Vice President Product Management

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Vice President Product Management
Location Confidential
San Francisco
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Vice President product management - B2C marketing and advertising SaaS suite spanning digital and offline campaign management, real time interactions, DMP, big data analytics.


Acxiom  Vice President, Products (August 2012 - Present)
" Manage application products in the Audience Operating System (AOS) across Data, Analytics and B2C Marketing families - full product lifecycle from product strategy, roadmap, product marketing to R&D to product delivery; for cross-industry targets including Retail, Financial Services, CPG and Telco.
o Digital Marketing (online advertising, display, social, mobile, email) SaaS Platform
o Online-offline customer identity resolution
o Big Data Analytics and Automated Predictive Modeling
o Campaign Optimization
o Real Time Interactions Management
o Direct Marketing Suite
o Advanced Analytics Suite
o Acxiom-data powered Data Apps (data cleansing, matching and hygiene)
" Head of Developers API Portal and partner eco-system
" Lead a team of 20 product managers and engineers; manage all inbound and outbound product activities
" Manage product and engineering P&L of $50 million

Rearden Commerce  Senior Director, Product Management (June, 2011-July 2012)
" Managed all SaaS and Mobile eCommerce platform software (content and profile data management and optimization, online content management integration, configuration platform, reporting analytics, development infrastructure)  full product lifecycle from strategy to R&D to product delivery

UISOL (part of Alstom)  Sr Director, Product, QA, Development & Global Support (2010-June, 2011)
" Led product management for Demand Response software across online and mobile platforms (industry-leading clean tech software) for the electricity / energy / utilities industry
" Advanced data collection, calculation and mining / analytics software
" Managed global customer support team for the worlds largest electricity operators and retail providers
" Managed QA engineering and development team for crucial framework development
" Created business development and product sales plans for clients

Right90  Senior Director, Product Management (2008-2010)
" Led product management in Sales and Marketing Forecasting Analytics apps (SaaS, OLTP and OLAP hybrid apps)  operational reports for Forecasting Analytics, Trust Analytics  across online and mobile platforms
" Manage entire product lifecycle (strategy/roadmap, pricing/packaging, sales, requirements, development design, customer and partner relationship management)
" Customers include enterprises from Manufacturing and Technology industries
" Launched 4 new products and saw business grow 66%

Vitria Technology  Director, Product (2007-2008)
" Led product management in Telecommunications Service Fulfillment and Workforce Management
" Launched 2 new products  web-based Business Process Management (BPM), BI / BAM applications (advanced operational reporting with Service Center Analytics Dashboards)
" Led product marketing (business plan, go-to-market, analyst relations, positioning, sales enablement)

Oracle Corporation  Director, Product Strategy & Management (2000-2006)
" Started the Oracle Trade Management product
" Channel Marketing Management applications (Sales Planning and Intelligence, POS Sales, Claims, Deductions) targeted at CPG, Life Sciences, High Tech, Manufacturing industries
" Launched and designed the product, built the development and product management teams, engaged in all sales deals, managed this product for 10 releases
" Saw business grow from 0 customer to > 100 customers
" Managed entire product strategy and development cycles for the following product lines:
" Mobile Product Family in CRM Foundation: > 700 customers
" Telecommunications software (BI and provisioning): > 50 customers
" Marketing and Call Center Analytics / Business Intelligence

American Express Japan  Management Consultant (1999-2000)
" Managed strategic business plans, NPV/ROI for consumer credit/cash cards, insurance and partnership ventures (>$1b business)
" Managed cross-functional and cross-APAC customer data mining, LTV and marketing measurement projects

McKinsey Belgium  Research Intern (1998)
" Conducted research of mergers & acquisitions in the Banking/Insurance industries

ANB Investment Management (later acquired by Chase Manhattan)  Portfolio Manager (1994-1997)
" Managed corporate bond index funds, total worth $600 million, made trading decisions

Economic Research Center of the University of Chicago  Research Assistant (1992-1994)
" Assisted in statistical research on labor economic policies (Nobel winner Professor James Heckmans team)

Technical: SAS, SQL/PLUS, C++, Oracle applications (ERP, CRM, BI), OLAP

University of Chicago: BA, MBA (Economics, Computer Science, Finance)

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Vice President Product Management

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