Executive Director - Marketing

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Executive Director - Marketing
Location Confidential
Midwest USA
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Executive-level professional successful in leading teams in developing and achieving strategic marketing, financial, operational and sales objectives in complex, changing corporate and regulatory environment characterized by multiple product lines and segments across retail, government, and wholesale markets.


Executive Summary:
Executive-level professional successful in leading teams in developing and achieving strategic marketing, financial, operational and sales objectives in complex, changing environment characterized by multiple product lines and segments

Areas of Expertise
-Strategic Planning & Marketing
-Product & Compliance Management
-Sales/Account Management
-Organizational Restructuring/Cost Reduction
-P&L Management/Pricing
-Financial Modeling/Case Development
-Ethernet/VOIP/IP/AVPN Technologies

Professional Experience
AT&T Business Solutions 12/95  Present
$71 billion business marketing group evolving from mergers of Ameritech, SBC, AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Cingular Wireless, and Bell South wholesale and retail business units/marketing groups

Lead Marketing Manager, Strategic Services, AT&T Wholesale Channel Marketing (1/2010  present)
Responsible for marketing strategies, programs, and execution covering $600M switched Ethernet services, $760M Internet Protocol/Voice over IP products, and AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN)

Managed execution of 2015 Wholesale switched Ethernet channel marketing plan, achieving $1.08 billion revenue objective and YOY growth rate of 39.8%.
Developed and executed 2014 $100M Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) long distance marketing plan targeted at Wholesale segments, generating $126M in revenue and exceeding plan objective by 26%
Executed $770M Wholesale domestic voice long distance services marketing plan, exceeding plan margin objective of $188M by 5% or $10M, despite overall market decline of 20%

Director, AT&T Wholesale/GEM Segmentation and Business Marketing Analytics (1/2008 - present)
Directed group of segment analysts responsible for segmentation analysis and strategy, business analytics, and market share analysis tied to strategic marketing plans and programs for Federal Government, GEM, and Wholesale segments

?Developed Federal Government, GEM, and Wholesale customer reports identifying key strategic offer revenue trends by segment and verticals and used by Strategic Offer and Segment teams to target strategic offers with customers
?Created dashboards and reports analyzing monthly customer activity trends, customer targeting opportunities, revenue, volume, and sales/funnel momentum to measure effectiveness of marketing programs designed to stimulate strategic growth products (IP Services, Mobility, Ethernet, and Application Services)
?Coordingated cross-segment market planning interlock sessions between Segment, Sales, and Product in the development of 2010 marketing plans

Director, AT&T Wholesale Channel Marketing (1/2006 - 2008):
Lead team responsible for developing and executing channel strategies, marketing programs, market sensing analyses, segmentation analysis and market messaging for segments within $11B Wholesale business unit

?Directed development and execution of 2007/2008 Attack the Growth marketing programs targeted at Tier II customers in four wholesale verticals (Internet Service Providers, Wireline, Wireless, and Content), contributing over $250M in new sales production and $60M in incremental revenue growth
?Developed 2009 customer segmentation and Tier II/III sales channel strategy resulting in increased sales focus on higher growth potential Tier II accounts - 38 sales managers aligned with 35% or 800 Tier II customers (95% of revenue); 65% or 1,500 customers (5% of revenue) assigned to five Tier III sales modules
?Lead rollout of ANC Bundle Blitz, a revenue gap closure initiative, producing over $20M in annualized revenue, exceeding $1.5M annualized revenue goal

Director, SBC Compensation and Interconnection Product Management (9/2004 -? 12/2005):
Consolidated two product groups, directing nine product managers responsible for management of Carrier Interconnection/Compensation product lines, with $410 million operating expense budget and $240 million revenue budget

?Achieved $20M operating expense savings and $15M revenue stabilization in 2005 through negotiation of long term compensation contract with major voice over internet (VoIP) provider
?Under ran $210M 2004 ILEC operating expense budget by $42M or 20%, through strict expense monitoring controls, renegotiation of contracts, and strategic service exits
?Directed exits from unprofitable Primary Toll Carrier product line, resulting in $1.5M in operating expense savings in 2004/2005

Director ? Interconnection and ILEC Product Management (10/2003 - 9/2004): Directed team of five product managers responsible for interconnection product management and related $210 million operating expense budget

?Lead mediation sessions as part of cross-functional team responsible for identifying unlawful routing activities of customers, contributing to protection of $1.6B product revenue stream
?Directed the rollout of records exchange process across two regions as ?insurance policy?, reducing risk exposure to potential $200M expense liability
?Directed product exits from private line transport and toll carrier product lines, resulting in $16.5M in actual and projected operating expense savings over three years (2004 ? 2007) .

Director ? Product and Compliance Management (1/2003 - 9/2003):
Directed product/compliance managers responsible for managing 911 and 800 database products, plus state/federal FCC and State compliance activities

?Developed and executed district business plan after reorganization, achieving $100M revenue objective, reducing headcount 30%, and implementing recommendation to eliminate District in October 2003
?Directed the recovery of additional revenue stream in Midwest region of $1.2M or 10% of 911 product line revenue commitment
?Directed execution of 800 database product capital recovery project recovering $4.5M

Director ? SBC Negotiations (11/2000 - 1/2003): Directed team of 11 negotiators responsible for negotiating interconnection agreements with various telecommunications carriers in compliance with the Federal Telecom Act

?Developed Chicago based negotiations district and strategy from ground-up, post reorganization
?Achieved $80M in operating expense savings or 8% of 2001 expense budget, directing intercarrier compensation negotiations and settlements.
?Re-engineered Negotiations processes in response to issues raised by Illinois CC, resulting in 351 or 88% of initiatives managed under the new structure and 175 or 44% concluding within 45 days.

Director ? Ameritech Sales and Service (8/1997 - 11/2000):
Developed and executed business unit strategic plan, negotiated critical business unit issues, generated revenue, and ensured compliance with interconnection contracts and merger related federal and state conditions

?Directed 19 account and service managers, resulting in achievement of 1997, 1998, and 1999 segment revenue goals of $233M, $429M, and $566M
?Developed 2000 business unit strategic plan as part of cross-functional team, resulting in comprehensive strategic plan for all segments adopted across the business unit
?Investigated and mediated resolution of customer complaints raised under FCC and state commission proceedings and contract dispute resolution provisions

Account Manager ? Competitive Local Exchange Services (12/95 - 08/97): Responsible for management of customer accounts, including revenue generation, implementation of customer contracts and contract compliance

?Managed market initiatives of strategic CLEC accounts to show evidence of meeting Federal regulatory requirements, working directly with Business Unit President and Chief Operating Officer
?Advanced revenue growth of MFS/MCI account to over $30M in annual revenues, representing 30% of 1997 segment revenues
?Directed implementation of strategic contracts, driving program enhancements and efficiencies within account, service, and product management areas of the business unit

?Bachelor of Science, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois

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Executive Director - Marketing

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