Operations Manager

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Operations Manager
Location Confidential
Southeast USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Accomplished Operations Lead with expertise in leading continuous improvement efforts, complex problem solving with a structured approach, and Operational Excellence projects. Proven success in developing KPIs and delivering over 13 straight years of record breaking performance.



A detail-oriented and results-driven MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE with extensive experience in plant administration, corn wet milling, bioproducts plants, policy and procedure improvement and implementation, change management, training and development, production operations, quality control, safety, and compliance. Additional proven aptitude in KPI development, forecasting, budget analysis, and schedule management. Demonstrates strong problem-solving and organizational skills in order to develop cost-effective, time-efficient, and productive workflow processes, creating an optimal production environment. An analytical and innovative leader who enables a company to operate at maximum efficiency.


ADM BIOPRODUCTS, Decatur, Illinois
Plant Superintendent, 2004-2016

Managed production departments of company plant, including fermentation and refining of lysine, threonine, lactic acid, xanthan gum, astaxanthin, granulated sorbitol, and ethyl lactate production lines. Supervised six shift superintendents and four department superintendents. Oversaw compliance, including quality, environmental, and safety efforts. Performed measurements of plant efforts critical in developing appropriate Key Process Indicators (KPIs) needed to judge performance of plant. Benchmarked each KPI to determine appropriate and reasonable goal for upcoming year. Collaborated with plant manager to determine whether goals and KPIs appropriately measured and whether plant could perform better with appropriate management changes.

" Achieved continued manufacturing cost reductions with development of product-specific scorecards describing major costs per pound, including electrical, steam, R&M, and chemicals.
" Recognized for consistent reduction of recordable injuries.
" Implemented safety, environmental, and quality management plans with detailed action plans obtaining plant-specific objectives, including FSSC 22000 certification.
" Played key development role in developing customer request for action database (CRA), reacting between commercial, tech service, and operations departments addressing customer concerns.
" Implemented safety programs leading to 80% reduction in recordable injuries.
" Designed procedures and programs through Operations Service Group (OSG) initiative bringing operational excellence tools to operator/supervisor levels, maintaining 13-year streak of record-setting performance in productivity and yield categories for two major production lines, threonine and lysine.
" Saved company $10,000,000 and proved sustainable solution to deviations witnessed.
" Oversaw training and development of ten process engineers utilizing Kepner-Tregoe problem-solving approach, resulting in cost reductions.
" Developed process scorecards identifying eight top manufacturing cost controls and monthly performance.
" Utilized scorecards determining way to set Maximum Achievable Capacity (MAC) goal for all costs each year by setting target for upcoming year based on the best consecutive four months from previous year and successfully focused process engineers on deviations, resulting in production and yield records for 13 consecutive years.
" Developed standards for Key Process Indicator (KPI) identification and helped create daily report scheduler, sending relevant information to correct team members.
" Directed development of automated Short Interval Follow-Up Tool (SIFT) utilized by operators and Front Line Supervisor (FLS) to discuss reason codes for any unit operations not meeting agreed-upon capability. This increased production with no additional capital costs by decreasing unscheduled lost production with increased operator attention.
" Decreased scheduled downtime by utilizing Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) methods to identify waste in downtime.

Department Superintendent, 1996-2004

Oversaw refinery operation of lysine threonine and lactic acid product lines. Managed daily operations of department. Supervised eight salary FLS, five process engineers, and 60 hourly operators. Aided with setting up benchmark performances for individual unit operations. Determined value of future projects. Delegated initiatives from compliance managers and any other corporate initiatives.

" Achieved six years of decreasing manufacturing costs per pound with 60% reduction of recordable injuries.
" Optimized process by planning capital projects and utilizing cost-saving ideas throughout course of year.


Safety Compliance Manager, 1995-1996. Developed and wrote companys specific lockout/tagout and confined space entry programs while performing other compliance manager functions.

Shift Superintendent, 1993-1995. Served as off-shift plant manager while managing special optimization projects. Assisted with key discovery role in standardizing operations of dyers, crystallizers, and liquid chromatographic separation units.

Process Engineer, 1991-1992. Oversaw frontline supervisory activities while optimizing fermentation and refinery operation. Created startup of sterilizers, ultrafiltration, multiple designs of evaporators, and spray agglomerator dryer unit operations.

ADM CORN SWEETENERS, Decatur, Illinois, Production Assistant, 1990-1991. Performed frontline supervisory activities while optimizing refinery operation. Recognized for leading role in standardizing operation of mechanical recompression evaporators and ultrafiltration unit operations.


CLEMSON UNIVERSITY, Clemson, South Carolina, M.S., Food Engineering, 1989

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, Champagne-Urbana, Illinois, B.S., Food Engineering, 1987


Understanding ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 22002-1, 2014
ADM 101: Animal Agriculture and Nutrition Workshop, 2014
Problem Solving- Root Cause Analysis, 2014
Leadership Essentials, 2013
Dale Carnegie Training- Responding to Customer Concerns, 2010
HAZWOPER Incident Command, 2007
Conducting Employee Performance Evaluations, 2006
Imagine 21- Fast Track to Change, 2006
The Accounting Game, 2005
Dudick Seamless Flooring Systems, 2003
40-Hour HAZWOPER Technician Level, 2003
KT Problem Solving and Decision Making, 2002
Ammonia Railcar Safety, 2002
Process Hazard Analysis Leader Training Using the HAZOP and What-If/Checklist Templates, 2002
Fall Protection Equipment, 2002
KT Project Management, 2001
HACCP Principles, 2000
Confined Space Entry Refresher, 2000
Dry Bulk Material Handling Seminar, 1999
Scaffolding Safety Training, 1998


Alarm Management Certified Professional, 2008
Hazardous Waste Certification, 1998

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Operations Manager

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