Plant Manager, Multi Plant Manager

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Plant Manager, Multi Plant Manager
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
20+ years of proven success, MBA in Finance, International, Automotive Industry, Maquiladoras, and U.S. Air Force Officer Experience. My Multi-Plant Management experience, Business Development and Operations Management skills have proven successful in managing projects with a "hands on" approach.



7364 Willow Lake Way ~ Sacramento, California 95831

916-421-1146 (home) 248-766-3002 (mobile)


Turnaround / Change Agent ~ Global Industry Manager ~ Multi-Site Business Operations ~ Automotive Industry

Accomplished Multi-Plant Manager, General Manager and Chief Operations Officer with more than 20 years of international experience driving lean innovations and delivering results for challenging turnaround, start-up, and high-growth operations. Pioneer in TQM, Toyota Production System (TPS), 5S, JIT, Kanban, Cell/Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Kaizen implementation. Specialized knowledge of automotive, high tech, die casting, forging and custom manufacturing. Bilingual language skills, English/Spanish with multi-cultural experience gained in France, China, México and India. MBA/MS degrees. Expertise includes:

" Multi-Plant Leadership
" Maquiladora Operations
" Supply Chain Management
" Sales and Marketing
" Warehouse/Distribution
" Lean Production Concepts
" P&L and Financial Controls
" Budget Development
" NAFTA/Customs Compliance


" Developed and led comprehensive Six Sigma projects which generated over $3.2 million in cost savings.
" Aggressively implemented Lean Manufacturing concepts (TPS), 5S and redesigned plant layouts to boost productivity by more than 24% and created $8 million in cost savings.
" Achieved single-digit PPMs three consecutive years through consistent quality standards.
" Attained profitability objectives despite challenging sales environments and rising material costs.
" First hand sales & marketing experience gained by successfully planning, developing and executing the total marketing and sales efforts in the U.S., Mexico, India and Dubai and hands-on Sales experience in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Telecom and Automotive OEM Industry.


ELECTRONICS CONTRACT MANUFACTURING GP, Paris, France / Fremont, Ca. 2011- 2012
A tier II, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Provider, specializing in high tech, high mix, low and high volumes with revenues of over $800MM and employing over 5000 personnel.

U.S. West Division, General Manager
Reporting to the COO for Operations and to the CEO for Sales, having complete P&L responsibility with focus on sales growth, business strategy and operational excellence, as well as, organizational and talent development for two manufacturing facilities; one in the Silicon Valley and one in Tijuana, Mexico, with combined sales of over $250MM. Direct reports included Sales Managers, Plant Managers, Procurement, Logistics, Lean, Human Resources and Program Management Directors.

" Built the Benchmark in Manufacturing Foot Print for all plants (20) within the Group.
" Achieved the first and only certified 5 S Plant in the Group.
" Attained never achieved automotive certification and obtained over $40MM in new business.

ACME TELE POWER LTD, Gurgaon, India / Detroit, Michigan 2008 - 2011
ACME is a $3 Billion Tele-Communication systems supplier and is the worlds fastest growing Tele- Power Company. Recruited to assist in the preparation of this dynamic international and Indias fastest growing private company to deliver a premium in its Initial Price Offering (IPO) valued at over $3Billion USD.
Multi Plant Manager - General Manager - Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Reporting to the Managing Director/Owner/President, responsible for the operation and performance of all six (6) manufacturing facilities with daily sales of $2.5MM and over 3200 personnel.

Major Accomplishments:
" Establishing and implementing strong management procedures, financial controls and systems such as the Toyota Production System (TPS).
" Transformed the manufacturing facilities from its highly labor intensive population of over 2,200 labor workers to a state-of-the-art automated facility of less then 500.
" Increased production by over 200% from 39,000 power interrupt units (PIUs) and its shelter enclosures per year to over 100,000 units per year.
" Improved quality and delivery, while reducing all backorders.
" Planned, designed and launched two Greenfield start ups; a cold chamber state-of-the-art door manufacturing facility and a fully automated sheet metal plant.

VALEO CORPORATION, Auburn Hills, MI 2005 to 2008
VALEO Corp. is a $13 Billion Automotive Systems and Parts Supplier. The Switches & Detection Systems Division provides ultra-sonic park assistance controls, column control modules and internal safety egress switches. The Vehicle Engine Cooling Division builds and assembles radiators, condensers and assembled cooling modules.

Multi Site Operations Director/Plant Manager
Responsible for the performance and operational results of one of the largest plants in Valeo Corporation and two off-site autonomous manufacturing business units with combined sales in excess of $380MM and employing over 980 personnel.

Major accomplishments:
" Implemented VALEOS lean manufacturing concepts, also known as the Toyota Production System, which are comprised of: Involvement of Personnel (Training, Magic Squares and Cell Certification), VALEO Production Systems, (5S, Cells, Kanban, Poke-yokes, Kaizen, Hoshins, JIT events, plus Value Stream Analysis/Mapping), Constant Innovation (Program Management, R&D), Supplier Integration (Integrating and Coaching Suppliers in the use of Valeo quality systems) and Total Quality by implementation of Quick Response to Quality Control (QRQC) mind set.

" Improved Rio Bravo Maquiladora Manufacturing Plant ranking within the 120 Valeo plants from 119 to 7 within 18 months while achieving single digit PPMs.

" Reduced operating expenses by 27%. Reduced scrap by 16%. Reduced management and direct labor by $2.5MM+, while increasing throughput by 22%.

" Developed and directed the total plant re-layout that has made the Greensburg facility the most lean
and efficient Valeo Manufacturing Operation in North America.

