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Master Identity Concealed Resume
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
I possess over 25 years experience in new products. Most of this experience has been in the Consumer Products arena. I have excelled in this field. My experience is broad in scope and is all inclusive from concept through production.


Leadership Position in a Technology Driven Market
My focus is profit, quality, and innovation. My expertise is bringing high volume consumer appliances to market quickly. My specialty is setting up offshore manufacturing and design. I strive to develop and launch surprise products that shake up the market. 25+ years hands-on experience. Look at my record. I am the inventor of the Mosquito Magnet TM, the Brita® Humidifier, the Holmes Filter Check, as well as many other devices. I have over 15 years experience with ProE, and consider myself a ?Guru? in the technology. I speak Mandarin Chinese.

Independent Consultant  Engineering Design / Manufacturing Support
Shenzhen, China
2006 to Present

From 2006 to the present, I have lived in Shenzhen China. I work under contract as an Independent Consultant to provide Engineering Services to local companies. My experience has been very diverse and broad. Brief samples of the projects that I have been involved in include, but are not limited to, the list below.

Company Name Assignment / Contract Date
Confidential Sort through NTF returns and summarize the QC causes 2012
Confidential Represent the interests of an African Importer / Manufacturer 2012
Confidential Tiger team to resolve a customer dispute (Concerning QC violations) 2012
Confidential Check the Drafting / BOM and QA documents 2011
Confidential Retrofit the heating system for an Asphalt Carrier vessel 2011
Confidential Write an Access Program using Fan Laws calculations 2011
Confidential Teach Technical Engineering English 2011
Confidential Write / translate a user manual into English 2011
Confidential Represent the needs of a Chinese manufacturer 2011
Confidential Prototype a Design Layout (Hunting Bow Manufacturer) 2010
Confidential Refurnish the Electrical System in a Commercial Fishing Vessel 2010
Confidential Redesign mold cavity layout (Clothing buckle/snaps) 2010
Confidential Prototype Mechanical Assembly (Dog Shock Collar) 2010
Confidential Upgrade metal finishing process 2009
Confidential Help retrofit old assembly equipment (Off-brand Cellphone) 2009
Confidential Design and troubleshoot Automation equip 2009
Confidential Compute the thermal cooling in Electronic assembly (Mobile Electronics) 2009
Confidential Prototype Mechanical Assembly 2008
Confidential ProE Assignment & Design (Automotive switch w/ sensor) 2008
Confidential Debug Prototype mechanism 2008
Confidential Write the QA documentation for assembly 2008
Confidential Design a painting & Coating system (Hunting stands & Blinds) 2007
Confidential Setup 1st order inspection (New Power Amplifier Mfgr) 2007
Confidential ProE Assignment & Design (Glass cullet shaker table) 2007
Confidential Translate English document into Chinese 2006

Essick Air Products
Little Rock, Arkansas
2004 to 2005

Manager ? New Product Development
Recruited in 2004 to this privately owned $40 million manufacturer of evaporative coolers as Manager of New Product Development by Dave Pritchard, President. Declining sales and an eroding market share prompted the diversification of the product mix from residential HVAC to small consumer appliances. Accordingly, the company purchased the Bemis line of home appliances in 2004. This was a very good move, as the revenue from the evaporative cooler business dropped 30% when a key customer (Home Depot) switched to a competitor?s product. The Bemis line of consumer appliances quickly became the primary revenue generating product mix. My charge was to integrate the Bemis line of humidifiers and air purifiers with the HVAC evaporative cooler SKU mix and become the successor to the Vice President of Engineering.
1 STRATEGIC VISION. Developed a strategy of design that permits the speedy implementation of new products. Identified key technologies and implemented significant projects. Located and evaluated technology for acquisition, licensing, development, and partnering. This included proprietarily specific manufacturing processes, as well as embracing competitive technology.

2 LEADERSHIP. Coordinate and execute strategies, products, projects and corporate R&D. Manage the interaction between design engineering, manufacturing and purchasing. Quality products were launched on schedule and met target costs. Collaborated with sales and marketing to determine the strategic benefits of new products. Conduct ROI analyses.

3 GROUP SET-UP. The company had no experience in small consumer appliances. The engineering group was new to fast-paced consumer product manufacture. The resources to accomplish the required tasks were not available. I initiated and executed the processes, procedures, methods and systems required to design fast-paced consumer appliances in an aggressive time frame. This involved part vendors and suppliers as well as third party manufacturing facilities in China.

4 QUICKER TO MARKET. Substantially increased the development pace and product mix. Under my direction, the number of new products increased over 600%?from one every two years to over three per season?with no increase in technical staffing levels.

5 LOWERED COSTS. Directed all higher cost components to be located and purchased through an independent organization that sourced overseas. I constructed product cost BOMs and overall product design targets. I was involved in capital investments for such items as tooling, joint ventures, and remote building facilities and equipment. Purchased component costs had been lowered by as much as 60% for some parts. I also established an oversight organization to assure quality compliance, as well as auditing the company processes and records.

