VP Software Engineering

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VP Software Engineering
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Multi-faceted engineering and technology executive with 30+ years expertise in quickly delivering products combining emerging and refreshed legacy technology. Track record with startup, early stage, and mature organizations in achieving desired outcomes through product planning, technology assessment, and engineering management.


Colin Hirayama
13999 Arbolitos Drive, Poway, CA 92064

858.486.0579 [Home]
858.382.9201 [Mobile]



- Adept at leveraging deep and wide experience and expertise to solve problem at hand

- Acute ability to adapt to differing business environments and company unique DNA

- Distinguishing Expertise in quickly bringing to market, products combining emerging and refreshed legacy technology

- Enthusiastic leader who attracts and retains collaborative technical teams for startup, early stage, and mature organizations.

- Track record of achieving desired outcomes through product planning, technology assessment, and engineering management


M/A Due Diligence | Strategic/Tactical Planning | Partnerships | Joint Ventures

Product Management | Engineering Management | Team Building | Employee Retention | P&L | Budgeting | Forecasting

ISO 9001 | Engineering Development | Project Management | Product Development | Waterfall | Agile

IoT | Cybersecurity | Communications | Networks | Wireless | Video | Imaging | Electronics | Embedded Software


As an engineering director for a mature organization, managed hardware, software, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering groups. Extended and optimized engineering capabilities and increased the overall quality of goods and services produced.

As a product planner for an early stage product company, designed and implemented an operational process for identifying, prioritizing, and selecting product development projects aligned to business strategy and financial constraints.

As an technology executive for an industrial wireless startup company, leveraged and integrated new complementary technologies, developed a product technology roadmap and identified requirements in personnel, skill sets, and resources required to reach the full revenue potential of the product roadmap.

EDUCATION: BS, Engineering - University of California, San Diego

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Top Secret Security Clearance (Inactive)


Loma Vista Research Group LLC, San Diego, CA, Engineering-Technology Executive, 2011  Present
(Boutique consulting organization for startup, early-stage, and mature technology companies offering transactional advisory, operational restructuring, business development, and product planning services)

Currently providing engineering and product planning to a startup embedded cyber security company with disruptive technology (decentralized trust, relational key management) for securing Open APIs for Digital Business and with huge application for IoT. Served as Chief Product Officer for a wireless power amplifier company (arraywireless.com).

Wavestream Corporation, San Dimas, CA, Vice President, 2009  2011
(Designer/manufacturer of solid-state power amplifiers for satellite communications)

Member of C-Level turn-around team transforming a $19.8M company into a $73M product company. Created a portfolio based prioritized product development/management process, replacing ad-hoc product management/development.
Created software engineering and QA/QC organizations:

- Created organizational and operational infrastructure for both organizations.
- Implemented formal software development and configuration management.
- Restructured product software architecture from closed, high maintenance, and proprietary design - Augmented inspection processes with preventative quality management processes - Drove the implementation of an ISO-9001 compliant QA organization and operation

SYS Technologies, San Diego, CA, Vice President-Technology, CTO, 2002  2009
(Diversified products and services technology company)

Reported to the CEO as Vice President - Technology. Member of executive team turning a $10.5M Government IT Services company into a $78M technology company. Led technical due diligence of company acquisitions. General Manager for the industrial Digital Video Recorder and satellite broadcast products business. Responsible for P&L and strategic/operational plans. Revamped business strategies and re-launched the businesses- restructured for growth and profitability. Key accomplishments:

- Transitioned the Digital Video Recorder product business to an intelligent video solutions business. Restructured and replaced legacy technology components to create an intelligent scalable IP-based product line - wavelet-based video compression, embedded metadata, real-time biometrics, and video analytics with backward compatibility with legacy security systems and sensors.

- Refocused the satellite broadcast equipment business to target the IP content distribution market. Reduced the large product portfolio into a manageable and strategically aligned applicable product line - new products for the evolving IP content distribution market tied to the legacy high margin products for the satellite broadcast market. Transitioned products from custom hardware to standard embedded Linux based systems. Re-engineered products for higher reliability and lower manufacturing cost. Increased product reliability through personnel changes, process improvements and engineering restructuring, and formal QA and testing.

