OPEX/CI/Strategy Executive w Strategy Consulting

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OPEX/CI/Strategy Executive w Strategy Consulting
Location Confidential
East Central USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Operational excellence / continuous improvement / strategy executive with industry and management consulting experience in the automotive, biopharmaceutical, heavy industrial, consumer, technology and transportation industries. Proven ability to define operational strategies to identify and implement cost improvements projects.



Proven ability to drive results for organizations by identifying and capturing efficiencies / cost improvements, and by developing and executing strategic projects. Over 25 years of experience including operational and strategy consulting experience with Deloitte and A.T. Kearney.

2020 - Present ANTHEM INC.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Process Improvement Director, Transformation Office

Hired into $100 Billion health insurer to focus on strategic projects and process improvement. Completed 7 projects including (1) leading a workshop to develop a consumer centric vision and strategy for the enterprises customer service approach and (2) identifying innovation/improvement opportunities for a process with 160 Million transactions per year. Based on my performance, my managers succession plan now indicates that in 6  12 months I will be his replacement with responsibility for our team of 7 Directors.
My wife, after 10 years at Indiana University in Bloomington, has accepted a professorship at the University of North Carolina  Chapel Hill and we are relocating. Ive decided to seek a new challenge in the greater Raleigh/Durham area as a VP of Continuous Improvement or as a VP Strategy/ Strategic Initiatives.

2014- 2019 COOK PHARMICA
(Acquired by Catalent Pharma Solutions in October 2017)
Bloomington, Indiana

Director, Operational Excellence and Technical Training

I was hired by the President and his VP of Operations to build a continuous improvement (CI) program from the ground up for a $100 Million, 400 person (2014) Biopharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization in its growth phase (56% 10 year CAGR , $340 Million 2019 revenue, 1200 employees).
Here are a few of the CI/operational results under my leadership:

Metric Baseline Results Approach / Impact
Ontime Batch Release 63% 91% eliminated bottlenecks, visual management
Packaging Lead Time 50 days 8 days one piece flow; surfaced & solved problems
Units per Labor Hour 10.6 51.1 time studies; standardized work, improved flow
Changeover Times 18 hours 6 hours SMED; $30M new revenue (9% of FY20 budget)
Line Utilization 47% 95% governance and end to end accountability; $60M incremental revenue (18% of FY20 budget)

I developed and executed a 3 year CI roadmap which led to the training of all employees in CI principles, 5Sing of all manufacturing areas of the 1 Million ft2 plant, the adoption of rapid improvement events / kaizens, and the implementation of visual factories and standardized work site wide. I built the CI team from 1 employee to 6 direct reports. In 2016 I initiated a partnership with Toyota to develop our Lean Production System.

2018 Director, Operational Excellence and Training (no title change, but promoted to site leadership team and defacto Chief of Staff role reporting to the site General Manager) - my duties were expanded to include leading the plants annual strategic planning process and the reporting of the plants KPIs to corporate. Completed post acquisition integration activities.
2015 Director, Operational Excellence and Training (role expanded to include being the company wide head of technical GMP training for all employees)  9 additional direct reports in my departmental headcount. In 2019 I received the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce workforce development award in recognition of our Technical Training Program.
2014 Director, Operational Excellence (company-wide head of continuous improvement)

Cook Pharmica was acquired by Catalent in October 2017 ($950 Million, 5.3X EBITDA multiple)  I received a Catalent retention bonus payable October 21st, 2019. In February 2019 my manager was let go and on October 23th, 2019 I was informed that the company was moving in a new direction related to the sites CI program.

Chicago, Illinois

Manager, Strategy & Operations

Joined Deloitte ($32 Billion FY13 revenue, 202,000 global employees) to focus on manufacturing primarily in the automotive industry. Completed projects in the beverage and durable goods industries:
- Identified $4 Million of labor productivity savings and shop floor manufacturing improvements at the flagship plant of a $26 Billion global brewer by analysis of production data, staffing levels and operational practices.
- Completed Due Diligence for a $100 M capital investment program for a $3 Billion packaging company  my work teams were responsible for performance analysis and completing onsite audits at 26 manufacturing plants. Private equity funded strategy project (Graham Partners).

Recruited to core team of Deloitte's North American Life Sciences business development team. Delivered reports and proposals for Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, and Novartis. Also delivered assessments in the high technology, food and beverage, durable manufacturing and insurance industries.
After 11 months without an automotive related project made a mutual decision to seek new challenges.

2009 - 2012 XEROX CANADA
Toronto, Ontario

Six Sigma Black Belt, Strategy and Business Transformation

Hired by the Canadian CEO (Kevin Warren) as an internal consultant for the $1 Billion Canadian subsidiary of the $15 Billion (FY09) global provider of print hardware, technology and services. Delivered several transactional improvement projects which led to Jim Muzyka, VP of the Xerox Global Services (XGS) business unit, asking me to work exclusively for him on several strategic projects.