6 CHEAPER TO DESIGN. Decreased design costs by 40% by utilizing offshore design houses. I was involved in many lively discussions involving the merits of domestic vs. international manufacturing. Partnered with Chinese manufacturing organizations with experience in consumer appliances.

7 CHEAPER TO MAKE. Decreased manufacture costs by 75% by manufacturing overseas. Researched, located, negotiated, and partnered with multiple Chinese companies (Chung Mei, Futec, and Jingrui) and setup design joint ventures (Defond, Queace). I was involved in all discussions and negotiations to best assure equitable satisfaction of mutual goals.

8 HIGHER QUALITY. Improved domestic quality by establishing incoming first-article inspection and in-process manufacturing quality standards. Approved deviations have been drastically reduced. Setup an independent quality organization to assure that my strict quality levels were being met overseas. This involved all the documentation and testing for both part and finished product compliance. Furthermore, I was involved in setting up manufacturing quality guidelines for assembly and packaging. I was involved in substantial quality planning, and implementation issues.

9 CHEAPER TO SHIP. Aggressively investigated lowest cost shipping organizations and negotiated transport issues. I was involved in domestic carriers, inland warehousing, and transport to and from the port, ship agents, part forwarders, stevedore, sea carriers, as well as all the documentation associated with international shipments. FOB Shenzhen to Port of Los Angeles for a 40? container dropped from $4300 to $3200.

10 NEW PRODUCTS. Planned, organized, coordinated, and managed the design and development of new products. Key liaison to the sales organization. Planned long term strategies. Introduced the utilization of industrial design firms, ProE and other software and managed regulatory issues which were all new to the company. (Traditionally used to an Industrial Market and not a Consumer Market).

11 CAD SKILLS. Utilized ProE and associated collaborative software extensively. (ProE ?Guru? Level). I generated all the part designs, including detailing and then documented those using traditional engineering standards. I utilized my software skills to produce the quality specifications for both the part level and the manufacturing processes involved.

12 AGENCY ISSUES. I was involved in all agency issues to include UL, ESA, and foreign agency requirements. This involved working with the various agents and keeping the product jacket current and up to date.

13 ENGINEERING DESIGN. I was consistently an engineer and continued to utilize my skills in this field. I was involved in plastic part manufacture, design, and testing. I was involved in castings and sheet metal design. I was involved in electrical design, bread boarding, and testing. I created the visual industrial design prototypes, as well as many of the fully functional prototypes.

14 LIFE CYCLE. I was involved in every aspect of the design from concept through manufacturing. This involved extensive reiterations and redesigns as necessary to meet changing sales and market targets, as well as design dead ends.

15 COMMUNICATION. I pride myself in being able to communicate clearly and successfully. I have improved my skills in this area, and when working overseas, I embrace their culture. For the Chinese partnerships, I wrote and communicated in Mandarin Chinese.

16 HANDS-ON. Skilled in every activity of my subordinates. I lead by example and managed face-to-face.

Bie Mfg Ltd
Shenzhen China
2002 to 2004

After my layoff from Pollak, I traveled to China to visit friends. I was provided the opportunity to partner with an individual in the creation and ownership of a licensed technology. I took much of my savings and provided the financial ability to obtain the license, as well as purchase the capital equipment. Since I am a US citizen, I could not be listed as the owner of the company. So I became a ?silent? partner in the venture. Together, we leased land, built some sheds, and hired people to work in the operation. We manufactured decorative crystals for the consumer market. We also created custom laser etched crystal awards. We manufactured in PC, and acrylic materials, usually with a hardwood base. This venture was not successful.

1. STRATEGIC VISION. Developed a complete company in a foreign land. Funded, staffed, and operated the venture. I located and evaluated technology for acquisition, licensing, development, and partnering. This included proprietarily specific manufacturing processes, as well as embracing competitive technology.

2. LEADERSHIP. Coordinate and execute strategies, products, and products. Quality products were launched on schedule and met target costs. Was involved in the design and creation of new products. Conduct ROI analyses.

3. PLANT SETUP. I made arrangements to lease land in the PRC, then built the structures. I was involved in hiring, and supervision of the Chinese employees. I was involved in the various legal issues involved with the PRC, as well as purchase and procurement of the capital equipment. We hired a Plant Manager to operate the facility. We started with 8 employees, which quickly grew to 25, and at one time, employed as many as 75 people.

4. SALES. I was very active in aggressive selling of the product. Initially we had a number of clients, but that evaporated with local competition. I would say that once the facility was established, I spent most of my time trying to drum up business. Our competition was able to fabricate a larger range of products than we could. So our SKU offerings were limited to approximately 5? cube in size. We did not have the money or resources to expand, and pretty much ended the venture in 2004.

