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R&D & Quality Executive
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A visionary and enterprising executive specializing in the consumer industry. Possesses extensive experience in R&D, Quality, Engineering, Sensory, Innovation and associated technical disciplines. Applies new technologies to deliver product innovations and continuously improve systems delivering top and bottom goals.

Resume Body      R&D & QUALITY EXECUTIVE

Doug Zimmermann& Research and Development, Innovation, and Organizational Development

814 Capington Lane, Marvin, North Carolina 28173 (203) 383-0119 drzimm99@gmail.com

An Entrepreneurial Innovator and Research & Development Executive with demonstrated ability to lead diverse teams to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced global environments. Possesses extensive experience in, product development, technology development programs, innovation, processing, product claims, quality assurance, regulatory/food safety compliance, cost reduction, strategic planning, and technical portfolio management. Ability to see new possibilities and solutions is enhanced by diverse experiences, including global publicly/private traded, market oriented, branded/private label, direct to consumer/business to business, in beverage, food and CPG industries. Collaborates with diverse teams to ensure accomplishment of core objectives and drive bottom-line productivity. Proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements, identify deficiencies/potential opportunities, and develop innovative technology solutions to enhance competitiveness, increase revenues, and improve customer service.
Product & Package Development × Innovation/New Business × Health & Wellness
Consumer Insights × Organizational Development ×Open Innovation
Food Safety/Compliance × Project Management


Kellogg Company
" Led global technology platform  agglomeration- expanding competency with a 3-5 year horizon for products such as granola bars, Rice Krispies Treats, and Cereal & Milk bars for markets in Mexico, Germany, UK, Australia, Malaysia establishing the company in global bar market.
" Led product development for Convenience Food product launches for domestic and global markets - Eggo Waffles, Lenders Bagels, Rice Krispies Treats, Milk & Cereal Bars, and Granola ready to eat cereal.
" Established external innovation program through partnership with Procurement and Manufacturing for unique products such as Rice Krispies Treats.

Cadbury Schweppes
" Created the long term technology development programs for sweetener, tea, health & wellness, and packaging design. Commercialized 2 new technologies and managed products for companys largest Beverage Business category contributing over 40% to corporation profits and 50% of revenue.
" Organized the R&D Beverage Center for Americas region as well as created and led COE for global beverages.
" Developed Innovation process leading to a streamlined innovation pipeline with dashboard reporting and updates.
" Developed programs to leverage resources at Global Science Center in Reading, UK generating innovations for North American Beverage Businesses creating 3 new technology streams and pipeline of adjacent and new product innovations in 4 different categories.


Currently Managing Partner Consultant to the CPG/Food/Beverage industry with JPG Resources, Battle Creek, MI 2012 - Present

Vice President Research & Development and Quality
Recruited to establish an innovation capability and assist in changing R&Ds to a culture of continuous improvement, high performance, learning, consumer/customer-focused, innovation team. Worked with C-level executives to develop innovation strategies, process, and quality programs. Managed upstream innovation and product design for a branded and private brand business. Developed one integrated consumer research sensory programs. Led the building of capabilities to translate consumer needs into technically viable solutions by investing in and adding new competencies to strengthen Quality and Innovation programs and Product Commercialization team.

Overall Results: Reorganized the stage gate process. Received significant increases in innovation investment by C-level executives as a result of achieving sustainable innovation level targets. Largest investment in capital for the corporation to expand sandwich cracker capacity and capability was approved by the Board of Directors, creating a 5 year innovation pipeline. Created strong, innovative Quality, R&D and Commercialization professionals, infusing disciplined learning and experimentation skills in the team.

Selected Achievements Snyders - Lance:

" Established an Innovation process and product portfolio for the branded and private brands business with focus on kettle style chips and cookies.
" Developed line of unique flavored reduced fat kettle style chips with prototype development and identified a new thermal process, to produce the unique and appearance with no added fat. Consumer testing validated it as a +$80 million category opportunity.
" Infused insight product development skills to focus new product and technology commercialization.

Quality " Led the SQF certification of all 13 plants to level 3 status and harmonized regulatory process to align with ERP system protocol. Upgrade sensory capabilities and incorporated into the corporate and plant QA protocol as part of Continuous Improvement initiative.

New Business " Led entry and roll out introduction of resourcing commercialization roles to improve margin at product start and achieving image product faster while driving knowledge transfer to the production. This included improving plant technical knowledge, investing in sensory capabilities and QA methods.

Director North American Consumer Product Design and Innovation
Recruited to establish an innovation capability and assist in changing R&Ds manufacturing and paper product culture to high performance, learning, consumer-focused, innovation team. Directly reported to Chief Technical Officer and work with C-level executives to develop innovation strategies. Managed upstream innovation pipeline development and product design for a $6 billion Consumer Business including: building capabilities to translate consumer needs into technically viable solutions, investing in strategic business opportunities, and leading product development/commercialization.