Sample of transactional projects originating from across the enterprise:
- Led redesign of the process used by 700+ customer service technicians to generate business development leads - reengineered program turned around revenue declines and drove 14% additional year over year revenue and higher technician satisfaction.
- Developed analytics for a product profitability initiative - identified $10 Million of profit leakage and used Six Sigma to deliver $2.1 Million of benefit. Initiative successfully transitioned to operational units.
Sample of projects within the XGS business unit ($150 Million FY10 revenue):
- Delivered 2 growth strategy plans to add $450+ Million of incremental revenue:
o Facilitated 2011 strategic planning workshops. Generated roadmap for doubling revenues from $150 Million to $300 Million over a 3 year period.
o Managed development of Xerox Canada's 2011 post-acquisition integration strategy for ACS Corporation. Built model to develop 2012 - 2014 sales projections. Sales targets ($300 Million incremental revenue by 2014) operationalized for the 2012 sales year.
- Created a go to market strategy for the sales organization to defend against an aggressive competitor.
- Designed and launched a project management office. Pilot demonstrated 88% gross margins and a recoup of 4,400 hours of sales rep time. CEO approved post pilot operational funding.
After meeting and marrying my wife I relocated from Toronto to Indiana.

2007 - 2008 MINACS
Toronto, Ontario

Director, Planning and Strategy

Head of corporate strategy and planning for the call center / business process outsourcing division ($400 Million FY07 revenue with 13,000 employees in 7 countries) of the $25 Billion Aditya Birla Group. Hired by and reported directly to the CEO. Developed the 2009 to 2011 strategic plan to grow revenue to $1B over 3 years with a mix of organic growth and acquisitions. Strategic plan and growth funding approved by board of directors (parent company and ReichmannHauer Capital Partners  a private equity investor).
Directed and executed various analyses including market analysis, internal capability assessments, competitive intelligence reports, identification and evaluation of potential acquisition targets, and financial analysis/modeling. Owned creation of all board meeting presentations.
Reported to 3 CEOs in 14 month period due to executive turnover. Last CEO implemented a 30% workforce reduction including me. Post layoff I was contacted by CEO #2, who had transitioned to a role as the EVP of Corporate Strategy of the global parent company, to take a role as the Head of Business Excellence for a mobile phone and a retail grocery start-up. I had already committed to an opportunity with Xerox, thus declined the offer.

Detroit, Michigan


First person from Michigan State's graduate business school to earn a summer associate position at the 1,900 person $1.3 Billion annual revenue (1999) consulting firm. Completed a project in Sao Paulo, Brazil and secured a full time offer in the automotive practice upon graduation from my MBA program. Led the scoping, planning and execution of consulting projects that delivered solutions to complex business problems.
Sample of Engagements:
- Led a North American lean manufacturing transformation project for a $1.3 Billion industrial products company as part of a private equity turnaround (CVC Capital Partners)  Facilitated the launch/ implementation of a 2 year plan to capture 20% reduction in labor costs at 3 plants.
- Completed a manufacturing restructuring program at a $5.5 Billion durable goods manufacturer:
o I identified $300 Million in cost savings opportunities across 100+ manufacturing locations in the initial 8 week  3 consultant assessment  I was responsible for analytical modelling and validating the opportunity in 2 US and 2 European plants.
o Led 6 teams in rolling out the process in 8 plants over 12 months; Developed lean/CI training on the Toyota Production System (TPS), Kaizen, SMED, and OEE for the clients global roll out.
- Identified 16% material savings on a spend of $1.4 Billion managing a benchmarking (product teardowns) and cost modeling project for a North American "Big 3" Auto Manufacturer.
- Reduced total transaction times by 70% in a clients key IT process impacting 8,000 employees.
- Assisted in the development of a post-merger integration strategy for a $53 Billion consumer packaged goods / pharmaceutical company to optimize their North America manufacturing network.
Also completed projects in strategic sourcing, strategic planning, product development and enterprise software implementation. Identified over $250 Million in savings from projects where I was the engagement manager.

2005 Manager
2002 Associate  promoted to Manager in 2.5 years
2000 Summer Associate  earned full time offer

Decided to exit consulting and return to an industry position while also relocating back to Toronto, Canada.

1994 - 1999 GENERAL MOTORS CANADA, Oshawa and Windsor, Ontario, Buyer/Manufacturing Supervisor

Stanford University, Graduate Certificate (Product Creation and Innovative Manufacturing) expected - 2021
Developing new products in science and technology based businesses: Grade 4.0
Regulation of medical devices: Grade 4.0

Toyota (TSSC), TPS Overview, Problem Solving; Standardized Work, Changeover Improvement 2016 - 2019

IDEOU, Design Thinking Certificate 2018
American Society of Quality, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (2014); Xerox, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (2011)

Michigan State University, M.B.A. (Supply Chain Management & Finance) 2001
University of Windsor, B.Comm. (Marketing) 1997
University of Toronto, B.A.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) 1993

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