" Improved Greensburg Plant ranking within the 120 Valeo plants from 64 to 16 within four months.

" Increased productivity by more than 24% and created savings opportunities of over $8MM.

With 5934 employees and annual sales of $814 million, Intermet Corporation is one of the worlds largest independent makers of forgings and castings for automobiles.

Vice President - Light Metals Group
Responsible for the performance and operational results of eight (8) union and non-union aluminum, magnesium and zinc casting plants, a machining plant, a tooling development center and the Greenfield project development of a ductile iron forging ferrous plant in Mexico. These plants generated annual sales of $287 million. Directly managed eleven Plant General Managers, and a Group Controller, and through these subordinates, 3,000 employees. Member of the Corporate Operating Committee.

Major accomplishments:
" Developed and established a Structured Business Operating System (BOS).

" Responsible for daily tracking reporting system that tracks all production and expenses (a daily mini P&L).

" Achieved profitability goals with lower sales and higher raw material costs through innovation and continuous improvement methods.

Exemplar Manufacturing Company was the worlds largest privately owned automotive wire harness manufacturer.

Vice President and General Manager, México Operations
Responsible for the turnaround and management of five (5) high-volume international plants with a combined daily output of over 60,000 harnesses, generating $209 million in annual sales. Held full P&L responsibility as well as responsibility for Corporate Quality Assurance and the Material Distribution Center, including In-Line Vehicle Sequence (ILVS). Senior Six Sigma Projects Developer and Team Leader. Directly managed a Vice President of Mexican Operations, Director of Quality, and through these subordinates, 2,300 employees.

Major accomplishments:
" Reduced labor by 26% and improved throughput by 18%, maintained PPMs to less than 25.

" Developed majority of core Six Sigma Projects, led in an active participatory mode, the program implementation phase, generating savings worth well over $3.2 million.

" Used Lean Manufacturing concepts, 5S and consolidated operations that generated over 100,000 ft² in additional manufacturing space.

" Supervised construction and start-up operation of a 170,000ft² Greenfield facility with 1700 personnel.

HAYES WHEELS INTERNATIONAL, INC., Northville, MI 1996 to 2001
With 11,000 employees, and annual sales of $2 billion, Hayes-Lemmerz International, Inc. is the worlds largest manufacturer of steel and aluminum wheels for automobiles.

Vice President, Operations  North American Wheel Group, Northville, Michigan
General Manager, La Mirada, California and Chihuahua, México
Responsible for five manufacturing plants in the US and Mexico with annual revenues of over $350 million. Responsible for planning, staffing, operating and budgeting, and led product development programs to accelerate revenue growth. Directly managed Directors of Materials and Information Systems, as well as six Plant General Managers.

Major accomplishments:
" Improved EBIT to 25% of sales, inventory to over 20 turns, and reduced spending by $7MM.

" Developed and implemented business plans, manufacturing strategy and operational controls.

" The successful and flawless launch of over 35 new products within a nine-month period.

" Developed Machine Shop and Foundry cellular automation, resulting in increased efficiency of 38% and the reduction of Personnel by 52%.

" Increased productivity from 1.8 to 3.5 wheels per man-hour, generating additional profit of more than $1.2 Million per month.
" Achieved twice the award as The Best Hayes-Lemmerz Plant in North America.

RobertShaw Controls Company is an International manufacturer of gas valves/ accessories and water heater controls.

Operations Manager/Plant Manager Grayson Controls Division, Mexicali, México
Held P&L responsibility for the strategic planning, development and operating management, and turnaround of this 1600-employee manufacturing Maquiladora organization generating $98 million in annual revenues. Managed a staff of nine employees.

Major accomplishments:
" Achieved successful turnaround and returned the company to profitability within four months.
" Delivered the highest profit gains in the companys history.
" Led the successful transition to cellular manufacturing techniques, which enabled the transfer and consolidation of the five remaining production facilities into a Greenfield state-of-the-art facility.

IMCOR, Stamford CT
(Interim management consulting services for middle market and Fortune 1000 companies)

Clairson International/Emerson Electric, Ocala, FL - Plant & General Manager - Tijuana, México
Recruited for a 12-month interim assignment to orchestrate an aggressive turnaround initiative for Clairson International/Emerson Electric Corporation. Provided expertise in operations, productivity improvement and quality for their Maquiladora, generating $18 million in revenues. Completed the assignment in four months.

Handy & Harman Automotive Gp., Auburn Hills, MI - Plant & Division Manager  Nuevo Laredo, México
Hired on an interim basis to turnaround the Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Maquiladora Business Operation. Held full P&L responsibility for a 192-union employee operation with revenues of $18 million. Planned, budgeted, and managed all production. Played a critical role in restoring credibility with the seven largest automotive manufacturers in the U. S. and Mexico.

U.S. AIR FORCE, Chief of Supply - Commissioned Officer (Major)
Materials Management, Supply, Logistics, Distribution and Contract Management

" Progressed in rank and responsibility from Airman Basic to Major, a Field Grade Commissioned Officer


MBA...Finance...............Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California
MS.........Business Systems Management......Troy State University; Troy, Alabama
BA......Business Management.........Golden Gate University; San Francisco, California AA......Mathematics & Physical Science....American River College, Sacramento, California


Post-Graduate Lean & Cell Manufacturing, Toyota Production System (TPS) & TQM&Cettys, MX
U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology.......... (Hydraulics Engineering, Logistics, Materials Management, Writing and Leadership Skills).... Command & Staff College.....Dayton, Ohio.


California College/University Teaching Credentials......Business and Industrial Management

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Plant Manager, Multi Plant Manager

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