Operations Executive

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Operations Executive
Location Confidential
Los Angeles
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
COO Ready. Well seasoned operations executive ready to move to next tier of responsibility. Broad and deep level of experience in numerous markets. Well suited for start-ups and mid-size companies.


Seeking executive level position that can best leverage my broad experience and leadership skills. I have twenty plus years progressive experience in business solutions, operations and engineering. Solid record of rapid promotions based on performance. Demonstrated skill managing simultaneous projects and meeting deadlines within demanding environments and constraints. Ability to develop, release, and scale to production new products within the time constraints of market windows. Well suited for start-ups and mid-sized corporations. Expert at the four fundamentals of Operations leadership:


§Changed cultural attitudes to one of pride of delivery. Several significant examples of quality first mentalityfrom defining and adhering to strict control of test criteria for $3M systems to delivering consecutive zero defect complex previously high fail products.


Demonstrated track record of clearing aged orders and executing to commitments. Recently cleared almost two years of aged orders, both systems and loose options. Now driving to execute to aggressive but achievable lead/cycle times.


Dramatically reduce cost in operations without compromise to quality or delivery. Achieved through product design, redesign, outsourcing, insourcing, cycle time reductions, and process improvements. Drove down cost of major CPV component by 50%.


§Automated tasks and improve employee productivity. Created Supply Chain tools that increased productivity by a factor of 10x. Ability to select or design IT solutions as needed. Evaluated and implemented many enterprise and best of fit packages including Epicor Vista, SAP, Oracle, Agile, Arena, eLeap, eLogs, and more.

Of Note

Strong record of resource development and retention. Proven ability to manage and motivate.
Two years expat duty in the UK.
Startup acquired by biggest player in 3D Printing space.
International multisite experience encompassing both insourced and outsourced models of fulfillment.

Recent Highlights

Drove planning and execution of 25x magnitude ramp-up in flagship product. Revamped entire organization from one-off builds to steady state production capability. This was a complete infrastructure and business process overhaul. Commercialized product through design change requests, creation of green-tag process to ensure module testing, drove documentation of procedures and creation of processes. Selected and engaged two outsource partners to assist both in short term needs and long-term vision for final integration and test model. Drove down cycle-times through deep dive analysis of critical paths and bottlenecks. Engaged German colleagues to assist in procurement and created training programs for worldwide FSEs and Customer support personnel.

SAP Migration from Made To Manage. Lead a team of over 25 employees and partner members in converting from legacy ERP system to SAP. Controlled the scope and guided the overall project to ensure achievement of go-live date. Pre Go-Live. Defined the mapping of data, prepared the migration packages, set up the test criteria and drove super user training. Post Go-Live, guided development of necessary additional business processes needed, directly created data warehouse and daily results and process metrics to ensure proper business and operational execution.

Personal Techniques

Enabling accountability by providing the tools, infrastructure, and training required to foster both development and operational excellence. Providing a consistent and objective management structure for all employees.

Product Knowledge

Automotive Diagnostics Handheld, Desktop, and Inline Testers
Electronic Components Interconnects, Adapters, Sockets
Consumer Products Laptops, Desktops, Cameras, iPods
Other Automatic Test Equipment ,VLSI, Memory, E-Beam,
Focused Ion Beam, Optical, ICT, FCT, PCBAs, Parking Meters,
POS Readers, Down Hole Tools, 3D Printing,
Advanced Packaging, and Solar Power

Teaching Experience

California Lutheran Advanced Programming, Database Design
Teradyne TQM, 7 & 9 Step Problem Solving, Six Sigma Fundamentals
Schlumberger Data Mining, Excel, Problem Solving, ABM, MBO, TQM

Career Experience

Company (publicly traded >$150m revenue)
VP Operations, Photonics Division 1/13-present
Responsible for all fulfillment activitiesspanning project management to post sales support. Development of culture geared toward efficiency and effectiveness.

Prepared site and company for 25x ramp-up in photolithography product line.
Drove cross functional improvements throughout organization.
Facility improvements to reduce material movement, visibility, and improve functionality of cleanroom.
New spares and safety stock programs to ensure minimum field system down times.
Reduced two year plus late deliveries to 6 months over the course of 1 year.
Record 5 consecutive multi-million dollar systems shipped on-time.
Turnabout of major sellable option from 3 consecutive DOAs to 6 error free deliveries within 2 quarters
Aggressively prepared MRP data and lead smooth transaction to SAP. Achieved target date for Go-Live.

Owner (1/05-1/13)
Primarily short term contacts with several longer term assignments as interim executive at various companies.

Executive assignment at Amonix, CA (start-up)
VP Operations (08/12-01/13)
Senior Director Strategic Operations (09/11-08/12)
Strategic and tactical ownership of companys operations post-restructuring. This included Program Management, Supply Chain, Logistics, Repair, and manufacturing. Personally negotiated half (100+) of outstanding APs during pre-bankruptcy proceedings. Averaged 18% per dollar on settlements. Created a Build Plan funnel to ensure proper and timely demand fulfillment. Lead Oracle and Agile implementation. Qualified several Asian suppliers.

Six month executive assignment at Data Exchange Corporation, CA (private)
Vice President of Operations and Plant Manager 11/05-04/06
Owned all revenue deliverables for repair, advance exchange and parts sales. Operations encompassed: Engineering, Repair, Customer Service, Program Management, Quality, IT, & Facilities.
Initiated Six Sigma Program to drive improvements across the company.
Launched 3 programs in Q1 forecasted to save company 235k per quarter.
Dealt with 25% month to month business increase from November through January.
Created Product Champion forum to increase Customer focus and service levels.
Restructured Production areas to improve throughput and introduce lean concepts.
Started 5S Program, Safety and ESD audits. Reduced warranty rates by 18% in one quarter.

