Innovative Marketing & Product Mgt Executive

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Innovative Marketing & Product Mgt Executive
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Marketing Executive with consistent track record of turning innovative technology into profitable products. Built and led global teams in start-ups and large corporations. Business experience in the Americas, China, Japan and Europe. International background - fluent in several languages.



? Consistent track record of turning innovative technology into profitable products
? Product Line Management, Product Marketing, Business Development & Business Strategy
? Built & led global teams in multiple locations in start-ups and large corporations
? Business experience in China, Japan, North & Latin America, Europe & Russia
? More than 10 years experience in the Global Broadband Access & FTTx Markets
? International background - fluent in several languages
? Executive Business Education, Ph.D. in Applied Physics


2004 - present
Manufacturer of integrated optical modules & subsystems for communications

2006 - present
Vice President, Product Marketing

After the acquisition of Chinaˇ's largest optical component supplier and several acquisitions in Silicon Valley I was promoted to Vice President, Product Marketing, to hire and train a Global Product Line Management (PLM) & Product Marketing (PM) team, consisting of a group in Shenzhen, China, and one in San Jose, CA. The company grew from a $35M start-up in 2005 to a profitable enterprise with $184M in revenue in 2010. The company went public in 2011 on the New York Stock Exchange.

To support the revenue growth and profitability shown above we focused on three areas in PLM:
1. Efficient business processes: We reduced the number of legacy SKUs by 80%, and launched major cost reduction programs. In parallel we established a market driven product life cycle process with formal gate reviews based on standardized Market Requirements/MRDs and business cases with ROI and NPV projections. We are now working on portfolio strategy and metrics for overall Return on investment in R&D and production Capex.
2. Expanding customer base: We worked closely with the sales team to deepen the relationship with existing customers and penetrate new accounts. In addition we increased our visibility at trade shows through product demonstrations, presentations & panels, and an enhanced website. Today the company serves all Tier 1 and many Tier 2 optical networking OEMs. We are also deepening our relationship with the operators through various standards activities.
3. Innovative products with higher GM%: To drive profitability we are changing the focus of our product roadmap. While Multi Sourcing Agreements (MSA) are welcome by customers they represent a challenge for suppliers because they often result in price wars and reduced profits. Leveraging our strength in Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) and Indium Phosphide (InP) and our strong relationships with OEMs and carriers we have started to define new portfolio of innovative products. E.g. in FTTx networks we are addressing the desire for "pay as you grow" models and the trend towards embedded network monitoring capabilities (e.g. embedded OTDR in optical transceivers).

2004 - 2006
Director, Global FTTx Business

Invited to join my consulting client (see CTI) after formulating their FTTx market strategy which was key to the re-capitalization round of $50M in March 2004. I subsequently led the company's rise to become one of the global leaders in FTTx modules with key products in the supply chains of Verizon (FiOS), NTT, and China Telecom. FTTx products now account for 40% of total revenue, and the company has a strong position with all Tier 1 and many Tier 2 FTTx system OEMs around the world.

2002 - 2004
Communication Technologies International (CTI)

During the Telecom downturn I founded a consulting practice to provide strategic marketing and business development services to communication companies. In addition to standard consulting assignments I completed strategic projects with selected companies.

Founder & President
Advised Harmonic Inc. on their Video PON strategy and their partnership with AFC (DLC company acquired by Tellabs in 2004) in their bid for Verizonˇ's FiOS contract. The two companies ended up winning the first phase of Verizonˇ's FiOS deployment in 2003.
I formulated the FTTx strategy at a optical module manufacturer which was key to their $50M re-capitalization round in 2004 and launched their FTTx program. Subsequently joined that company to build their FTTx business.

1999 - 2002
VC backed startup focused on broadband access solutions for voice, data, and video

Joined to define the original product specifications in close collaboration with selected target customers (RBOCs and CLECs), and built the first product management team. As the product entered trial phase I took on the job of international business development to expand the market presence into Western Europe, Russia, and Mexico, and I started partnership negotiations with large OEMs (Siemens and Ericsson). When we hired an international sales force I returned to headquarters to run the marketing team.

