VP, Corporate Development

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VP, Corporate Development
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Willing to Relocate
$300,000 to $600,000

Resume Summary
Accomplished strategy and M&A executive with 25 years of business growth experience and demonstrated ability to get things done.


Consistent track record of partnering with senior management, contributing to over $1 billion in profitable inorganic and organic growth through different roles including head of acquisitions, co-founder and COO of a startup, executive at a global services business, and as coach leading organizations to significant improvements in cycle time, capacity, customer loyalty, and costs.

Excellent influence skills, high energy and proactive, entrepreneurial nature. Quick study; broad conceptual thinking skills combined with practical operations and execution experience. Credentials include an MBA from SMU and BS in engineering from UT Austin. Senior leadership skills/ accomplishments include:

Corporate Development Leadership
Strategy & Planning
Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Joint Ventures
Manufacturing and Services
Business Development, Marketing and Sales
Lean Six Sigma; Performance/Process Improvement
Financial Acumen
Professional Services | Management Consulting
Facilitation, Coaching, Team-building
Oil & Gas, Midstream, Pipeline, LNG, Oilfield Services, Commodity Trading & Clearing
Negotiations and Contracts
Program/Project Management, Information Technology
New Venture Startups | Entrepreneurial Growth


VICE PRESIDENT, STRATEGY AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  [billion-dollar products manufacturing and services company] 2018 TO PRESENT

Reporting to the CEO, responsible for strategy, acquisitions & divestitures and corporate business development in support of each division.
" Streamlined and enhanced strategic planning process and facilitated development of long-term strategies and three-year plans for each division and the corporation.
" Facilitated development of $1.7B pipeline of viable targets and agreement on common criteria for screening and prioritizing opportunities; assessed adjacency/platform and bolt-on acquisition candidates and joint ventures.
" Developed proposal for rethinking and reshaping distributor model to optimize and protect the core brand


Senior leadership team member reporting to the president, responsible for business development, strategy, building innovation-management infrastructure, and generating backlog of initiatives representing >20% in revenue growth.
" Facilitated development of companys competitive positioning, growth strategies, strategic plan and dashboard to track status of strategic initiatives and performance; assessed acquisition candidates.
" Implemented idea-to-income innovation stage-gate and portfolio management processes designed to develop complementary products and services, adopt emerging technologies, new asset classes and business models in and outside of core business; enhance customer experience/loyalty; and more efficiently kill or advance ideas. Managed ideas end-to-endscreen, strategic market analysis, business cases, project planning, pilot test, commercialization.
" Developed revenue-potential pipeline of $10 million in viable investment opportunities in our core (North America gas and power) and environmental market solutions. Screened over 30 ideas and advanced 10 to business case stage.


Lead role in growth initiatives and deals generating $800 million in revenue growth. Worked with senior executives and other leaders to source, execute and integrate acquisitions and other strategic initiatives in a capital-intensive industry.
" Facilitated development of acquisition and business-unit strategies, deal screening filter/criteria. Conducted market research and product and competitor assessments for a variety of geographies and business units.
" Built and led acquisitions program. Provided structure and focus across team of functional experts and advisors (transaction and intellectual property attorneys, bankers, accountants, tax, environmental, and real estate) to execute deals end-to-endscreening, financial and market analysis, business case development, deal structure, due diligence, negotiation, integration strategy/planning, closing and integration. Supported divestiture analyses.
" Managed pipeline of opportunities. Originated and led acquisitions totaling $245 million in revenues and $45 million in projected synergies; played key role on $550 million more and development of environmental markets strategy.
" Developed strong relationships with key, multi-discipline, multicultural and international colleagues, as well as bankers/brokers and business owners. Identified and assessed acquisition targets and investment opportunities in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. to develop robust pipeline. Nurtured relationships with owners, bankers and advisors, networked and attended industry trade events.
" Led development of market strategy, solution, and business partnership opportunities for natural gas liquefaction business. Analyzed value chain, products and competitors for micro-scale distributed liquefied natural gas (LNG). Structured complex commercial agreement and financial analysis for launch of new liquefaction services model.
" As member of leadership team of $750 million global aftermarket business, coached management and facilitated re-architecture of sales processes, systems, client services experience, metrics and organization based on analytics. Sales grew 33% after inception of changes. Responsible for implementing Lean throughout field operations and sales.


Co-founded and helped grow technology consulting firm to $25 million in sales and five offices, with no outside capital.
" Served operational leadership and business development rolesincluding chief service officer (commercialization of IP), COO (P&L responsibility) and CEO in addition to marketing and delivering client serviceshelping increase profitability and grow to 200 employees in multiple markets and sites.
" Facilitated development of company vision, strategic plan, balanced scoreboard (dashboard) and marketing strategy; developed annual operating plans, monitored and managed P&L/budget.
" Mentored staff in business development and managed sales pipeline. Developed relationships to generate opportunities resulting in $12 million in sales and five Fortune 500 clients which led to tens of millions in follow-on.

PRINCIPAL  HOLLAND & DAVIS, INC. [Boutique consulting firm specialized in strategic change] 1992 TO 1998

Trusted independent advisor to clients, responsible for delivering services and business development.
" Coached executives, managers, and front-line teams to drive improvements in cost, speed, and quality at 25 client organizations as part of strategic planning, Six Sigma, change management, balanced scorecard, reengineering, cycle-time reduction, productivity improvement and organizational development initiatives. Representative engagements:
Strategic planning & execution. Facilitated strategic planning process and cycle-time reduction program, coached executives and implementation teams at $250 million aerospace manufacturer. Results include 55% reduction in product development cycle times, 95% reduction in production support cycle times, redesigned pursuit process.
Change acceleration for $400 million manufacturing and services business: Coached management team of 250-employee organization to implement practices and systems to drive changes to eliminate waste. In 10 months, they improved costs by 20%, repair times by 40% & throughput by 60%, and enhanced supply chain management.
Turnaround and culture change at multiple hospitals: Coached executive teams to align culture around values, develop empowering leadership practices, and accelerate financial, quality and other performance improvements.
Benchmarking, process innovation for leading helicopter maker: Managed project to reengineer Aircraft on the Ground (AOG) parts fulfillment process, reducing cycle times 60% and moving to #1 industry ranking (speed of service).
Total quality management implementation at a hospital pharmacy management company: Trained quality teams on use of continuous improvement tools and facilitated quality improvement projects. Supported organizational effectiveness projects to improve productivity of front- and back-office functions.
" Frequent speaker on management topics, co-authored a book (Change Management Toolkit for Reengineering); lectured at UT Austin Graduate School of Business and University of Houston Center for Executive Development.
" Built successful consulting practice coaching and mentoring leaders how to build accountability-driven organizations, align to core values, accelerate growth and change while engaging employees.


THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, BS in Petroleum Engineering, with Honors

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VP, Corporate Development

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