Director, VP Software Development

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Director, VP Software Development
Location Confidential
Southwest USA
Willing to Relocate
$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Versatile SW Executive with experience in Product Strategy, SW Architecture, Engineering Management and Mentoring. I have designed and delivered pioneering products in server clustering, hybrid cloud computing. I have recruited, managed and mentored high efficiency teams with time-to-market focus.


Career Summary

Versatile, hands-on Software Engineering Executive with 20+ years in High Technology Startups and Fortune 500 company, I leveraging versatility, technical depth, product strategy knowledge, collaboration skills to deliver enterprise-class products. I build, coach and mentor agile teams, maintaining time to market focus in a rapidly changing environment. As a technical resource and mentor to teams, have lead technical collaboration between organizations and companies, and facilitated Patents and Intellectual Property protection.

As Vice President, delivered award-winning products and helped secure 1,200 customers by collaborating on actionable Product Features, Architecture, and Patents, and mentoring and motivating an agile engineering organization. As Director, delivered 4 new products and reduced per product cost by 50% by scaling team 70% while scaling execution by 400%.

CONSULTING, San Jose, CA 1/2014 - present
Provide Engineering Management, Design and Development consulting services for hardware and software systems.

Principal Consultant

Encouraged by colleagues and former clients to relaunch consulting firm leveraging unique synergy of experience, success, skill set and executive relationship.

Contract Design firm
* Implemented Charger Management embedded software for NXP Cortex M3 and M4 ARM processors
Project involved new hardware design and software support for charging internal battery, charging external devices, monitoring power levels, managing USB host port, implementing USB hub support and managing power use. Implemented in C.
* Managing Hardware and Software for new proprietary embedded consumer device (ongoing).
Wi-Fi, Cortex M4 processor, REST web service.

Hybrid Cloud software firm, Santa Clara, CA 1/2012 - 1/2014
Early Stage Startup simplifying hybrid IT management complexity through patented transformation technology.

Vice President Engineering

Responsible for multi-million dollar budget, collaborating on Product Features, collaborating on and reviewing Product Architecture and implementation, scaling and managing Product Development (Developers, QA Engineers), SDLC, Intellectual Property policies, critical issue escalation, delivering products to VMworld cadence.

* Launched award winning Hybrid Cloud product in 9 months while concurrently expanding companys initial product to support Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) by collaborating on Features and Architecture, proactive hands-on leadership, SCRUM, continuous testing.
* Launched award-winning Cloud-based Virtuakm Machine disaster recovery product in 9 months and grew customer base to 1200 by collaborating on Features and Architecture, proactive hand-on leadership, critical bug resolution, continuous testing, SCRUM.
* Reduced Engineering burn rate by 30% and average Developer cost by 10% by distilling a highly efficient high performance team.

* Hybrid Cloud Management using VMware vCenter
Product Scope: Clone workloads between VMware vSphere and Public Cloud (Amazon AWS). Collaborated with rest of executive team on actionable Product Features. Collaborated with Co-Founder/Chief Scientist on Product Architecture and patentable technology. Wrote and filed provisional patent application. Focused half the Developers on Architecture and internal API redesign, while working hands-on with remaining Developers on SCVMM. Compressed schedule and aggressive features required effort above and beyond throughout product cycle. Secured team plan buy-in by introducing SCRUM for each project. Spoke with team individually and in meetings multiple times a day to encourage and solicit problems and blockers. Kept morale high by capitalizing on any opportunity to show appreciation for individuals efforts, making clear that I knew how hard they were working. Support for other Hypervisors launched 2 months later.

* Disaster Recovery product
Product Scope: Light weight Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery, Cloud and On-Premise recovery, recovery times measured in minutes, with downloadable trial product available at VMworld press release. Collaborated with rest of executive team on actionable Product Features. Collaborated with Co-Founder/Chief Scientist on Product Architecture. Tasked small team to architect and implement solution, focusing remaining resources on critical bug fixes. Managed efforts as separate SCRUM projects, giving individuals ownership and control to offset second year of above and beyond. Maintained pressure on myself and the team through daily individual contact, soliciting and coaching through problems and blockers, and projecting positive attitude. Focused on QA and continuous testing, built Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) test setups.
* Reduced Engineering burn rate by 30%
Promoted top-performing Tech Lead to replace underperformer, released junior Developer; chose not to fill 3 Developer reqs or backfill 2 departed Developers, and replaced underperforming QA Engineers with top-performers.

