Business Development Porfessional

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Business Development Porfessional
Location Confidential
Northeast USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Successful business development professional in the energy industry looking for a new challenge. Experience in contract negotiations, strategy development, customer relations, M&A, financial analysis, marketing, and managing others.


73 Fieldstone Drive
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
P: (908) 342-1491

Professional Experience

Millennium Pipeline: SVP Commercial Operations 2009-2013

Business development; Origination; Customer service, Contract negotiation; Due diligence; Valuation; Project management; Strategic Planning; Budgeting; Supervision of nominations, scheduling and customer service

Key Achievements:
" Redesigned the corporate marketing/business development strategy which increased annual revenue by more than $70 M/year through the negotiation and execution of over 1.7 Bcf/d of new firm transportation contracts for natural gas supplies developed in the Marcellus Shale region.
" Purchased abandoned 2 mile 12 inch section of natural gas pipeline, orchestrated its re-commissioning, leased to natural gas producer for 5 years at $100,000 per year with an additional Firm Transportation Contract with a net present value of $5 M.
" Developed and executed a Precedent Agreement with a Power Plant Developer for the construction of a 7 mile lateral and an accompanying 20 year 112 MMcf/d firm transportation agreement creating incremental revenues of $6 M/yr.
" Successfully negotiated with several mid-stream/gathering companies to develop mid-stream assets that would interconnect with the Millennium system delivering supplies in excess of 700 MMcf/d.
" Executed 10 year firm transportation contracts with several Marcellus shale producers anchoring the construction of two $50 M compressor stations and expanded the system by 350 MMcf/d.
" Orchestrated marketing programs focused on backhaul strategies resulting in the execution of over 600 MMcf/d of new backhaul contracts with mid-stream developers, producers, marketers and retail customers.
" Managed professional team of 15 individuals responsible for scheduling, daily operations, invoicing and maintenance of the pipeline system.

Harken Energy: Head of Market Development and Trading 2006-2009

Develop, negotiate, and manage contractual arrangements for joint ventures, partnerships, and private equity funds; Prepare financial and feasibility studies; Design risk management controls; Provide investment valuation for alternative and renewable energy power projects, Perform due diligence for acquisitions

Key Achievements:
" Performed lead origination and market development role identifying clients and negotiating contracts with concentration in the northeast US markets successfully expanding sales.
" Designed and implemented speculative trading strategies for a $15 M book utilizing physical commodities, futures, derivatives, options, and swaps for oil and gas.
" Hedged oil and gas production utilizing swaps, options, futures: 1414 Bpd oil-25,000 MMCF/d natural gas.
" Developed marketing and trading procedures/guidelines including appropriate risk tolerances governing all transactions.
" Identified and assessed risk levels of energy related investments encompassing mitigation strategies to ensure all transactions were within corporate risk tolerances for the corporation.
" Determined feasibility and marketability of investments in standard and alternative energy projects while developing partnerships with lead developers for projects such as Seadog, ethanol and electricity from burning recycled tires.

International Business Associates, Ltd.: Chief Operating Officer 2004-2006

Define and implement natural gas contracting strategies for the US, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia; Customer relationships; Negotiate sales/purchase/transportation contracts; Hire, train and manage sales team

Key Achievements:
" Created and implemented a US and international energy trading business that incorporated purchasing, sales, risk policies, hedging and monetizing of transactions in the US, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary.
" Constructed the guidelines, managed, and identified risk parameters aligned with buying and selling natural gas and electricity.
" Indentified trading risk parameters and wrote risk management guidelines incorporating position limits and VaR to monitor risk levels.
" Developed a penetration strategy for the Hungarian energy market which utilized regional sales representatives resulting in the successful contracting with two regional sales companies for 350 MMcf/d of sales.
" Executed sales contracts with Voestapline, OMV, ENI and Gazprom generating revenues in excess of $30 M/yr.

NUI Energy Brokers, Inc.: President 1996-2004

Develop and administer business plan, Create marketing programs, Design and manage transportation/storage strategies, Revenue forecasting, Budgeting, Mentor management team, Acquisitions, Compliance, Project management, Customer relations, Contact negotiations, Business development

Key Achievements:
" Created a natural gas and electricity trading company optimizing assets of 6 local distribution companies.
" Constructed natural gas and electricity product offerings including EFPs, OTC trades, triggers, basis, index, fixed, floating, swaps, options, and asset management.
" Advised on and implemented the reporting and accounting procedures for all trading activity.
" Aligned supply procurement and sales procedures to promote physical and financial activities while emphasizing risk management, market-to-market accounting and VaR.
" Acquired the development rights for salt-dome and reef storage facilities along with interstate pipeline construction in Mississippi and Florida with a combined capacity of over 20 Bcf.
" Designed a corporate growth strategy through acquisitions; resulted in the $28 M acquisition of Virginia Gas and the creation of the 16 BCF Saltville Storage Company.

MBA, Finance  University of Houston
B.S., Mathematics  Michigan Technological University

Harvard Business School- Negotiations Certificate
Series 3  Commodities Trading License
Mediation Certificate  NJ Association of Professional Mediators

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Business Development Porfessional

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