Executive VP of New Product Development

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Executive VP of New Product Development
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$250,000 to $500,000

Resume Summary
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/PRODUCT STRATEGY. Over 20 years leading managers and engineers to create cutting-edge technology products that delight customers leading to sustained growth. Instruments, Medical Products, Embedded and Application Software, Semiconductors, Semiconductor Equipment, Wireless, Electronic Products, Optics, Materials Research.




Over 20 years leading teams of managers and engineers to create cutting-edge technology products that delight customers and lead to sustained growth.

* Providing Clarity and Focus
* Enhancing Execution
* Painting a Strategic Vision
* Creating Innovation Culture
* Setting Clear Goals and Relevant Metrics
* Building Customer-Centric Thinking
* Attracting and Retaining the Best
* Driving Leadership Development


Precision Instruments, Medical Products, Embedded and Application Software, Semiconductors, Semiconductor Equipment, Wireless Communications, Electronic Products, Optics, Materials Research, Aerospace/Defense, Management Consulting

* Executive leader: 10 years in executive leadership; P/L responsibility (shared and owned) over 12 years.
* Problem solver: Proven skill in improving product development cycle time, on-time delivery and innovation.
* Strategic manager: Track record of creating and executing strategies to drive international company growth through new products/applications, acquisitions, partnerships, and a customer-centric problem solving.
* Change agent: Versatile leader, skilled at identifying key issues, gaining support for change, motivating teams toward innovation and turnaround.
* Widely deployable: Demonstrated ability to learn and thrive in new businesses and technologies. Leadership experience in manufacturing, marketing, product development and research.
* Continuous learner and teacher: Focused on self-improvement, developing and bringing out the best in others.
* MBA (2009) from Case Western Reserve University, MA in Physics from University of California, Davis.


Although well trained and experienced in various technologies, I am first and foremost a businessman. I keep profit first, but know the value of great people in success. I apply both operational management and strategic management principles, and lead by balancing the short term needs with the essential long term investments. I can quickly show a positive impact on your firm. My history has demonstrated a high level of skill in:
* Developing winning Strategies: Corporate, Product, Technology and Process.
* Growing Revenue and Profit through new products and operational excellence.
* Revamping processes and metrics, and introducing Lean, Agile and PD Flow methods
* Establishing a strong Innovation Culture and introducing Open Innovation.
* Improving the On-Time Delivery and Cycle Time for new products.
* Focusing on Design for quality, manufacturing, etc.: DfX.
* Strengthening Voice of the Customer and Customer Centric design.
* Introducing Project Portfolio Management.
* Identifying and managing external Development Partnerships and Acquisitions.
* Change Management, bringing lagging organizations to world-class status.
* Cultivating positive Internal Partnerships with all functional areas.
* Hiring and Retaining the best, and developing the next Level 5 leaders.

Specific results (public domain) from companies I have helped in the past are available upon request.

San Francisco, CA

$2M/yr firm focused on management consulting for high tech companies. Offers project based consultation and interim management.

I joined my good friend and founder of TechZecs, LLC to fulfill an enduring desire to be a management consultant. I chose to leave Tektronix because the mission that I was hired for was no longer supported by my sponsors Engagements at TechZecs have included value chain assessments from order entry to fulfillment, new product development process improvement, identification of potential partnerships and acquisitions, strategy assessment and renovation, and training in various areas (strategic processes, portfolio management, project management, management of new product development, change management, creating an innovative culture and emotional intelligence for leaders).


JAN 2011 TO MAY 2012
Tektronix, Inc (a Danaher Company, Source/Analyzer Division) - MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTS & SOFTWARE
Portland, OR

$1B/yr worldwide supplier of electronic test, measurement and software products and systems. Division products include Spectrum Analyzers, Power Meters, Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generators.