NOSQL Document Database company, San Carlos, CA 6/ 2010 - 12/2012
Pre-IPO Company producing scalable, ACID compliant clustered NOSQL database for unstructured data, used in Big Data analytic applications.

Director, Software Development, Application Services Group

Hired to manage the Application Services group.

Responsible for managing and scaling a geographically dispersed group of 17 very capable Developers and QA Engineers across US and in India, mentoring team members and assessing leadership qualities, administering company SDLC, collaborating with Product Marketing on features and specifications, and scaling execution from 1 product per product cycle.

Application Services had produced 3 APIs and browser-based tools bundled with database, to facilitate building search applications.

* Launched 4 new products and reduced cost per product by 50% ($1M to $500K), successfully scaling execution from 1 product per cycle to 4 by collaborative product specification, proactive UX design, assigning and mentoring tech leads, and introducing SCRUM.
* Scaled team from 10 to 17 in 9 months without recruiters by leveraging internal and self-referrals, and LinkedIn.

* Launched 4 new products
With 4 new products to develop, each with REST API and browser-based UI, divided group into 4 teams each with technical lead, all sharing UX designer. One product also included plug-ins for Nagios and Open View (the latter outsourced). Collaborated with product marketing on requirements, and specifications, taking active role storyboarding and prototyping products. Instituted SCRUM on most complex product while continuing Companys simplified waterfall process on others. Required code reviewed unit tests for code check-in. Coached Lead Developers to added responsibilities. Team also worked with Database Engineering on new feature support.

* Scaled team from 10 to 17 in 9 months
Leveraged existing team members and Companys XML and no-SQL reputation to source potential hires. Hiring people known to staff facilitated assimilation and helped maintain group cohesion. Promoted and mentored QA lead to Manager, converted contractor to FTE, hired new grad, self-referral, and internal transfer. Hired a UI Developer through LinkedIn, replaced with a contractor (a referral) converted to FTE.

Consulting, Los Altos, CA 9/2008 - 6/2010

Provided Contract Design and Development consulting services for hardware and software systems.

Principal Consultant

Encouraged by colleagues and former clients to relaunch consulting firm leveraging unique synergy of experience, success, skill set and executive relationship.

Expanding customer's Obstructive Sleep Apnea testing service required reducing turnaround time for each test (receive the returned test device, upload and analyze test data, run diagnostics, and clean and return unit to inventory). Strategy: increase device pool and increase test capacity for returned devices.

Project Results:
* Expanded OSA test capacity.
To build 1500 new devices and increase inventory by 50%, procured and tested discontinued Motorola DSP debugging boards to build 3 new manufacturing fixtures. To decrease turnaround time, collaborated with consulting partner on new test fixture hardware and mechanicals; worked with customer to include failures seen over the previous years in test scope. Updated software for new and old fixtures.

TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)-enabled 10Gbps Ethernet Startup, Santa Clara, CA 6/2007 - 9/2008

Vice President of Software Development

Recruited by CEO to run Software Engineering, leverage business relationships.

Responsible for $6M budget, organizing and managing engineering team of 55 Developers and QA Engineers (45 in Santa Clara, CA and 10 in India), administering and evolving SDLC, supporting existing customers and products, bringing up firmware and software on new 3rd generation chip and supporting new chip customers.

Upon arrival there was no Development organizational structure; had 46 direct reports. Sales of 2nd generation chip to were slowing; new chip was not yet ready. New chip had 1 customer with 2 server projects.

* Delivered firmware and software for new chip, and $1.5M-$3M revenue by adding organizational structure to disjointed Software Engineering organization, collaborating with customers, automating testing and addressing issues, and iterating performance Windows TOE stack.
* Supported 2nd gen product on 64-bit Windows for Itanium, helping preserve business, by diverting $500K of Engineering resource, holding customer status calls and delivering by-weekly releases to customer test team.

