner organizations.

Contract was renewed for nine additional years (incremental $32M in revenue) based on outstanding service and support while offering continuous cost reductions.

* Business Relationships, Product Portfolio Management & Industry Leadership

Increased companys focus on partner relationships, assuming role as Chief Relationship Officer.

Managed all facets of partner relationships, including joint planning, pursuit of strategic accounts, joint promotional events, etc. Reinforced a focus on strategic solutions that drove business growth by our sales team.

Added new, leading technologies that complemented the business. Strengthened the Division's foundation for growth by expanding the number of multi-million product groups from two to eight during the initial 11-year period.

*Industry leadership

Elected to Board of Directors / Executive Committee of the Association of High Technology Distributors, a North American industry trade association, including most industry manufacturers, focused on delivering world-class, factory floor, automation solutions.

Leadership within AHTD provided access to many of the industrys leading organizations, allowing sharing of ideas and best practices and strengthening relationships.

Enhanced companys reputation in the industry, which led to relationships with two new partners representing a combined $2.6M in business in 2015.

* Summary of Prior Experience:

Leading Automation Manufacturer: 1984 - 1993

Continually promoted to increasingly responsible sales positions over a nine-year period at a worldwide supplier of factory automation products and systems.

Chicago District Manager  Grew annual sales 25% and increased average sales per direct salesperson 78% over three-year period. Ranked #3 out of 24 districts in company for performance versus goal in 1991. Responsible for nine direct/indirect reports and four channel partners.

Pennsylvania Territory Manager  Sold products and systems across four-state region while managing four channel partners. Achieved 120% of goal.

Manager, Channel Development  Part of a corporate team that owned the channel partner strategy, sales programs and policy development that governed the relationship. Restructured and transformed network of 135 channel partners producing 50% of the business to a network of 80 partners driving 90% of Modicons business.

* Education

MBA, Marketing  Temple University, Fox School of Business, Philadelphia, PA
Beta Gamma Sigma, National Honors Society

B.S., Biology  Bates College, Lewiston, ME

* Organizations

Association of High Technology Distributors, A North American industry association of leading distributors & manufacturers in manufacturing automation.

Executive Committee (2011 - 2015)

Board of Directors (1999 - 2001; 2006 - 2015)

Membership Chairman (2011 - 2014; achieved record membership growth rates by revising and restructuring committees mission and function).

Strategic Planning Committee (1999 - 2003); Chairman, Product Committee (1998 - 2002)

* Served on Business / Technology Advisory Councils for the following organizations:

The Square D Company
Siemens Energy and Automation: Instrumental in creating their current
distributor sales and marketing council.

Eaton / Cutler Hammer Automation (Chairman)

Yaskawa Drives and Systems

ASCO / Numatics

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Executive Sales Leader

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