Executive Manager

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Executive Manager
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Highly effective executive with expertise in business development and account management, primarily within Banking and Finance. Exceptional background in turnarounds and transformation.



2015 to Present
New York, NY

Executive Manager

This position reports to the division C.E.O. and directs business development and client management among large institutions within North American financial markets. Since January, 2015 achievements include on-boarding of over fifteen new and existing institutional clients requiring market risk management services, and of over five previously inactive accounts. Through revenue targets and development and execution of marketing plans, results include over 75% month-on-month increases in order flows, and a 55% YOY increase in business revenue, of which 35% has been from recapture of previously inactive clientele. Reporting procedures implemented since February, 2015 have cut by 25% daily transaction processing time, and reduced by half monthly Profit/Loss reporting requirements. Also, in October, 2015 I introduced strategy and plans for penetration of wealth market segments including Family Office, Personal Trust, and Fiduciary Management, and we have begun business development in these lines.

2011 to 2015
New York, NY


Nine months after I took over and restructured a distressed urban enterprise, operations became profitable, and I negotiated its sale and disposition within thirty six months. Highlights include an average 250% YOY increase in commercial revenues between 2012 to 2014 through successful business proposals and enduring C-level relationships with large clients; 35% increase in regional share by setting up and leading marketing and new client service procedures; $35,000 average annual savings on vendor expenses through procedures that controlled costs and monitored disbursements, as well as savings of over $20,000 on average yearly staffing costs. Cross-marketing partnerships with seven enterprises achieved an estimated 15% annual sales increase for each organization. Design and implementation of best practices in training and development resulted in successful and extremely loyal staff.

1996 to 2014
New York, NY

Senior Sales Manager

Expansion of relationships in North America, Europe, and Asia resulted in a 125% average Y.O.Y. increase in sales revenue between 1997 and 2008, during which time my relationships and business performance contributed in excess of $18 million to firm revenues. In the same period I led efforts to reduce monthly transaction processing expenses and persuaded the C.E.O. and C.F.O. to evaluate vendor charges on a semi-annual basis. Results included a 40% company-wide decrease in business processing expenses, with cost savings estimated at $6 million through 2014. As my divisions annual operating revenues rose to historic levels, I led establishment of ongoing marketing that increased brand awareness significantly, as measured by a five-fold increase in numbers of repeat clients from 1998 to 2009. Also, through relationship building I led merger and integration of a direct competitor, driving new business for all parties, and resulting in an average 40% increase in Y.O.Y. revenues for my division between 2010 and 2013.

1994 to 1996
New York, NY

V.P. Sales

Business performance over eighteen months included doubling market share and quadrupling department revenues by building strong relationships with clients across the United States and Great Britain, and by customizing services and negotiating pricing favorable to our division.

1991 to 1994
New York, NY

A.V.P. Investment Strategies

Through sophisticated trading strategies and risk management controls I reduced divisions exposure significantly. Developed and implemented trading platforms among 15 Primary Banks.

Certifications & Education

SERIES 7, 63, 24, 3 | Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Causes & Volunteering

Safe Havens International

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Executive Manager

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