* Delivered firmware and software for new chip
Organized team in groups by functional area, promoted and mentored tech leads as Managers. Focused 35 Engineers on the basic functionality (new chip bring up, send/receive packets, TCP/IP offload, initialization and configuration), with remaining (10 Developers and Managers) on iSCSI and RDMA for HPC. Worked with QA to automate testing, expanded test infrastructure and added automated tests to build process. Replaced PXE firmware Developer by outsourcing to open source EtherBoot project. Assembled team (firmware Engineer, chip Engineer and vendor) on XAUI sync issue with vendors Phy chip, replacing firmware Engineer when insufficient progress was made. Held bi-weekly and as-needed calls with server Program Managers to discuss progress, issues, and resolutions. Authorized Windows and India Developers to rearchitect TOE firmware and software interfaces to match Microsoft Chimney spec. By production, both ports were driven at 10Gbps line speed. Left company as second prototype delivered. Server went production after QLogic acquisition, 100,000-200,000 servers/yr.

* Supported 2nd gen product on 64-bit Windows for Itanium
For 2 months prior to my arrival, customers qualification tests for 2nd gen product on Windows Itanium were failing. To promote good will, diverted resources during new chip bring up to pass qualification tests. Started daily calls to discuss test results and prioritize actions, focused QA and Developers based on customers priority. Released code to customer as QA finished testing each fix. Entire test suite was passing within 2 months.

Privately held provider of Linux servers, high performance compute (HPC) clusters, CA 6/2004 - 6/2007

Vice President, Software Development and Strategy 2/2006 - 2/2007

Promoted to into role.

Retaining previous responsibilities, $3M budget, 22 Engineers, added responsibility for Software Product Strategy.

* Improved hardware competitiveness by conceiving and delivering Server management software
Assessed competitive offerings, OEM deal with Scali Manage, and open source, chose internal solution. Designed and storyboarded installation, configuration, monitoring and management workflows, explored servers hardware IPMI. Hired Engineer to manage outsourced development.

Vice President, Software Development 6/2004 - 2/2006

Recruited into role.

Responsible for reestablishing company's Linux Clustering and Virtualization product in HPC market, building Development organization, $2.5M budget and 20 Engineers, briefing board of directors, and participating in customer councils for HPC and web farm management.

* Grew installations from 10 (04) to 1000 (06) and revenue $45K to $700K by staffing and organizing Engineering, repackaging product, adding Application Engineers, and automating build and QA smoke tests.
* Helped raise $23M in funding by briefing potential investors on Scyld technology and organization.

* Grew installations 10 to 1000 and revenue $45K to $700K
Moved Development to SF, grew team to 20 through job postings, in-house sourcing and transfers, appointed and mentored Development Managers, and hired QA Manager. Improved code reviews. Based on customer feedback, repackaged product as add-on to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Focused Developer on less intrusive BProc and adding deployment and smoke tests to automated build. Instituted automated process for prompt delivery of RHEL security patches. Hired 3 Applications Engineers to support finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and molecular mechanics HPC applications.

$75B Public company producing computer/imaging products and services 6/2000 - 9/2003

Director, Software Development

Responsible for managing group of 66 ($16M annual budget), supporting existing Server Area Network cluster interconnect customers, delivering next generation interconnect product for Intel Standard servers on Windows, then migrating team to Companys Infiniband Development, and delivering and supporting high availability cluster solutions (Novell NetWare, IBM DB2 and Oracle RAC Database Cluster).

Server Area Network cluster interconnect is switched fabric communications link. Next generation product supported new virtual interface architecture (VIA)-based chip featuring OS bypass and direct data placement (RDMA). Hired to get stalled project on track and deliver boards and switches, then move team to Infiniband. Moved team to RDMA over Ethernet when company abandoned Infiniband in 02.

* Delivered Cluster interconnect in 2 months by focusing on requirements, reorganizing Developers, and boosting morale.
* Drove server and storage revenue, captured 50% of Oracle 9i RAC on Linux market share by close collaboration with Oracle, SuSE, and Red Hat, and delivering cluster installation kits for Linux and Windows.
* Reduced budget $16M to $3M by restructuring CapEx, realigning from ServerNet to Ethernet and Oracle RAC.

* Cluster Interconnect
Evaluated requirements, test plans and team members. Worked with marketing to phase requirements, then focused test plans on phase 1 deliverables. Reorganized driver Development into 2 teams, hired Manager. Tasked 1st driver team with phase 1, other on remaining functionality. Proactive management helped improve morale, as did reorganizing team, hiring new Managers, removing disruptive team member. Proactively supported team working with Microsoft on VIA and Infiniband TCP stack requirements, 64-bit Windows on Itanium, and specifying sockets direct protocol (SDP). Worked with company thought leaders on Infiniband chip and management software. Phase 1 ServerNet II for Proliant launched 2 months after joining, 2nd phase 3 months later.

