VP and CIO

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VP and CIO
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
30 years as system programmer, system architect, team leader, technical trainer, project manager. Graduate degrees in computer science, management, psychology. Experience in Performance/tuning, capacity planning, CICS, z/OS, z/VM, zLinux. Desire position in technical management.

Resume Body      VP AND CIO

2011  Present
Owner  Consulting Company

Owner  Consultant
Consulting for my own company. Projects have been: using SAS to analyze automobile accident data for a legal consulting firm, writing a PowerPoint based instruction course on SAS macro language, preparing an online course on SAS Macro language for Udemy (in progress), preparing a proto-type gambling app for a company that used it while soliciting investor funding for their development project, writing an IOS utility app for in-house password generation and storage.

2011 - 2011
Vision Service Plan
Sacramento, California

Consultant  Capacity Planning and Training
Trained a junior staff member in the capacity team on functioning of zOS and methodology for using performance and capacity planning tools. Analyzed (with SAS, SQL, and EXCEL) long-term capacity trending data, and produced capacity recommendations enabling managerial decisions for purchasing new computers in a timely fashion. Analyzed workload dispatch priorities and recommended modifications of workload resource allocation to conform to IBM and general industry standards of performance. Company had funding only for a short-term contract, so left on completion of these assignments.

1999 - 2010
Bank of America
Concord, California

Assistant Vice President  Consulting System Engineer
Analyzed system performance and wrote managerial reports using SAS and SAS-based products MICS and MXG. Performed tuning and monitoring on all of Bank of Americas mainframes and some Unix/Linux based servers. Worked with zOS, zVM and Linux/Unix operating systems. Within the banks Real-time performance group used performance tools such as Omegamon/MVS, Omegamon/CICs, Omegamon/VM, Tivoli Enterprise Portal, and RMF3. Installed new performance and capacity planning products. Designed the initial settings for IBM Workload Manager, thereby replacing all the SRM tables (formerly used by IBM to control workflow). Led a three-person team re-writing all scripts used in Thruput Manager, controlling and simplifying allocation of resources for batch jobs. Provided performance support and design for newly built LPARs merging Merrill Lynch systems into the banks data centers. Participated in on-call problem resolution rotation for operations and applications. Taught classes both locally and remotely to system programmers and operators on SAS, MICS, Tivoli Enterprise Portal, Thruput Manager, zVM, RMFIII, Omegamon/MVS.

1997 - 1999
Chevron Corporation
San Ramon, California

Consultant  Performance/Tuning and Capacity Planning
Company was preparing to outsource mainframe work, and needed temporary contractors to maintain systems until outsourcing completed. I contracted to tune and produced managerial reports for CICS and zOS using SAS, Omegamon/MVS, and RMF. Left when outsourcing to EDS was complete.

1996 - 1997
Kaiser Permanente
Walnut Creek, California

Consultant  Performance/Tuning for zOS and CICS
Contracted to tune and report on CICS and zOS (IBM renamed MVS as zOS). Wrote SAS programs creating analytic reports for tuning recommendations, plus periodic managerial reports. Used SAS, the SAS-based product MXG, Omegamon/MVS, and RMF/SMF. Left at end of contractual period.

1995 - 1996
The Gap
San Bruno, California

Consultant  Senior CICS System Programmer
Installed CICS products, and monitored CICS system performance. Long commute times were exhausting, so left to find more convenient work location.

1994 - 1995
Household Credit Services
Salinas, California

Senior CICS System Programmer
Joined HCS as sole CICS system programmer, responsible for building new regions, maintenance of old regions, debugging system and application problems. Built automated logging of emergency alarms, monitored sixty (60) regions, installed performance tool Omegamon/CICS, read CICS system and application dumps, responded to all system and application problems 24x7 for the sixty regions. Corporate austerity measures blocked hiring of requested assistance for me, so I ended my connection with HCS.

1993 - 1994
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, California

Consultant  Lead SAS Application Programmer and Designer
Joined Kaiser as lead programmer in a large SAS application development project. The project was to process all Medicare enrollees in Northern California, and evaluate who should be solicited to purchase new Kaiser Medicare products. The project was in progress when I joined the team but was behind schedule, and the lead architect/team leader left the day after I arrived. I re-designed the ongoing programming effort, and got the team moving forward efficiently. Kaiser also requested that I look at existing SAS programs that were using SAS SQL to interrogate the Kaiser database. The database consisted of millions of records, and the SQL statements had been written without regard to machine performance. I rewrote these SQL calls, reduced CPU time from many hours to a few minutes, and saved Kaiser several million dollars of computer resources. I left at the end of the contract period.

1991 - 1993
Union Bank
Monterey Park, California

Consultant  MVS Performance and CICS Performance
Union Bank had previously had the SAS-based performance product MICS improperly installed. I re-built the MICS installation, and added new features. Additionally I performed MVS tuning and produced management reports. Due to my past experience with CICS systems I was also asked to help the CICS group improve system performance. As the bank lacked an efficient accounting system for application utilization of computer resources, I added and customized an accounting component for the MICS system. I interviewed application managers to understand their needs, and built the MICS accounting system so that business tasks meaningful to the applications managers could be derived from measurement of IBM resources as recorded by SMF/RMF records. I left at the conclusion of the contract.

1989 - 1991
Gibraltar Savings
Simi, California

Senior System Programmer  MVS and CICS
Performed MVS and CICS system tuning. Redesigned JES2 system for controlling batch job prioritization of resources. Created using SAS code and MXG SAS product a mainframe performance database system (included data collection, data analysis, and managerial/performance report generation). Federal government closed Gibraltar so personnel were no longer needed.

1984 - 1989
Security Pacific Automation Company
Glendale, California

Vice President  MVS and CICS Performance and Tuning
Joined Security Pacific Automation Company. Led seven-person team monitoring and tuning corporate online systems: CICS, IMS, DB2, and ATMs. Produced SAS reports and performance recommendations. Used SAS, SAS-based product MICS, Omegamon/MVS, RMF and SMF records. Promoted to be project manager to merge personnel, hardware, and software for Arizona Bank and Rainier Bank into Security Pacifics Brea data center. As project manager I no longer was using technical skills so decided to return to systems work elsewhere.

M.A. in Management, University of Redlands, 1986
M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara, 1977
M.A. in Psychology, McGill University, 1973
B.A. in Psychology, UC Los Angeles, 1971

Computer Measurement Group
(Technical editor and technical referee at CMG conventions)
(Former secretary Southern California chapter)
IEEE Computer Society
(Former editor of Santa Barbara chapter newsletter)

SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS9 (June 2010)

Born July 16, 1949

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VP and CIO

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