When Keithley was purchased by Danaher Corp., I was asked by Danaher to move to headquarters to aggressively grow the Tektronix RF/Microwave Instrument business. I partnered with marketing to develop and execute the product strategy. I directed 190 people in the US, China and India with an $18M/yr budget, and served as a key member on the Tektronix R&D Council, Strategy Council and Project Portfolio Management Council. I shared P/L responsibility with the General Manager and the Director of Marketing.

* Built and opened 10,000 sf R&D site near key competitor with immediate success in attracting top talent.
* Hired and developed a group of talented new managers. Created new manager responsibilities optimized for business partnership, customer focus, product development speed and personnel growth for advancement to higher leadership.
* Improved the new product development processes and tools, and introduced forward-looking platform management and rapid prototyping, enabling more effective development and faster release of product extensions.
> New Product Introduction process changes have potential to deliver 30% cycle time improvements.
> Consolidated three product families into one platform, delivering $7M gross margins over next five years.
* Completed pre-offer research on five potential acquisitions, ranging from $10MM to $700M/yr.
* Established ITAR product development process, contributing to savings of $10M/yr revenue at risk.


2003 TO 2011
Keithley Instruments, Inc. - ATE, INSTRUMENTS & SOFTWARE
Cleveland, OH

$160M/yr worldwide supplier of test, measurement and software products and ATE (Automated Test Equipment, large scale semiconductor wafer tester) systems used in a many applications including: Electronics, Materials, Wireless devices, bbhSolar and Fuel cells and Nano-technology.

I was recruited away from Agilent to energize the release of new products at Keithley. As a member of the executive team and officer of the company, I shared full responsibility and reported to the board and investment community regarding the success or failure of product development, and the company. I partnered with marketing on product strategy and portfolio management, and I directed 180 people on 4 development sites in the US and Asia. I managed a budget of $27M/yr.

* Partnered with executive team to own P/L, grew revenue from by $40M/yr, and increased margins 10 pts.
* Mended strained relationship with sales, marketing and manufacturing.
* Led execution of technology and new product roadmaps.
> Created new engineering competencies in RF, Wireless Communication, Ultra-fast Pulse, and CV Measurements, adding $30M/yr incremental revenue.
> Increased revenue from new products from 20% to 35% of total revenue.
* Led two Cycle Time improvement waves, including conversion to Lean /Agile /Flow Product Development methods
> Created new metrics to drive speed and innovation, new visual status communication methods.
> Improved project schedule accuracy more than 300%. Reduced cycle time more than 30%.
> Increased number of platform releases from 1 every 3 years to an average of 2 per year.
> Increased number of product extensions from 2 per year to more than 20 per year.
* Improved quality of products 2-4x, as measured by annual field failure rates, while eliminating manufacturing burn-in.
* Established new 17,000 sf RF engineering site next to key competitor, and hired 30 top employees within first year.
> Launched two RF instruments (signal analyzer, signal source) in first two years, delivering $10M/yr in new revenue.
> Recognized for leadership as company won numerous Supplier Excellence, Product of the Year, and industry Test and Measurement awards.
* Introduced forward-looking platform management for higher development and engineering support efficiency, delivering $4M additional gross margins over 5 years.
* Created advanced technology team and high innovation culture in engineering team. Key was change management techniques and a focus on greater autonomy, personal development and mastery, and strong sense of purpose.
* Established Intellectual Property Board and increased patents applications from 2 to 28 per year.
* Brought in Open Innovation. Arranged partnerships and outsourced R&D for several products with three companies for advantage in competencies and speed. Resulted in new products contributing $8M/yr in new revenue.
* Developed customized leadership training for Emotional Intelligence and to drive solid decision-making and execution.
* Nurtured executive relationships with critical leaders at key customer sites, contributing to $10M in salvaged contracts.
* Participated in due diligence and helped position company for sale to Danaher Corporation.


