Director of Facility Development and Construction

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Director of Facility Development and Construction
Location Confidential
Southwest USA
Willing to Relocate
Real Estate Officer--Selection-Purchase-Leasing
$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Well experienced healthcare facility development project executive specialize in complete project delivery. Projects ranging from $2 million medical office Tenant Improvement works to $43 million outpatient medical facility.



Results-proven Integrated Project Delivery Specialist focuses on adding real values, reduced risks, lowered costs, shortened schedule, and outstanding returns.

Real estate development, design and construction project executive and entrepreneur specialized in leading and delivering complex projects. Successful in producing outstanding returns for outpatient healthcare facilities, medical offices, and commercial projects with a truly integrated project delivery management. Experienced in building new projects from ground up, identifying the hidden profitability and potential pitfalls, reinventing traditionally accepted process by eliminating the common error-prone steps, streamlining and integrating all aspects of project requirements: design, construction, targeted results, and overall operational management. Bilingually fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English.


- Remarkable ROI even during the economy downturn: Realized over 260% and to over 400% of profitable returns on initial equity investments ($2.2 million and $10 million) in less than 5 years.

- Further increased project cashflow and appraisal value by adding 14% or more rentable floor space over the zoning code allowed Floor-Area-Ratio without any costs.

- Achieved over 40% of construction cost savings compare to a third party competitor ($4.5 million actual vs. $8.0 million quoted) by various methods including: cost effective features, project-specific design and construction details as opposed to generic details.

- Greatly increased subcontractors willingness to expedite their works, reduced conflicts, and better pricing with a faster sub invoice payment achieved by streamlining the construction loan funding process, the subcontractor monthly billing process, and eliminating certain error-prone steps.

- Fund raised $10 million in less than 45 days, expedited months of project delivery time and great costs savings at early stages by self-performing the main tasks and utilizing the integrated project delivery method.


OUTPATIENT SURGERY AND ONCOLOGY CENTER. $43 million; An award-winning healthcare project; Known as the Outpatient Surgery Center of the Future; a Build-to-suit of 51,700 square-feet of state-of-the-art facility; Realized over 400% of return on investment.

MEDICAL OFFICE. $10.6 million; Fully self-performed turn-key design-build, marketing, leasing and property management; Achieved over 280% of return on investment.

DIALYSIS TREATMENT CENTER. A flagship facility for the client; Provided full Tenant Improvement build-out with over 20% of savings in building costs.

CORPORATE TENANT OFFICE TOWERS. $80 million estimated; Class A office towers for high-tech corporate tenants; Provided an additional $9.6 million value by additional rentable floor spaces over the zoning allowance.


- Operation Logistics
- Integrated Strategic Planning
- Lean Concept application to Design, Company, and Project Operations
- System or Process Improvement, Streamline, and Development
- Master Budgeting and Cost Control
- Detail Orientated
- Risk Identification and Management
- Contract Writing and Negotiation
- Quick Adoption to System and Project Requirements
- Think Outside of Box and Utilize Limited Resources
- Bilingual  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese in all capacities
- Building Information Modeling
- New Company Startup and New Project Setup
- Experienced with Legal and Accounting Principles
- Entrepreneurship


"I have worked with many large contractors, corporations, and builders, and I have never come across anyone with your organizational skills. You run a very tight ship. I say this in a good way. Others should be as keen on details and doing things right. More often than not they can't seem to be able to both Design/Build and organize the paper work. I really admire it. Keep it up and Good Luck." - Subtrade/Consultant


President, Chief Executive Officer (2005 - Present)
A multi-faceted real estate development and design-build firm that provides full in-house services in development, architectural design, construction, project management, and professional consulting in commercial building industry in Los Angeles and California.

Overview: Founded and grew companies from ground up since 2005. The original company, started as a design-build professional service firm, but immediately recognized the advantages and opportunities of real estate development projects offered. The company specializes in self-performing majority of real estate development related functions achieving better results and reduced risks. Audent treats the overall project delivery as one seamless flow of thought process and tasks from property identification, continues through planning, execution, and beyond completion of construction (a true Integrated Project Delivery process).


- Significantly reduced the construction period carry costs and eliminated the market risks by pre-leasing: negotiated and executed a 30-year NNN lease with a large local institutional tenant, including a Purchase Option price fixed at $154 million at Year 15. Staff and visitor parking incomes are additional revenues.

- Consistently among the highest NNN lease achieved on the westside of Los Angeles with no other comparable projects of the same quality.

- Negotiated a Build-To-Suit contract to perform medical space planning and construction for the tenant, including over $21 million in Tenant Improvement works, and over $10 million of equipment procurement and installation.

- Successfully increased the users efficiency (e.g. with reduced walking distance and immediate familiarity of work space functions) by utilizing a modular design (Lean Design concept).

- Expedited months of construction schedule achieved by self-performing design-build, plus a well-integrated construction document set, and actual onsite supervision.

- Completed the entire shell-and-core build out of a 6-story cast-in-place concrete building, including excavations, in 13 months - 5 months faster than a third party quoted schedule.

Primary Responsibilities:

- Served as Development/Delivery Team Leader, Design-Build Architect, and Project Manager on projects total valued over $200 million dollars, and involved in planning over 600,000 square-feet of building spaces.

- Liaised and managed all parties involved in a project, encompassing a broad range of different professionals, backgrounds, disciplines, and sophistication levels.

- Responsible for developing and implementing detailed master budgets and construction budgets. Also responsible for managing the actual budgets and spendings, bank fundings, awarding contracts, reviewing and approving all project-related receivables and payable expenses.

- Personally responsible for the construction administration and management of over 20 subcontractor companies at one time.


- California Registered Architect

- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional

- California Licensed General Building Contractor


- Master of Science, Construction Engineering and Management, Stanford University

- Bachelor of Architecture

- Bachelor of Science in Architecture

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Director of Facility Development and Construction

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