* Drove server and storage revenue with Oracle RAC
Approached by Oracle to support new 9i RAC on Linux; collaborated on integrating and testing new software. Worked with SuSE and Red Hat resolving OS issues. Featured at OracleWorld 2001 launch. Added Linux to existing Windows integration testing and cluster kit Development without adding headcount. Captured 50% RAC on Linux market while preserving 50% RAC on Windows. Drove server and storage revenue, and cluster kit revenue

* Reduced budget from $16M to $3M
Worked with accounting to accelerate depreciation and write off obsolete equipment, eliminate CapEx budget. Reduced team from 66 to 53 by realigning Development to Infiniband drivers and switches. Further reduced headcount to 33 refocusing Development on Windows RDMA over Ethernet and Oracle RAC. Following merger, reduced team to17 focused on Windows RDMA and RAC ($3M annual cost).

Consulting, Los Altos, CA 6/1997  6/2000
Provided Software Architecture and Development consulting services for hardware and software systems.

Principal Consultant
Encouraged by colleagues to launch consulting firm leveraging unique synergy of experience, success, skills and executive relationships.

Responsibilities included advising clients on Product Strategy, Engineering Management, Patents, and Product Development. Clients included Micron Technologies, 3Com, Sleep Solutions (NovaSom), Suma Technologies.

Project Results:
* Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) testing service for Early Stage startup.
Designed and prototyped workflows for web-based physician UI, worked with vendor on solution architecture and business logic design, then Program Managed implementation. Designed, built, and integrated backend database system managing device inventory and workflow for orchestrating device shipments, managing device returns and posting test results to web-based system. Wrote software documentation for FDA approval. Completed data analysis and reporting software. Designed workflow for extracting test logs, cleaning and testing device, and returning to inventory. Worked with subcontractor on test fixture hardware and test software.

* Helped establish Early Stage Startup by serving as Vice President of Engineering.
Spin off of Amdahls Unix performance management product, supporting Amdahl customers and evolving time synchronized performance management product. Evaluated product strategy, hired QA Engineers, initiated Windows port (launched in 9 months), then Linux.

Startup developed first server using Intel x86 1989 - 1997

Chief Technology Director 1996 - 1997

Promoted into role. Responsible for product strategy, roadmap, special research projects, board and customer briefings, intellectual property, 1 Engineer.

* Facilitated $14M 97 acquisition by briefing executives and technical leadership on technology and products prior to merger; filed provisional patent application (pre-merger); filed +70 applications (inventor on more than 40).
* Conceived new NUMA clustered server and managed as joint Development with another company.

Software Deployment Director and Chief Software Architect 1994 - 1996
Promoted into role. Responsible for all software roadmap and Development for Windows and NetWare operating systems, and Management Software for next generation server, 3 groups, 10 Engineers, $1.5M budget, and partner relationships.

* Delivered next generation Intel Standard Server with scalable I/O.
Delivered NetWare and Windows OS, and Management SW. Collaborated with Hardware Engineering on hot plug PCI and diagnostic subsystems. Designed PCI bus enumeration algorithm accommodating hot plug. Worked with OS teams on hot plug drivers and Ethernet bonding drivers, and Management SW team on server management.

Software Development Director 1992 - 1994
Promoted into role. Responsible for delivering Novell NetWare on company'sservers, 4 Engineers, $700K budget.

* Generated $39M to $89M revenue (92 to 94) by delivering NetWare 3.x and 4.x on company's servers.
Worked with Novell to port NetWare 386 to NetFRAME Fault Tolerant NUMA server as company-branded binary. Anticipating customer pushback, developed porting layer and dynamic loader for Novell binary. Developed fault tolerant Ethernet driver, delivered fault tolerant drivers talk to Novell Developer Conference. Worked with Novell on product certification and with QA on testing improvements. Hired 7 Engineers. Product won 94 Networld+Interop Best in Show for Server Hardware category and 95 Well Connected Award as Best Superserver.

Stanford Management College, Stanford, CA.
Engineer degree in EE, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
MSEE, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
BSEE, Cum Laude, Newark College of Engineering, Newark

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Director, VP Software Development

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