Director, Product Line Management
Authored the original MRD for the company's business access platform in close collaboration with selected customers, in particular SBC. The platform consisted of an LT Shelf and various NT Units linked by a Passive Optical Network, supporting TDM (T1/E1,T3/E3), Ethernet and native ATM services. Subsequently I built the product management team, and coordinated the company's contributions to the ITU FSAN committee which resulted in key additions to the BPON standard defined in G983.3 (BPON was selected by Verizon in 2003 for phase I of the FiOS deployment).

Vice President, International Business Development
Established the company's presence in Western Europe, Russia and Mexico through direct sales and partnerships with VARs, reps, and distributors. I negotiated initial trials with large incumbents as well as emerging carriers (including Deutsche Telekom AG, France Telecom, British Telecom, Portugal Telecom). In addition I initiated and led the partnership negotiations with Siemens and Ericsson.

Vice President, Marketing
Enhanced the product roadmap and expanded the product capabilities with SONET/SDH transport features to broaden the addressable market. Meanwhile I continued to lead the Siemens negotiations until Siemens AG pulled out due to major internal restructuring. As the telecom downturn started to unfold we focused the company's sales efforts on selected accounts and opportunities. However, when the company decided to move its product focus away from FTTx, I left to start my own consulting practice, CTI.

1997 - 1999
Manufacturer of NGDLC systems and first supplier for Verizon's FiOS program - acquired by Tellabs in 2006

Sr. Manager, Optical Networking Group (reporting to founder & CTO)
Built the optical networking team in Advanced R&D to explore FTTx architectures including analog video overlay, and we designed the first prototype FTTH system based on the company's UMC1000 platform. In particular we drove the development of innovative 3 port optical ONT transceivers with partners Infineon & OKI.
Project was shelved in 1999 as the company went through a major management change. Noteworthy fact: The FTTH project was resurrected in 2003, and helped the company win phase I of Verizonˇ's FiOS contract.

1995 - 1997
Pioneer and leader in optical amplifier and WDM systems - acquired by Cisco Systems in 2000

Joined an emerging leader in optical communications and transistioned from research & devlopment into marketing and product management.

Senior Product Manager
Defined the company's next generation high channel count DWDM system and coordinated the development programs between Engineering in the US and R&D in Milan, Italy.

Account Manager
Worked hand in hand with the VP of Sales in the world's first large scale DWDM deployment at Sprint (total contract value >$100M) until account management was turned over to the newly hired regional sales force. Established positions in new accounts across North America (US, Canada, and Mexico).

1993 - 1995
Privately held fiber optics company with a commercial division and a government contract group

Staff Scientist
Joined this privately held company as Staff Scientist directly from graduate school in Switzerland. I worked on existing and won additional SBIR and TRP contracts in fiber optic and free space communications. I also established the market requirements for the company's next generation CATV transmission system.


1983 - 1993
Reserve Officer in the Swiss Army
Attained the rank of captain in the Avalanche & Mountain Rescue Patrol, responsible for avalanche safety and mountain rescue. Avalanche instructor at the Central School of Mountain Warfare in Andermatt, Switzerland, and at the NATO Officers Winter Warfare Course in Elverum, Norway.

Mountaineering in the Alpes, Scandinavia, Himalaya (Khatang 6853m, 1987, Dhaulagiri 8167m, 1990), and Alaska (Denali 6194m, 2002).


Executive Business Education at The Aji Network in Los Altos, CA (
2005-2008 Leadership Entrepreneurship Innovation & Power (LEIP) Program 2003-2005 Business Professionals Course (BPC)

Selected courses in Business Administration and Finance at UCSD and USC.

Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Laser Department, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1993
M.S. in Applied Physics, Laser Department, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1989
B.S. in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1987


Committee Chair of OFC Service Provider Summit and Market Watch Programs 2005-2009
Compqny Representative at the FTTH Council 2004-2011
Member of Optical Society of America (OSA)
Former President and current Member of the Academic Alpine Club of Berne

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