Overall Results: Significant increases in corporate revenues and profit branded and private brand paper towel products to a billion dollar sales level. Created first for the company, adjacent product pipeline to enter into house hold cleaning category. Successfully built strong, innovative R&D professionals, infusing disciplined learning and experimentation skills.

Selected Achievements Georgia Pacific, Koch Industries:

" Established a product portfolio with prototype development and market research validation of potential +$150 million business in adjacent cleaning categories. Staged 4 products for test market.

Consumer Insights " Led directly to new product positioning and topline growth +10 share points of super-premium paper towel brand. Infused insight product development skills to focus new product and technology commercialization.
" Launched the #1 rated branded and private label paper towel (as reported by Consumer Reports) through new product design capabilities. Incremental $30 million in profit from launches.

New Business " Led entry into first-ever adjacent categories and sensory, product performance claims, and product testing capabilities.

Vice President of Research & Development Beverages
Recruited to establish new businesses unit focused on Americas region beverage business as well as build COE for global beverages. Look to expand products and services beyond the core CSD business with emphasis in innovation and health & wellness. Reported directly to Chief Technical Officer and worked with the Business Unit leadership to lead new product innovation for $6 billion Americas Beverage: building an integrated consumer focused R&D culture, designing and launching new products and packaging, establishing technology strategies, driving global COE initiatives to meet regions needs.

Overall Results: Expanded Company in health and wellness products for brands including Snapple, Motts, 7-Up, and Hawaiian Punch, that provided growth accretive to the business. Led research and application efforts driving health and wellness platforms ranging from research to labeling practices. Drove the companys nutrition awareness and capabilities by establishing and managing an external nutrition advisory panel providing guidance and insight to marketing programs, product claims, and nutrition research. This was the first time the company took on such and endeavor and the success from this panel resulted in the expansion of its scope to include both confection and beverage global categories. Build an external innovation program that accounted for 20% of innovation launches, reducing product development time by 25%. Developed and secured resourcing for long term sweetener technology programs.

Selected Achievements Cadbury Schweppes Beverages:
New Business
" Launched 9 products over 2 years leading to incremental $100 million in sales. Sweetener strategy drove business growth by reaching new consumer groups with profitable revenue streams.

Product Development " Effectively increased productivity by 20% by creating a disciplined product development process, stage gate, and decision-making framework to focus and addressing key risks and uncertainties.

Innovation " Health and Wellness efforts influenced the reallocation of Marketing spend to focus on better or you products in portfolio. 60 % of all product launched had a better for your component over 4 years. 20% of the products were generated from external innovation program focused on producing better for you products.
Director Global Product Development & Innovation
Appointed Global Product Development R&D to lead agglomeration technology platform. Responsible for development, create and lead global teams based in strategic markets, transfer rollout of technology to drive regional business while building the capabilities that facilitated an inclusive highly effective team culture. Reported to VP Global Product Development.

Overall Results:
Successfully launched snack bar products in 5 countries building new categories for the global business. Contributed to creating a +$200 million product based on agglomeration technology. Led the use of external development with partnership model when developing supply chain options for Asia Pacific and South America markets. Led three markets to investing full scale on site manufacturing options as part of intellectual property strategy.

Selected Achievements Kellogg Company:

Innovation/ New Products

" Led global technology platform in the successful expansion of Rice Krispies Treats into the following markets: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This marked the expansion of convenience foods products beyond the U.S.
" Led R&D for joint venture with Ajinomoto for line of frozen breakfast products for the Japan markets based on waffle batter.

Consumer Insights
" Personally led R&D exploration into global cereal based beverage as part of global expansion beyond dry cereal reporting in to the CEO. Applied external sourcing of packaging, product formulation, and processing to rapidly evaluate options in 4 global markets. Initiative was test marketed in Australia and South Korea markets
" Brought to market a new manufacturing process designs enabling rapid change design change of waffle formed by batter. Awarded 2 innovative business awards at companys innovation fair.

" Progressed-to-market three new technologies focused on: batter forming, binder technology, sweetness masking. Expanded binder technology to include dairy protein based solution as part of delivering the goodness of milk in a cereal bar.

Product Development & Technical Management
Held various positions of increasing responsibility supporting product development for Eggo Waffles, Mrs. Smiths Desserts, Foods Service and retail for domestic and international markets. Participated in the design and capabilities of Global R&D Center as well as the integrating of pilot plant and capabilities into the product development process.

Quality Assurance Manager
Responsible for quality and food safety department for a manufacturing plant producing dairy and non-dairy dessert frozen bakery products. Managed the QA technicians, plant sanitation department, developed and implemented SSOP, microbial testing of ingredients and finished products, and handled site inspection by Auditors and Inspectors, State and FDA.

B.S. Food Science, (1977  1981)

Apple Research Association - Board of Director, Member, Juice Products Association - Board of Director, United Way of Fairfield County Executive Advisor, Cornell University Food Science Department Advisory Board, Penn State University Food Science Advisory Board

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R&D & Quality Executive

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