Strategic Communications Expert

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Strategic Communications Expert
Location Confidential
East Central USA
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Proven capability to inspire and lead teams to successful on-time completion of communications projects large and small. Trusted adviser and counselor to executives. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.


" Business Development  needs analysis & strategy planning
" Experienced Media Trainer - create winning scenarios in crisis communications
" Trusted advisor - media training and message discipline, speech writing & editing
" Extensive experience with strategic and tactical methodologies in visual and aural communications
" Integrated Communications strategies, planning, delivery and support, internal and external
" Superior Television production, writing and direction


" Create media opportunities, coach and manage client affairs for Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs analysts and Ambassadors. Advise, write and edit works for publication
" Write TV Production blog for Washington DC production company
" Strong user of Social Media for intelligence gathering & dissemination of information. Maintain high state of awareness of non-proliferation, foreign affairs and defense issues
" Substitute Teacher & Mentor in Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA
" I am a permanent Judge and Adviser to the International Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. I have an understanding of and help to shape cutting edge developments in visual and social media
" Developed a dynamic media presence, creating demonstrated strategic contributions during a follow-on National Security Simulation, while delivering Mission Critical products to the National Command Authority (Executive Branch). Proposed budgets & then created and delivered innovative methods of communication
" Team Lead for Intelligence Community communications team creating visual media for senior decision makers in multi-agency National Security Simulation. Wrote & created more realistic scenarios for the National Command Authority resulting in actionable intelligence products
" Subject Matter Expert and Visiting Lecturer in Information Operations and Media, National Intelligence University
" Senior adviser to the President of Layalina Television, Inc., an international TV production company
" Chief of Media Team and media trainer for US Army Brigade deploying to Afghanistan, forging understanding of strategic and tactical objectives for the front line personnel which were critical to US policy
" As Chairman of the Board of MHz Networks, Fairfax, VA, I fostered and guided the transition of a small market PBS Channel into a Global TV operation
" Wrote, edited and produced successful training and information program coordinating government & contractors for the merger of national military medical facilities in Bethesda, MD
" Confidential and reliable rewriter and editor of speeches and performances for senior military and civilian Air Staff personnel such as SAF/IA, SAF, & CSAF on short and long-range issues
" I was a direct, trusted adviser to 6 Secretaries and Chiefs of Staff of the Air Force as well as senior Intelligence officials who relied on my expertise and knowledge in strategic communications and media production
" General Officers principal adviser and spokesman for internal AF visual media to other federal agencies. Advised The Air Force Judge Advocate General during contentious personnel issues
" Wrote & produced numerous Arms Control documentaries for Congressional attention, worked in close collaboration with nuclear and conventional scientists and technologists to translate scientific language into public awareness
" Produced & directed hour long documentary on future technology, weapons and Space systems in support of Secretary of the Air Force technology study New World Vistas. Aired on Military Channel
" Disciplined and enterprising promoter of the capabilities of the Television Studio to the DOD and multiple federal agencies, urging and assisting customers to visualize innovative ways to promote their products and services. Increased productivity and visibility of the Studio tenfold
" Supervised a major USAF Chief of Staff requirement for General Officer training, saving $350,000
" Wrote, produced and directed the most visible, complex, and time sensitive projects for the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Secretary of Defense, and the White House Communications Agency
" Winner of numerous National and International awards for Visual Media
" Led the training and development of the Chief of AF Public Affairs Media Training program, mentoring and coaching television production personnel, public affairs officers and executives
" Led and fostered production teams of US government and contractors to accomplish mission critical projects
" While Chief of Media Training for the Air Force Public Affairs media program, personally trained over 200 General Officers and civilians such as Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Secretary of the Air Force F. Whitten Peters, as well as several Chiefs of Staff of the Air Force and numerous Defense Department political appointees
" As a judge for over 10 years for the Air Force and DOD Visual Media Awards, determined, guided and promoted visual media production standards across the entire Department of Defense
" Co-author of final report in the Office of Personnel Managements steering committee creating the first new Government-wide standards for Audiovisual Production in 35 years

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Strategic Communications Expert

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