VP / Director Engineering & Supply Chain

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VP / Director Engineering & Supply Chain
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Executive with strong background in Engineering and Supply Chain Operations management combined with exceptional interpersonal skills, critical problem-solving capabilities, and strong executive presence. Outstanding leader, speaker, motivator with a proven track record of exceeding goals and turning around struggling organizations.


Executive with strong background in Engineering and Supply Chain Operations management combined with exceptional interpersonal skills, critical problem-solving capabilities, and strong executive presence. An outstanding leader, speaker, and motivator with a proven track record of exceeding goals, driving innovation & continuous process improvements, and turning around struggling organizations. Extensive experience in the Information Technology and Semiconductor industries directing both Global Engineering organizations and 24x7 Supply Chain operations. Demonstrated areas of expertise include:

- Engineering Management - Operations Management - Mfg Engineering - Time-To-Market - New Product Introduction - Global Supply Chain - Product Engineering - Difficult Negotiations - Technology Development - Manufacturing Operations - Test Engineering - Startup Operations - Yield Improvements - On-Time Delivery - Process Engineering - Performance Mgmt - Program Management - Process Improvement - Equipment Engineering - Capital & Staffing Plans - Quality Mgmt / Lean Mfg - Cost Reductions - Sustaining Engineering - Customer Satisfaction

XXX INC., Austin, Texas
Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Technology, 2015 - Present
Directing companys global supply chain operations including a diverse portfolio of JV/Partner Manufacturing Facilities (16 sites), Global Logistics (ocean, import/export, warehousing, trucking), Supplier Quality, and R&D Labs (internal & external). Additionally, directing companys technology and new product development efforts (Guar Derivatives) targeting new markets and industries.
- Drove operational strategies (manufacturing, logistics, supplier) to deliver record Sales Revenue and Growth (250%), and ensured XXX met or exceeded Customer On-Time-Delivery & Quality expectations.
- Collaborated with CEO to develop successful business proposals to secure purchasing contracts with the #1 and #2 largest Oilfield Service Companies in the world to drive top line growth.
- Drove the Development and Qualification of new Conditioning Polymer products (Guar Derivatives) with Strategic Manufacturers to help XXX diversify product offerings into the Cosmetic Personal Care industry.

Vice President, Quality, 2014 - 2015
Directed Manufacturing and Supplier Quality initiatives to drive continuous process improvements and ensure XXX exceeded rigorous customer requirements.
- Deployed boots-on-the-ground supply chain teams overseas to conduct rigorous pre-shipment Product Quality and Manufacturing inspections to ensure customer quality requirements are exceeded.
- Instituted regular Supplier Quality & ISO / Mfg Assessments to improve process capabilities & QMS systems.
- Equipped XXX Labs in Mumbai with state-of-the-art process control metrology to ensure suppliers exceed strict quality control requirements. Additionally, utilized 3rd Party Labs for independent quality control as required.

XXX Supply Chain Consultant, 2012 - 2014
Provided consulting expertise to help CEO develop business proposals and supply chain/manufacturing strategies to further penetrate the Energy industry and drive top-line growth.

XXX LLC, Austin, Texas
Managing Director, 2012 - 2014
Provided start-up financing, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to help kick-start a family business to design and manufacture innovative amplification products for the music industry.
- Relinquished day-to-day operational responsibilities after completion of the Define, Plan, Develop, and Launch Phases.

XXX INC., Austin, Texas
Director, YYY Global Operations Engineering, Global Supply Chain Operations, 2012
Directed Operations Engineering activities globally for all YYY products across XXXs world-wide Manufacturing Operations, Contract Manufacturing (CM), and Fulfillment Supply Chains. Served as the linchpin between R&D and Supply Chain enabling flawless product and solutions delivery, as well as continuity of supply, critical supply chain transformations, and program management.
- Drove engagement with the Development Core Teams and execution of all Product Roadmaps for the qualification & introduction of all new computer platforms, software, & peripherals in 3 YYY businesses: A, B, and C.
- Enabled winning the largest P.O. in XXX history ($465M) from a large Search Provider by driving strong CM Operations execution and capacity/HC ramps (450 servers/day to 2,000/day, with 100+ HC increase).

Director, NPI & Product Sustaining Engineering, Global Supply Chain Operations , 2009 - 2012
Led the efforts to centralize and integrate XXX Americas New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineering Organization into a newly formed Global NPI Operations. Drove the execution of Product Roadmaps for the qualification & introduction of new computer platforms, software, & peripherals into XXXs six Manufacturing Operations in North and South America accelerating Time-to-Market and growth in XXXs Large Enterprise, Public, Consumer, and SMB business segments. These responsibilities were expanded to include Product Sustaining, Change Management, and EOL/Transition planning support for all computer platforms from cradle-to-grave in each manufacturing facility.
- Developed, implemented and executed the NPI Launch Strategy between XXX and three new Contract Mfg (CM) partners based in Mexico to enable the introduction of new products and the transition of legacy products from multiple XXX manufacturing facilities to new Contract Manufacturers.
- Scaled Engineering headcount (33% decrease) while supporting 189% growth in product launches to drive efficiencies across XXXs Large Enterprise, Public, Consumer, and Small Medium Business segments.
- Achieved the largest Regional performance improvement across the Globe in reducing Backlog, Aged Orders, and Cycle Time to minimize customer experience impacts through development of a robust Sustaining Engineering engagement model across the Global Supply Chain Ops, Business Partners, and Mfg sites.