1999 TO 2003
Agilent Technologies (Wireless Network Test Division) - WIRELESS TEST PRODUCTS
Santa Rosa, CA

$8B/yr worldwide supplier of Test and Measurement equipment, spin-off from Hewlett-Packard. HP split into two pieces in 1999, Agilent Technologies and Hewlett-Packard. WNTD was a new division for Agilent, supplying installation and maintenance hardware and software for wireless service providers. This included products for design of cellular networks, monitoring and improving coverage and base station installation and maintenance.

I was selected to aid in creating a new division, build R&D infrastructure and generate product strategy for wireless network service providers. I owned the drive test and base station test businesses including product strategy and product development. I directed 55 people with a budget of $10M/yr on 6 R&D sites in US, Europe, and Asia.
* Leader of business team. Owned P/L for product line. Partnered cross-functionally to craft strategy and roadmap to dominate wireless network market. Grew division from zero to $75M/yr revenue in three years.
* Released new portable base station tester in two years, delivering $45M/yr, driving key competitor out of market.
* Integrated processes, people and roadmaps for $20M/yr acquisition, with operations in the US and Sweden.


Hewlett-Packard (World-Wide Order Fulfillment) - RF/MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTS & SOFTWARE
Rohnert Park, CA

$40B/yr worldwide supplier of Test and Measurement equipment, Computers, Peripherals, Supplies. My responsibility was for a high margin, high technology product line (Spectrum and Signal Analyzers) shipping over $300M/yr.

I returned to CA from MA for my first management opportunity. I led a team of 17 software and hardware engineers responsible for the redesign of existing, and the introduction to manufacturing of new spectrum and signal analyzers. My team was responsible for new test process development, quality and cost improvements, and assurance of supply.
* Drove strategy and decision for complete redesign of flagship spectrum analyzer. Managed the project. Result was additional 10 years of life to the product, and a savings of more than $8M in inventory costs.
* Worked with key manufacturing personnel to redesign delivery chain for Lean Manufacturing and to off-shore large parts of the manufacturing process to Malaysia.


Hewlett Packard (Imaging Systems Division) -
Andover, MA

This division was dedicated to acoustic and magnetic imaging for cardiology and radiology. It is now part of Philips Medical.

One of the reasons I stayed at HP/Agilent so long was the variety of opportunities presented to me. Here I was recruited for technical leadership, and given the responsibility to challenge the existing hypotheses for design.

Invented breakthrough cardiac imaging transducers and systems; included system and transducer design (model development, DSP), material development (piezoelectric, electro-strictive, composite materials). Designed ultra-wide transducers, aided in design of transmit/receive electronics and filters for significant image quality improvements.


Hewlett Packard (Microwave Technology Division) - ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS & MATERIALS
Santa Rosa, CA

Often called HP Labs North. New-to-world device design and fabrication in electronics, acoustics, optics and magnetics.

During these years I worked on far more variety than can be detailed here. These cutting edge components and materials were used to differentiate HP products. I was given the chance to contribute in R&D, marketing and manufacturing, and in a wide variety of technologies.
* Inbound and Outbound Marketing - for various breakthrough components used in electronic circuits.
* Device Model Development - for acoustic resonators, delay lines and filters, optical modulators.
* Fabrication Process Development - crystal growth, photo-lithography, wet and dry etching, chemical and physical deposition, diffusion, plasma trimming, plating, test process development.
* Crystal Material Research - for piezoelectric, ferro- and ferri-magnetic, electro-optic, and semiconductor materials.

* MBA, 2009 Case Western Reserve University, GPA 4.0 (Top 20 EMBA school; Deans List, Beta Gamma Sigma society)
* Stanford University, Stanford Executive Program (SEP): Strategic Marketing Management, 2006; Executive Institute/AeA, 2005
* Center for Creative Leadership, Leadership Development Program, 2006
* MA, Physics, University of California at Davis, (Ph.D. qualifying exams passed, Ph.D. dissertation unfinished). Research in optics, spectroscopy, lasers and solid state physics.
* BS, Physics, San Diego State University (with Honors, Distinction in Physics). Research in lasers.



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