Senior Executive, Customer Relationship Management

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Senior Executive, Customer Relationship Management
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$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Strategic and influential executive who builds healthy client relationships, develops new revenue streams, and improves the performance and profitability of companies in the technology-enabled services, SaaS, retail, and consulting industries. Proven team builder leading with vision and positivity.



Strategic and influential executive who builds healthy client relationships, develops new revenue streams, and improves the performance and profitability of companies in the technology-enabled services, SaaS, retail, and consulting industries.
Proven team builder leading with vision and positivity to increase employee engagement and company commitment.

" Excels in strategic business expansions by maximizing customer success for clients from industries including retail, restaurant, technology, telecommunications, financial services, CPG, automotive, and media/entertainment.
" Scales businesses from start up to grown up by balancing customer needs, company goals and colleague development.
" Demonstrates expertise in client services, customer success, account management, sales and business development, marketing, data analytics, operations management, process improvement, policy development, and fiscal oversight.
" Uses first and third-party data to drive decision making for integrated marketing, merchandising, media, and real estate.
" Recruits, trains and focuses teams to surpass enterprise targets using diagnostic lense of people, process and platform.


DS-IQ INC., Bellevue, Washington " 2014  present
Data science and technology start up delivering local, dynamic contextual intelligence to retail and brand marketers.

Vice President, Customer Success and Operations (2016  present)
Promoted to new position to integrate account management, insights/analytics, and platform operations into a cohesive team while improving the operational efficiency of the people, products and processes at DS-IQ to maximize customer success.

" Ensured effective daily delivery of SaaS platform and managed services by team of 14 associates for the Walmart client.
" Restructured team to better align digital media campaign management with measurement and attribution activities.
" Enabled cross-team data science projects to visualize campaign performance using business intelligence (BI) tools.
" Launched data governance initiative to streamline data onboarding and enable more robust downstream analytics.

Vice President, Client Business Partner (2014  2016)
Recruited for hybrid role including traditional business development, account management and product marketing duties.

" Served as primary client executive for SaaS platform license at Sams Club powering in-club digital signage network.
" Expanded business relationship and increased revenue 95% in first year by exploring and successfully closing organic growth opportunities, including custom development and promotional campaign projects across new digital channel.
" Engaged more than 100 retail executives in consultative sales process to determine fit of context marketing platform.
" Recruited partners in digital marketing ecosystem for beta product launch, focusing on integrated solution providers.

NETWORKED INSIGHTS, Chicago, Illinois " 2011  2014
Middle stage technology start up leveraging data from social media to build marketing strategies for big brands.

Senior Vice President, Client Support Services & People (2012  2014)
Served as champion of technology platform customers, colleagues, company culture and communication. Built new team to ensure customer success by providing core data/skills training on SaaS product for internal/external users. Led recruiting and colleague development initiatives to fuel 225% growth in total headcount and increase year-over-year engagement.

" Launched SocialSense Services team to provide platform performance measurement, service level agreement (SLA) compliance, user acceptance testing, and traditional user/help desk services to support installed base of 70 users.
" Activated process to identify high-value repeatable workflows via client engagements and inject them into the product.

Senior Vice President, Client Services (2011  2012)
Provided hands-on leadership for team of 23 enabling CPG and technology/telecommunications brands to make better marketing decisions by discovering customer segments, their interests, and the media channels where they can be reached.

" Leveraged proprietary platform providing thematic discovery and analysis of real-time data from consumers active on blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter. Identified product attributes and emotional need states driving path to purchase.
" Helped triple company revenue through collaborative process that clarified roles of sales and client services in securing relationships with Samsung Telecommunications, BlackBerry, MillerCoors, P&G Duracell, HP and Samsung Electronics.
" Delivered 10% operating profit by maximizing team utilization against revenue producing clients.

NSA MEDIA, INC., Downers Grove, Illinois " 1996  2011
Leading local target marketing and media activation firm, subsidiary of Interpublic Group
d/b/a Geomentum & Newspaper Services of America.

Chief Growth Officer, Geomentum (2008  2011)
Promoted new local media product and service offerings, including traditional and digital media solutions, for annual client billings in excess of $2 billion. Directed sales and marketing team of 8 focused on capturing clients in retail, restaurant, CPG, and financial services industries to provide innovative SaaS technology platform products and local media planning/buying.

" Generated first-year digital media solutions revenue in excess of $1 million.
" Secured client engagements with Walmart, Petco, Office Depot, Chrysler, Nationwide, Hyundai/Kia, and Rite Aid.
" Launched digital and traditional hyperlocal media campaigns for brands including General Mills, Microsoft Retail, Sony Electronics, and Charles Schwab, resulting in sales increases in excess of 40% at local store level.
" Achieved annual new business growth as high as 10% in newspaper channel.
" Earned recognition as Specialty Agency of the Year Award by Media Magazine in 2010.

Chief Operating Officer, NSA Media (2004  2008)
Met challenge to transform corporate strategy, maintain customer-focused culture, and lead HR, Facilities, IT, and Support Services in 300+ person organization focused on planning and activation of targeted local newspaper and shared mail advertising with staff of 45. Co-sponsored strategic planning process to offset decline in revenue and expand company.

Created and supplied hands-on leadership to new business unit providing product development and advanced analytics, embedded within client base representing annual revenue of $12 million. Leveraged clients customer data and local focus to deepen analytic approaches, simplify technology platforms, and expand media capabilities.

" Restructured agency, resulting in operational consistency and year-over-year headcount reduction of 10%.
" Outperformed agencys annual operating income target of 24% throughout tenure.
" Applied advanced analytical techniques to client's customer loyalty data for creation of new revenue stream.
" Significantly reduced clients local media costs while increasing targeted customer reach.

Divisional President, Newspaper Services of America (1999  2004)
Guided more than 50 associates in hands-on daily engagement to plan, purchase, and activate print media programs for leading national retail advertisers with annual media spend in excess of $500 million. Optimized relationships with clients including Sears, KMart, Home Depot, TJMaxx/Marshalls, Linens n Things, and Pearle Vision.

" Captured new clients including CVS/pharmacy, Michaels, OfficeMax, Party City, Circuit City and Staples.
" Doubled operating income in first two years of leadership on flat revenue of $12 million.
" Oversaw integration of competitor, acted as primary client relationship manager, and headed new team.

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Newspaper Services of America (1996  1999)
Recruited to provide market segmentation, business prospect analysis, and client data, demographic analysis and mapping shared services including direct management of 30 staff. Developed systems and managed print media database.

" Established technology platforms to increase automation and keep pace with workflow demands generated by annual revenue growth of 40%.
" Created consulting revenue stream with annual value of $1.5 million.

Additional positions include Director of Area Research with MacFrugals Bargains.Closeouts, Inc. (1992-1996), Senior Consultant with Thompson Associates (1988  1992), and Research Assistant with Kolzow & Associates.


M.S., Economic Geography, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois
B.S., Business Administration/Marketing, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana

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Senior Executive, Customer Relationship Management

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