Director, Quality, Test & NPI Engineering, XXX Americas Operations, 2007- 2009
Selected for a challenging role to combine XXX Americas Quality, Test and NPI Engineering operations into one large Engineering Organization comprised of 285 Engineers & Technicians spread geographically across four U.S. Mfg facilities and Brazil. Provided calm, confident, seasoned leadership to drive significant improvements in Quality (51% improvement) and New Product launches (65% increase) while shutting/ramping down U.S. facilities and scaling Head Count (82% reduction) executing XXXs Supply Chain strategy to move a large percentage of U.S. manufacturing to Contract Manufacturers (CM) located in Mexico.
- Skillfully motivated facility-focused Engineering personnel to exceed customer expectations while executing the shutdown of two Mfg facilities and the ramp-down of two additional facilities, while at the same time growing a Central NPI Engineering Organization focused on successful NPI launches at both CM and XXX facilities.
- Spearheaded continuous process improvement activities across all manufacturing facilities through Lean Mfg methodologies and Quality initiatives: 51% reduction in Process Defects ($7.1M); 24% MWD Improvement ($3.7M savings); 25% FIR (Early Field Failure) Improvement ($1M savings).
- Led the transformation of a monthly Executive Quality Governance Forum and Global Quality Best-of-Breed Forum to drive continuous improvements in Customer & Factory Quality Metrics and key Strategic Initiatives. Expanded across all U.S. and Global Mfg facilities to ensure executive alignment.
Senior Manager, Service Engineering, XXX America Operations, 2005 - 2007
Directed the Americas Service Engineering Organization comprised of 20 engineers across the U.S. and Brazil focused on optimizing the Test and Repair process at XXXs 3rd Party Test & Repair Vendors while driving improvements in Warranty Cost and the Customer Experience for the Americas Service Logistics business.
- Instilled a Winning Culture based on Accountability and Ownership to drive a record $17.7M in Warranty Savings (Test/Repair Yield, Scrap, Warranty Dispatches), far exceeding the $6.5M business goal.
- Instituted Weekly Project Phase Governance Reviews to enhance Project Management disciplines and adherence to DMAICR Quality methodologies to drive long-term process improvements.

ZZZ Inc., Austin, Texas
Senior Manager, Global Technology Development, Final Manufacturing Technology Center, 2001- 2005
Directed the Technology Development organization comprised of 28 PhDs, technologists, and engineers directly responsible for the design, development, and introduction of state-of-the-art Wafer Probe & Final Test technologies across ZZZs worldwide operations. Drove the development of company strategies and technology roadmaps ensuring that R&D programs were aligned with critical customer, business, and new product requirements, as well as maximizing mfg and product cost savings.
- Outperformed competition by attaining industry leadership through the development and deployment of innovative technologies supporting ZZZs Networking, Wireless, & Transportation businesses.
- Spearheaded the development and implementation of the industrys first X32 Multi-Insert Strip Test process for microcontroller products resulting in a 300% throughput increase and >56% test cost savings.
- Directed ZZZs competitive Tester Selection process qualifying and selecting next generation SOC Test platforms (Digital, Mixed-signal, RF, Power) to meet new product test requirements and maximizing manufacturing flexibility, utilization, standardization, and cost effectiveness.

Test & Probe Engineering Staff Manager, Final Manufacturing Operations  Startup, 1997- 2001
Hand-picked to be an exclusive member of a six-man startup leadership team directly responsible for the design, construction, capital acquisition, equipment installation, and staffing of a 200,000 sqft next generation final manufacturing facility supporting ZZZs most advanced high-performance wafer technologies. Built and staffed a Test & Probe Engineering organization from the ground-up comprised of 109 engineers and technicians focused on providing 24x7 Test, Process, Equipment and Device/Product Engineering factory support.
- Demonstrated the ability to rally, motivate, and energize people while driving the startup operations through a difficult integration process, completing test floor transfers one month ahead of schedule while upsiding customer billings by $10M.
- Aggressively drove an annual cost savings of $29.2M through efforts such as test time reductions, test insert elimination, burn-in reductions, parallel test improvements, and yield improvements while supporting 15% of ZZZs Semiconductor billings and exceeding 95% On Time Delivery (FOTD).
- Spearheaded the transfer and consolidation of three major probe and final test operations (AAA Final Test Floor, BBB Final Test Floor, CCC Wafer Probe) into the newly built Final Manufacturing facility realizing manufacturing efficiencies, capital savings ($12M) and cost reductions (68%) in the first year alone.

Manufacturing Operations Manager, 1996-1997
Directed the Manufacturing Operations comprised of 206 employees focused on Final Test Manufacturing and Engineering with a sales volume in excess of $550M. Simultaneously lead the efforts to layout, design, construct, install, and staff a next generation Final Manufacturing facility where operations would be transferred to.
- Ramped production run rates by 128% while managing split-site manufacturing operations as the Final Test floor was being transferred from the old site to the new Final Manufacturing site.
- Personally selected to lead the difficult task of splitting the combined Manufacturing Operations personnel of over 375 operators, technicians, and engineers aligning with the two new supergroups formed after a major Semiconductor Business reorganization coincident to a Reduction In Force.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.E.E.), Electrical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Finance
University of Texas at Austin

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VP / Director Engineering & Supply Chain

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