Leader in Marketing and Business Promotion

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Leader in Marketing and Business Promotion
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Expertise in marketing, promoting and reorganizing U.S. based companys business in China, providing optimum resolutions and strategies from business and technical view points for operations worldwide, many years of global experiences, business/engineering degrees, willing to relocate, compensation negotiable


Michigan, USA


* Opportunity to improve companys business


** 20 years of experience in business,
management, science and technology in the U.S.,
Asia, Canada and Europe.
** Specializing in the automotive, machine tools
and power industries.
** Contribution to projects over $100 million.
** Fluent in English and Chinese.


Manager, Comau,
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), USA
* A global company with $2 billion annual
revenue and 17,000 employees worldwide,
* Part of FCA to supply capital equipment and
associated services for entire automotive industry
and non-automotive industries.
1998  Present

** CREATE, setup and execute business and
marking strategies worldwide, including
* Defeat competitors by creative outstanding
technical concepts.
* Expand market and promoted sales by
competitive price approach based on lowering
costs through team work including improvement of
design and build and working with low cost
* Well customer care including excellent after
sales services.

** DEVELOP good relationships to support
company business in China, including
* Central government to local authorities
* Alliance company top management at CEO level
* Technical policy makers, regulators, design
institutes and academic societies
* Customers in 20 world class companies
* Suppliers including strategy, international and
local vendors

** PENETRATE market using advanced
technology incorporating sales and marketing

** ACQUIRE all test related purchase orders in
the China market for entire Comau worldwide
since 2003 to date, including innovative technical
concepts and proposals, technical agreement
negotiations, commercial term negotiations and
finalizing contracts, launching projects. Examples
* Jiangling Motors Co.
* Changan Ford Mazda Co.
* Harbin Dongan Automotive Co.
* Perkins / Caterpillar China Co.
* Shanghai General Motors Co.
* Chery Automobile Co.

** CONDUCT test and automation capital
equipment businesses in the United States and
worldwide, including proposals, cost estimations,
cost controls, project launch and management.
Scope of work of each individual program is from
$3 million to $30 million. Examples including
* Ford Motor Company worldwide more than 20
vehicle and engine programs
* General Motors and DaimlerChrysler
* Caterpillar, Cummins and Perkins Engines
* STT Technologies and Mazda

** EXECUTE and participate in all aspects and
life cycles of programs / projects for exceeding
companys goals and targets, including
* Technical presentations, advance technology,
innovative concept and optimum application
developments attracting customers
* Proposal, technical scope determination and
negotiation with customer resulting in technical
* Cost estimating, price setup and commercial
negotiation with customer leading to purchase
orders, contracts and amendments
* Design review for the best technical approach
and a low cost solution
* Monitor cost and determine doing in house or
* Turn-Key final delivery of project, product,
equipment, installation and services

** LEAD and supervise team members.

** MENTOR, train and guide engineers

** COORDINATE global cooperation.

** WORK closely with colleagues in product
lines, finance, engineering, manufacturing,
purchasing and logistics to reinforce successful
national and international operations.

Project / Applications Engineer,
Assembly Technology & Test, DTI, USA
Lucas Assembly & Test Systems, USA
* A division of Lucas, UK, with $3 Billion Annual
Revenue and 35,000 Employees
1995 - 1998

** MANAGED assembly and test system projects
and applications in automotive and non-automotive
industries. Customers include Delphi Automotive,
Siemens, United Technologies and others.

Researcher, Concordia University
1988 - 1995

** CONDUCTED Research and Development in
the areas of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid
Mechanics, Gas Dynamics, Combustion, Laser,
HVAC, heat pump, evaporator and condenser

Executive Deputy Director,
China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China
* A state owned nationwide corporation acting as
China central government
1982 - 1988

** SENIOR MANAGEMENT for technology and


Ph.D. (Engineering)
Master of Engineering
Diploma of Joint-Venture and Business
Bachelor of Engineering

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Leader in Marketing and Business Promotion

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