Six month executive assignment at Interconnect Systems, Inc., CA (private)
Vice President of Process Engineering 04/05-11/05
Primary initiator and driver for change. Responsible for preparing company for anticipated growth through process improvements and infrastructure retooling. Manage IT, Process Engineering, and Facilities.
Launched Improvement Roadmap to direct improvement efforts.
Designed and directed facilitization of new facility. Optimized material and WIP flow.
Developed ERP database to replace paper-based system. Savings estimated at 80hrs/wk.
Slashed SPC data collection times from 3 days to 3 minutes.

Company (publicly traded >$150m revenue)
Director of Global Equipment Manufacturing and Service 09/09-07/11

Responsibilities included managing new product development, field service, supply chain, repair, outsourced manufacturing, and in-house systems production.
Increased in-house production 67% over 2 quarters.
Doubled Out-Of-Box quality in same period.
Cost Down Initiatives saved over 10% of material spend in 2010.
Developed performance metrics and processes to manage and improve all functional groups.
Managed introduction of new platform (manufacturing, training, installs, documentation).
Drove to completion design of new platform with charter of cost reduction, reliability, and serviceability.

Company (start-up acquired 9/09)
Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering 05/06-09/09
Brought on board to migrate start-up from an R&D environment to manufacturing and support of product. Promoted to SVP and given full responsibility for day-to-day and strategic management of all aspects of business other than marketing and sales.
Managed budget and yielded positive variances every quarter.
Drove resolution of 18 of 20 top reliability issues. Improved prototype reliability from 1 to 30 days.
Orchestrated redesign of the printers engine and migrated a pure proof of concept into a viable product.
Cost down strategy to reduce initial COGS by over 55% through design and supply chain optimizations.
Authored Part Numbering scheme and many critical processes. Developed critical statistics and metrics.

Company (publicly traded >$1b revenue)
Director of Operations Worldwide 04/03-03/05
Owned P&L for Customer Service Organization and manage all hardware deliverables for company. Responsible for Operations and Customer Service at three sites: United Kingdom, Belgium, & United States.
Drove a vision and executable strategy based on the concept of the vital few.
Formulated Key Indicator Metrics to measure and improve critical functions and results.
Vaulted On-Time Delivery from 40% to 92% in 2 quarters and dropped ARO from 26 weeks to 8.
Drove inventory inaccuracy levels from $1M to $1k. Net Cost-Of-Goods savings of £400k in 2 quarters.
Implemented a twin partner EMS (outsourcing) strategy; reduced providers by 75%.
Audited and qualified Asian suppliers. Set up manufacturing in China.

Site Manager West Coast and Asia 06/02-04/03
Fulfillment Manager West Coast 06/01-06/02
VTD Fulfillment Manager 11/00-06/01
Perfect Installation Manager 07/00-11/00
Manage entire fulfillment cycle for Memory and VTD Business Units. Full cradle to grave responsibility for:

Master Scheduling, Purchasing, Material Logistics, Prototype/Pilot Production, Assembly, Board Test, Final Test, Process Engineering, Low Cost Region, and Product Support.
Transferred Integration and Test of product to newly created Shanghai site.
Reduced budget 28% while maintaining baseline activity. Below budget for 6 consecutive months.
Met aggressive cost reduction plans in-line with business forecasts.
Raised on-time delivery percentage from 85 to 95 in a period of 1 quarter.
Reduced Electro-Mechanical Lead-time for newly released product from 22 weeks to 12.
Raised first pass cycle count accuracy from 88% to 96%. Adjustment value $125/month.
Introduced new platform and related options to volume production.
Implemented Lean manufacturing resulting in $85k/quarter reduction in space.
Improved Cycle Times for high-end IC component Testers from 6 weeks to 3 weeks.
Boosted Perfect install percentage by a factor of 4 within 6 months.

Company (publicly traded >$13b revenue)
Global Program Manager 97-00
Dir of Manufacturing 92-97 Sr
NPI Engineer 90-91
Lead Design Engineer 89-90
Design Engineer 87-88
Co-Op Engineer 84-86

Tiger Team leader responsible for Operations. Rapid deployment in various facilities to resolve issues identified as Annual Top 10. Concept involved local and remote management as required. Primary objective was to contribute to margin by improving efficiencies, and reducing costs.
Set-up infrastructure to produce a no gap transition from development to high volume release of laser product. Reduced materials costs for Beta systems by 15%. Designed and supervised the buildout of a 2.4k square foot Class 1k Cleanroom.. Coordinated design, build-out, and movein of various facilities into one campus. Held costs (within 5%) & schedules to original targets despite scope increase of 30%.
Doubled production output by implementing basic manufacturing techniques: flow-line, kan-bans, and POUI.
Designed and supervised the build of in-coming/receiving and stockroom. Implemented material processes including receipts, put-away, cycle counting, auditing, and ABC analysis. Improved Cycle Count accuracy to 98.4% (was 65%). Kit accuracy improved from 78% to 98% & kit delivery decreased from 2 days to 4 hours.
Avoided capital investment of $1M.Reduced cycle time 50% through aggressive improvements in established processes. Increased yield of lens assembly from 33% to 84%.
Analyzed facility requirements; reconditioned the entire plant.


MS and BS, Computer and Systems Engineering

Villanova University
Green Belt and Black Belt certifications

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Operations Executive

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