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Technology Leader
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Resume Summary
25 years experience leading organizations to technology-driven growth through strategy, innovation, and management. Proven success developing winning plans and engaging groups to resourcefully realize products and solutions. History creating entrepreneurial teams and cultures that learn, innovate, and thrive.



25 years experience leading organizations to technology-driven growth through strategy, innovation, and management. Proven success developing winning plans and engaging groups to resourcefully realize products and solutions. History of creating entrepreneurial teams and cultures that learn, innovate, and thrive. Skilled at establishing, integrating, and leading international teams.

2012-2014 International Business Machines (IBM), Wayne, PA
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Smarter Workforce

Retained to transition Kenexas Software as a Solution (SaaS) cloud-hosted offerings to IBM leadership following acquisition. During transition served on Smarter Workforce Leadership Team and was responsible for transferring product strategy, product development, and hosting to IBM leadership.

Transitioned technology organization through numerous IBM milestones such as Bluewash, Transfer of Employment, Transfer of Business, Power 9 Migration, etc. Following Transfer of Business milestone, transitioned Kenexa staff to IBM. Mentored IBM management for best-in-class SaaS practices throughout transition.

2006-2012 Kenexa Technologies, Wayne, PA
Chief Technology Officer

Reported to Chief Executive Officer. Member of senior leadership and multiple strategic teams. Executed on innovation and acquisition strategies raising shareholder share value from under $5 to over $40. The result produced market-leading Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that led to Kenexa being purchased by IBM for $1.3B.

Transformed HCM industry through 42+ B2B/B2C SaaS solutions used by 8,900+ organizations worldwide. Broadly instilled agile software development practices to deliver features and continuous improvements at a high velocity through regular builds and single-codebase multi-tenant architectures.

Led 600+ technical staff across on and offshore locations (U.S., Europe, India, and China). Directed technical functions including product management, software development, hosting operations, information security, and internal systems (IS). Responsibilities included operations of IS for 30+ offices, 3 production co-located data centers, 6 office-based/disaster-recovery data centers housing 2,800+ servers.

Regularly rallied support for strategies from senior leadership and company. Presented strategies to Board obtaining key approvals. Met with analysts and served as executive sponsor for select customers.

Established strategies and managed plans and budgets focused on growing revenues. Regularly collaborated with business leaders to create operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Formed and managed governance of international development teams to deliver localized solutions globally. Conceived mobility strategy and led development of 2010 HR Tech Product of the year.

As M&A team technologist evaluated, interviewed, assessed, analyzed and presented recommendations. Team acquired numerous companies including BrassRing, WebHire,, OutStart, TalentMine, as well as a number of tuck-ins. Responsible for post-close technical integrations. Won Kenexas 2007 Most Valuable Player for successful BrassRing integration and ensuing market leadership.

1997-2006 Blue Angel Technologies, Valley Forge, PA

Founded startup and bootstrapped to reach $4.5M in annual revenues. Assembled business team, formulated business plan, set architecture and technical practices, arranged startup financing, and operated business. Recruited board and secured growth-stage funding with Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Led business to Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in 2001 and 2002.

Established product and services direction for performing standards-based portal, server, data repository, and web crawling functions used for connecting hundreds of meta-data sources in real-time distributed search and retrieval serving US federal/international/state government, library, and museum markets.

9-11 caused government shifts having a dramatic negative impact to revenues. Company responded with innovations to create new revenue streams that were ultimately unsuccessful. Attempts included authoring Kenexas SaaS strategic plan and their first applicant tracking system, creating a medical equipment price aggregation Web site (MediZar), and multiple web crawling intelligence engagements with Interpol and various political organizations. Successfully divested software assets in 2006.

1993-1997 Vertex Inc., Berwyn, PA
Vice President of Development

Reported to Chief Executive Officer. Recruited to overhaul and modernize the technology organization after a failed product introduction. Served on senior leadership team responsible for companys strategic planning and software development directions. Developed and executed technical strategies growing revenues from $13M to $35M over three years and elevating the company to lead the corporate tax software marketplace.

Developed and executed strategy to enter mid-market through partner channel sales. Renovated legacy products to modern architectures, platforms, and distribution practices. Executing on channel sales strategy required externally conveying engineering quality through audits resulting in channel partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson, and JD Edwards. Resulting ERP vendor partnerships resulted in dramatically increased revenues.

Led teams to reengineer and successfully bring previously failed PC-based personal tax solution to market, which contributed to continued company growth.

Established software development life cycle methodologies leading to dramatically improved quality. Technical teams were reorganized and energized through personnel changes and the creation of a learning culture. Results included increased engagement and decreased annual turnover from over 20% to 3%.

1992-1993 Independent, Lexington, MA

Operated as an independent contractor advising companies on software development practices, emerging trends, and scaling software development organizations. Also worked on an ANSI X12 EDI committee to specify electronic filing tax return standards and consulted on a various other technical projects.

1988-1992 ADDAX Inc., Cambridge, MA
Partner, Director of Software Development

Managed and developed software products as well as leading numerous mission critical consulting projects to provide such solutions as point-of-sale (POS), real-time airline staff scheduling and manpower planning, various industry-specific spreadsheet add-ins, hospital smart television systems, television retail rental management, financial trading systems, and retail queuing/pager systems.

1986-1987 Chesterbrook Associates, Watertown, MA

Co-founded bootstrapped technical consulting and product innovations firm. Led consulting engagements that included managing and developing solutions for an assortment of industries including sales force management, stock-trading tools/systems, a game-changing tool-kit for authoring Lotus 1-2-3 add-ins, and authoring dozens of 1-2-3/Symphony add-ins. After two years of successful projects, merged with Addax to form a compelling management team positioned for growth.

1985-1986 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Research Staff, Common Systems Project

Researched interoperability strategies for sharing data between heterogeneous machine architectures.

1983-1984 Cybertronics International Inc., San Mateo, CA

Ported SuperTurtle Logo product to Apple IIE.

1980-1982 Sperry Division, Great Neck, NY
Assistant Engineer

Designed and implemented real-time battle systems for U.S. frigates and aircraft carriers.


M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

B.S., Stony Brook University, 1981
Summa Cum Laude; Computer Science & Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Valley Forge Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors, 2002-present

World Entrepreneur Organization, 2004

Continental Plaza Condo Association Board of Directors, 2004-2008

Young Entrepreneur Organization, 2002-2003


Boston Computer Society, 1989-1990

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982-1984

Stony Brook University, 1984

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Technology Leader

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