R&D Leader

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R&D Leader
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$250,000 to $500,000

Resume Summary
R&D Leader with 30 years in specialty chemicals. Expertise includes chemistry, adhesives, coatings, packaging, silica, elastomers, electronics, paper, biorefining, tires, surface science, catalysis, silicones, nanotechnology, plastics, construction and insulation. Leadership includes strategy, transformation, motivation, driving results and commercial partnership.

Resume Body      R&D LEADER

R&D Leader

Innovative, milestone-driven technology leader with a solid background in advanced materials and nanotechnology. Breadth of expertise spans technology management and new business development including strategy, product development, research, business development, negotiation, intellectual property and portfolio management skills. Recognized as a bridge builder who establishes effective relationships at all levels. Track record of building high performing R&D organizations that consistently maximize return on investment.

Comprehensive experience in moving technology from R&D into profitable business through the implementation and use of portfolio management, project management, and commercialization processes
Experienced in sustainable chemistry, biorefining, life cycle analysis and government advocacy
Customer and industry experience in the adhesives, roads and tires industries
Extensive background in silicon based materials and their applications in the automotive, elastomer, adhesives, sealant, coatings, paper, plastics, construction, insulation, electronics and display industries
Accomplished in development and commercialization of materials and formulated products
Proficient in hiring, developing, motivating and leading global and multifunctional teams
International and multicultural experience


Specialty Chemical Company 2010 - present
Biorefiner and worlds leading producer in its sector; global sales $1.0B

Chief Technology Officer
" Transformed regional technical teams into global Science and organization. Structured and built capabilities to focus on product development, technical service, manufacturing support and innovation. Globalized Regulatory and Analytical Services teams.
" Led R&D function as member of Global Management Team.
" Partnered with Marketing to revamp stage gate and relaunched as 5- and 3-stage processes. Thirteen new products introduced since 2012. NPS grown from 3% to 6% of revenue.
" Introduced four formal career ladders modeled after prior companies.
" Restructured R&D to align Technical Service assets to business units.
" Established patent recognition process to reward inventors.
" Championed R&D with the BoD and received support to build new technical center. The Technology Center opened on time, on budget and without safety incident.
" Opened new applications laboratory in China.
" Drove definition of five technology platforms to identify core capabilities and target hiring of new scientists.
" Represented the company in US advocacy efforts to ensure continued supply of strategic raw materials.
" Championed laboratory safety to make safety practices relevant, interesting and standard. Zero recordables and no lost time incidents.

R&D Leader page 2

Manufacturer of specialty chemicals; global sales $3.3B 2007 - 2010

Vice President of Research and Development
" Led global R&D team of 100 people in ten locations for product development, plant support, productivity projects and technical service. Product scope includes coatings and sealants for food and beverage packaging; silicas for paper coatings, elastomer reinforcement, personal care, beer and beverage, industrial paints and coatings; zeolites for adsorption; and aluminas for paper coatings.
" Consolidated the R&D organizations of two business units as part of a cross-business integration.
" Built portfolio discipline to manage diverse project portfolio in concert with the stage gate project management process. Portfolio of projects reduced by 30% to focus resources on strategic priorities. New product introductions increased from 4 (2008) to 9 (2009) to 12 (2010). New product sales grew from 29% (2008) to 34% (2009).
" Negotiated joint development agreements with 3 complementary materials companies as part of a push to use Open Innovation.
" Introduced the Award for Technical Excellence to recognize outstanding technical achievement and built the framework to make it permanent. Co-chaired the biennial Innovation Conference.
" Shepherded the R&D organization through the 2008-2009 recession as both revenues and staffing decreased. Key talent retained and focus maintained on priority projects.

