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Resume Summary
Highly skilled Director of health plan operations leading strategic, politically sensitive account serving more than 175k members. Excellent rated performance competencies include strategic planning & implementation, leading & managing high performance teams, and forward thinking client services.

Resume Body      DIRECTOR

2007  Present Health Plan
Jacksonville, Florida

Sr. Director of Operations

Recruited to this health plan as a Sr. Director of Operations with an emphasis on call center and processing center operations.

Motivation for the change was the opportunity to broaden my base of experience in a different industry with a market leader. Additionally, the company increased my total compensation significantly from what I'd earned in a similar position with the much larger London-based institution. As the health insurance industry braces for unprecedented change brought about by health care reform, I am seeking a new challenge as a senior leader in Operations and Client Services.

I currently lead a customer service and processing division of more than 100 employees that serves one of the company's premier employer groups. The department handles more than 3M medical claims annually valued at more than $600M. Additionally, the units respond to more than 750k telephone and written inquiries from members and providers each year.

The key performance indicators for my teams are the attainment of accuracy and timeliness measures in response to members, and the same for medical claims processing. In my role, I am directly responsible for leading the efficient and effective delivery of service to the employer-client and their end user customers. I champion metric management practices regularly and ensure mutual accountability in the operations and support organizations.

My current role also provides me with extensive regulatory experience related to controls to ensure the divisions compliance with the industry and state audits, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Model Audit Rule, Health and Human Services (HHS) directives for International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 10 and HIPAA, as well as various other Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) requirements.

During my tenure, operational performance and customer satisfaction have exceeded targets consistently:

Member satisfaction for the division has averaged 94% during my leadership against the goal of 90%.

While exceeding goals year over year, I've reduced the operating budget by an average of 2% during the same time, with a focus on process improvement deploying Six Sigma and LEAN disciplines.

2001-2007 Credit Card Services
Jacksonville, Florida

I transitioned to 'Credit Card Services' after my previous employer, 'Business Process Outsourcer', closed its call center site in the Jacksonville market. I chose to remain in the local area for family reasons versus seek opportunity outside of the city.

During my six-year tenure with Credit Card Services, I held several positions of progressively greater scope and responsibility, each role for approximately two years. My last role with the company was call center senior manager.

Senior Manager

In the senior manager position, I led a group of operations managers who, in turn, managed team supervisors in the customer service department. A primary function of my job was leading the development and reinforcement of the performance culture for the department, and this became even more critical as the center moved away from a pure customer service cost center and into a service and sales revenue center.

At the time, I was one of two tenured leaders at the site with significant telephone sales management experience, which I'd gained from my time with AT&T and I successfully transferred much of this knowledge to my managers, and as result, the Jacksonville site was a consistent national leader in customer service sales for credit protection and credit monitoring services for its private label credit card business.

The Jacksonville site was the top performing domestic site in 2006, achieving more than 100% of sales goals. With a staff of 200+ customer service representatives, we achieved 20k sales in 2007, generating $7M of new revenue. Other performance goals my teams exceeded were accessibility (ASA, Blockage and Abandon.), efficiency (AHT), and quality.

In my role, I also served as a Six Sigma team leader for enterprise-wide improvement initiatives. One of the initial successes was the attrition reduction project in the Jacksonville site, where we successfully reduced attrition by 13%. Other projects of note were the average call handle time reduction effort (reduced by 11%) and the billing statement redesign project to increase customer understanding and reduce the number of telephone calls seeking clarification.

I also graciously accepted an appointment to serve on the companys North American Diversity Council in my final year there. I was one of a dozen or so representatives selected from across the United States. The work proved difficult and stimulating as we mapped out the change required to transition from a company culture of diversity awareness to one of cultural competence and accountability.

Global Integration Manager

The second job I held with 'Credit Card Services' was as a 'Global Integration Manager', where I managed domestic and international project teams to successfully complete off shore process migrations on time and within budget.

I worked with stakeholders in India (Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam) to meet the U.S. based service-level agreement. During this time, I led site performance assessments and acted as a mediator between U.S. and international sites on performance issues. I managed multiple projects and balanced competing demands while negotiating with Indian business units on the delivery of people, processes, and performance.