CTO for a wholly owned M2M wireless sensor subsidiary. Extended product offerings scope to a complete IoT value chain, SaaS solution combining networked embedded products with hosted Linux | Apache | MySQL | PHP (LAMP) based systems. Directed engineering development for intelligent RF Sensors (lightweight RTOS, 802.15.4 and Bluetooth wireless) and RF/Network Router/Gateway (embedded Linux, Web Services Client/Server). Led R&D efforts for a novel active RFID system for geolocation of remote assets.

VisiCom, San Diego, CA. | Golden, CO. |. Dallas, TX 1989  2002
(Diversified products and services technology company)

1. Advanced Products & Design Division Vice President  Strategic Planning/R&D
(Designer and Manufacturer of Audio/Video/Imaging DSP products)

Redefined and realigned independent product businesses. Moved division focus from a collection of separately defined vertically integrated market segments to a horizontally oriented broad market focus at the low-end of the vertical integration spectrum. Transformed the division into a provider of reconfigurable data acquisition, image processing, and visual presentation systems across a wide horizontal market space - Defense, Medical, Commercial, and Industrial.

2. Office of the President Engineering/R&D Director
(Corporate functional area executive management group)

Led all company R&D efforts. In charge of engineering - hardware, software, manufacturing, and mechanical:

- Achieved and maintained technological competitiveness - Monitored emerging technologies and implemented training and hiring strategies to extend engineering capabilities.

- Increased competitiveness - Upgraded engineering processes/infrastructure (methodologies, tools, procedures). Promoted logical and cost effective use of engineers in projects. Fostered greater engineering efficiency and increased the overall quality of goods and services produced.

- Mentored and enabled personal career development - Performed career counseling, mentoring, and conflict resolution.

Achieved improvements in areas of:

- Processes: Defined and implemented corporate wide engineering standards. Standardized hardware design engineering methodologies company-wide to an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) centric approach - methodologies and toolsets standardized on the Very High Scale Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language (VHDL).

- Expertise/Competitiveness: Increased the overall technical capabilities of the company. Implemented a training plan and staffed projects across the company to develop expertise in Web-based computing technologies. Standardized engineering toolsets and associated design methodologies for hardware engineering. Lowered the companys average per-engineer cost and ensured long-term technical strength through the aggressive identification and selected recruitment of entry-level personnel.

- Turnover reduction: Reduced attrition rate through mentoring, training, and proactive allocation of engineering resources to business areas.

3. Emerging Technologies Division Engineering Manager
(R&D Division responsible for advanced electronic products)

Managed an electronic design engineering division focused on reengineering obsolete electronic components. Developed a proprietary Rapid Retargeting process utilizing the then best-of-breed Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools (Mentor Graphics, Synopsys) employing the Very High Speed Integrated Circuits Hardware Description Language (VHDL. Transitioned legacy electronic designs into new technology utilizing Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to duplicate the functional and parametric performance of legacy electronic modules. Responsible for budgeting, P&L, and technical leadership.

4. C3/Surveillance Division Systems Engineer
(Communication systems engineering division)

Architected an integrated communications system for next generation US Coast Guard vessels and wrote the US Coast Guard Technology Reference Document. Architected a communication system for the US Navy utilizing a secure service-oriented architecture (SOA). Modified commercial Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) transport and network protocol software to operate more effectively with low-bitrate communication links.

Advanced Digital Systems, San Diego, CA Applications and Embedded Software Engineer 1980  1989
(Diversified products (VMEbus and STEbus audio/video) and IT services company)

As Embedded Software Engineer, ported the OS-9, PDOS, and Concurrent DOS operating systems to the companys CPU products. As Applications Software Engineer, analyzed and modeled satellite channel noise, developed mathematical models for communication networks, and implemented the models in software. Developed embedded software in the 68xxx and x86 assembly languages and the C programming language for classified tactical communications systems.

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VP Software Engineering

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