Venture-backed nanotechnology company; global sales $12M 2005 - 2007

Vice President of Research and Development
" Developed a world-class organization of 50 scientists, managers and support staff for research, government contracts, product development, process R&D, analytical services and intellectual property.
" Built a product development team, introduced portfolio management discipline and drove the makeover of the product line; 12 new products fully developed using stagegate and DOE tools in < 12 months, comprising > 40% of product sales.
" Created an Analytical Services group with GLP discipline, ISO compliance and customer focus to manage internal and external testing, allowing the reduction of 25% in budgeted testing while growing demand for services > 3X.
" Directed a portfolio of 20 government research contracts (NASA, DOD and DOE) and grew revenues by 24%. Integrated commercial objectives into these contracts including the leveraging of a $4M DOE contract to develop new business in the hydrocarbon processing industry.
" Implemented dual career ladders and a scientist peer review promotion process, redefined position descriptions and drove external benchmarking for all technical positions.
" Upgraded the safety culture through peer-led inspections and reviews.
" Represented R&D to the board of directors and as a member of senior management team; re-established the value of R&D to the company and investors and boosted esprit de corps within the function.
" Achieved all performance driven objectives for the makeover of the R&D organization.

R&D Leader page 3

Specialty chemical company; annual sales $4.4B 1986  2005

Flexible Electronics Business Development Manager, USA 2003  2005
Consolidated business incubator projects across two global business units to create a program aligned with emerging OLED device markets. Managed technology development portfolio to prioritize and progress key projects.
" Defined models for commercialization of thin film technologies; developed and championed the business plan for display materials and solutions; the business plan was accepted and implemented by the business board.
" Developed relationships with customers and industry influencers to forge a role as a valued materials supplier.
" Led proposal process and successfully captured US government funding for two programs--$5MM for OLED Lighting and $2MM for OLED materials.

European Commercial Manager 2001  2003
" Directed the commercial operations of the Thermoplastics Business in Europe.
" Created and developed distributor relationships for Europe, Africa and Middle East to allow the consolidation of operations.
" Successfully led the rapid post-acquisition integration of the Thermoplastics business unit (50 employees) and a plastics compounder (120 employees) with operations in the United States, France and India. Integrated personnel, operations and infrastructure of this $100 million business.

Nanotechnology Business Development Manager, USA 2000  2001
" Assembled and led a team of market and technology experts from industry and academia to develop in six months a business plan for materials nanotechnology, concluding that the investment opportunities were not in line with the objectives of the New Ventures Business.

Global Technology Manager, USA 1995  2000
" Led a 55 member global team of development and technical service professionals in support of a $190MM business unit serving the Paper Industry.
" Responsible for personnel development; alignment of technical investments to business strategy; and management of project portfolio.
" Represented R&D activities to customers around the world, contributing to secure multi-year supply contracts with key customers.
" Successfully implemented project and portfolio management processes.
" Led Product Stewardship study of the product line to ensure safe and compliant practices.

Electronics Industries Group Leader, USA 1991  1995
" Supervised 10 member group responsible for new product development of materials for electronics and aerospace industries.
" Coordinated technology decisions for the business team; implemented project tracking discipline to guide investments.
" Implemented ISO 9000 practices for the development group.

Research Chemist, USA 1986  1990
" Led discovery projects in the areas of polysilane photochemistry, photolithography, dielectric coatings and elastomer cure technology.

R&D Leader page 4

Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry
B.S., Chemistry, with honors


Facilitative Management II
Economic Evaluation
Targeted Selection
Responsible Care
Situational Leadership
Design of Experiments, Stat-Ease
Rubber Compounding, ACS Rubber Division
Polymer Technology
Organic Light Emitting Devices, Society for Information Display


" Traveled regularly to Asia and Europe since 1990
" Studied Japanese language for one year
" Lived in Belgium 2 years and spent 25% of time in travel in Western Europe
" Working knowledge of French


" Granted 14 US patents
" Author of 7 publications
" Three time winner of Technical Achievement Award
" Recognized with the Research Award
" Member, American Chemical Society
" Member, Pine Chemicals Association
" Member, Society for Information Display
" Member, Materials Research Society
" Active volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scout programs

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R&D Leader

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