Several migrations I led were 'first of its kind' migrations for Credit Card Services U.S. bank policy and compliance audits. It was an uncertain environment. I helped executive sponsors identify key measures of long-term success by anticipating barriers off shore and developing alternative approaches.

During my time in the position, I achieved key project objectives more than 90% of the time against a goal of 85% for my assignments.

Operations Manager

My initial role with Credit Card Services was a change in scope from my previous job with Business Process Outsourcer, but it provided me an opportunity to remain in the local area and build a career with a regional company. As an operations manager, I led functional areas of the call center and managed up to seven (7) team supervisors.

I partnered with Human Resources and IT to plan business contingencies, as well as coordinate plans and staff at redundant locations. After demonstrating proficiency with client related matters, I was appointed to represent the Jacksonville site as a subject matter expert on new client and merchant launches for the private label business.

1999-2001 Business Process Outsourcer
Jacksonville, Florida

I joined this Florida-based 'Business Process Outsourcing' (BPO) firm at the urging of one of my former 'Telecommunications' peers. The company I'd worked with for a couple of years, '', began to experience a significant downturn leading up to what would become the Dotcom crash. BPO agreed to broaden my role and increased my compensation.

Senior Operations Manager

As the senior operations manager, my responsibilities included end-to-end management of the customer service and technical support functions for a major telecommunications client. I provided leadership to three (3) shift managers, who led up to thirteen (13) supervisors between them.

Based on a performance-based revenue model, the department increased revenue by as much as 17% in some months under my leadership. The overall average was closer to 10%. The approach I used to get results focused on individual performance accountability, highest and best use training and employee recognition. With these practices, the department also reduced employee attrition by 8% month over month.

During my time in the role, the seven (7) consecutive months of exceeding all operational goals, an accomplishment never achieved in the history of the account prior, was one of my proudest moments.

Jacksonville, Florida

I was recruited to join the startup by a former AT&T mentor and began my career in a dual role as a project manager and operations manager due to the companys lean structure at the time. After my initial year, I was asked to lead the training and quality departments to address a critical need there.

Senior Manager-Training and Quality

In my role, I managed a small group of trainers and curriculum designers, as well as the quality assurance manager and several quality auditors. The group was responsible for all training and quality programs in the 200+ person call center.

My time leading the department coincided with the company's transition from a traditional BPO call center (Atlantic Teleservices) to a contact center and startup Internet back-office operation.

The change in direction posed significant challenges because of a lack of technical expertise in the department to deliver the depth of training required to support the company. I implemented my plan to leverage external subject matter experts for foundational training to my staff and other leaders in the organization.

Ultimately, more than 50% of the total employee population completed the technical training required to support the new business model.

Other Relevant Experience

1996-1997 Call Center Performance Group
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Call Center Performance Contractor

I joined the emerging consulting firm of a retired 'Telecommunications' executive to lead performance improvement work with Maritz Teleservices Group, St. Louis, MO, West Telemarketing Outbound, San Antonio, TX and Precision Response Corporation, Plantation, Florida.

1990-1996 Telecommunications
Jacksonville, Florida

Call Center Manager

I was progressively promoted to several positions during my six (6) year tenure with the company: team supervisor, trainer and manager. I gained valuable startup experience as a member of new site implementation teams in Winnipeg, MB Canada, Tucson, AZ and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Education and Related Training

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL*
Bachelor of Science Degree-Education

*Degree completed at Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Additional Training

As expected, I've gained valuable insight from extensive company sponsored development over the years, and while the classes and seminars are too numerous to list separately, I've highlighted several categories that demonstrate the balance in my management experiences.

" Process Improvement (Six Sigma, LEAN and TQM)
" Management (High Performance Leadership, and Coaching for Results)
" Project Management (PMP certification classroom requirement)
" Client and Customer Relationships (Effective Negotiation Strategies)
" Call Center Technology (Emerging Technologies)
" Cultural Competence and Diversity Systems (Human Resources)
" Various other industry specific programs

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