Artist, Classical Realism
Kittanning, Pennsylvania / Little Rock, Arkansas
2001 to Present

I pursued a long-standing interest in art, specifically oil portraiture and figurative painting. I established a dedicated studio for portrait painting. Specialize in 19th Century Classical Realism and study of the human form, representation, and early Greek history. Artwork is represented by GalleryNow in Tampa, Florida. I am a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists.

Pollak Sensor Systems
Canton, Massachusetts
1998 to 2002

Principal Engineer ? Core and Advanced Technology
Pollak, a division of Stoneridge, is a $30 million OEM 1st tier supplier for the automotive industry. They were a world class manufacturer of sensors, motorized controls, actuators, sensors, switches and digital electronic mechanisms. Organized in a matrix format, products were developed in accordance with the big three NPD protocols and procedures. I was recruited as the Principal Engineer for the division, reporting to Willy Beck, Vice President of Core and Advanced Technology R&D. This position was an autonomous technical leadership position. I provided in-depth, high end technical skills for difficult, unusual or fast paced projects.

1 PROVEN LEADER. Managed a world class engineering team and product development process from research through production. Established technical strategies to deliver leading edge products. Set the expectations for product development deliverables, establishing overall standards and discipline. Delivered effective risk-managed development plans and ongoing design improvement strategies.

2 HIGH QUALITY. Directed the development of a high quality steering wheel position sensor. This sensor was cheaper to manufacture and more accurate than any competitive product. Pollak was able to enter into the steering wheel sensor business which they had not been able to penetrate previously. Was involved in Lean Engineering and six sigma training to green belt.

3 CAD SKILLS. Utilized ProE and associated collaborative software extensively. (ProE ?Guru? Level). I generated all the part designs, including detailing and then documented those using traditional engineering standards. I utilized my software skills to produce the quality specifications for both the part level and the manufacturing processes involved.

4 INNOVATION. Based upon my research and innovation, the Non-Contact Ignition Switch with remote programming was invented. This was the first ignition switch to interact with the vehicle?s computer. John Deere has widely adopted this design into their vehicles.

5 NEW MARKET. Managed the design of the General Motors E-ETRSS Drive-by-Wire microcomputer controlled transmission controller now used in the majority of GM vehicles. Pollack won the bid against 60+ competing organizations. The product was more reliable, cheaper to make and easily adaptable to different automotive platforms?a great example of when proper planning and expertise are matched with ROI expectations.

6 ENGINEERING DESIGN. I was a very senior level engineer and continued to utilize my skills in this field. I was involved in plastic part manufacture, design, and testing. I was involved in castings and sheet metal design. I was involved in electrical design, bread boarding, and testing. I created the visual industrial design prototypes, as well as many of the fully functional prototypes.

7 ACCELERATED DESIGN. Led the design of the Jeep CJ Wheel Control, a 4-wheel drive actuation system, which was developed in ˝ the time. Despite this abbreviated design timeline, this product was highly successful and exceeded customer expectations.

8 COST SAVINGS. Most notable effort was realized by saving $2 million when I replaced a plastic material with a globally sourced material of identical key properties. I was involved in obtaining ?yellow card? approval for exotic plastic materials.

9 MENTOR. Above managing the design teams, I trained engineers in the strict design protocols of the automotive industry. Each major automotive manufacturer had its own procedures and processes which had to be understood, adapted and refined to meet different guidelines. In many cases, the technology was not yet on the market but still in research. I studied the technology then blazed a design trail to convert the raw principles into something marketable.

Holmes Products Corporation
Milford, Massachusetts
1996 to 1998

Manager ? New Product Development
In 1996 Holmes was a growing $175 million company involved in the sale of fans, heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers. I was recruited by Neville Glenn, Vice President of Engineering, to head the introduction of new products and expand the product line.

1 PROVEN LEADERSHIP. Held significant authority in this highly visible position. Directed, motivated, and empowered employees to take charge of creative design solutions. Set high standards, led by example, and built a strong, high performing team. Developed and managed engineering budget. Ensured that quality projects met target costs and were launched on schedule. Allocated company resources to projects. Managed multiple programs simultaneously while maintaining a high attention to detail.

2 MENTORED UNDER VP. ?Right hand man? to Neville Glenn, Vice President of Engineering, and instrumental in all decisions and activities. Directed engineering department during VP?s absence. Represented VP in internal and external meetings. Calculated and presented ROI on new designs. Managed engineering resources.

3 FAST-TRACK DESIGN. Initiated a rotating development system, reducing product development time from one year to three months. This aggressive approach resulted in a quarterly design cycle in which products were developed from concept through manufacturing.

4 INCREASED REVENUE. Increased the product line diversity while integrating with Chinese manufacturers. As a result, ROI increased 20%, sales increased from $150M to $175M, and Holmes? market share became the largest in the industry.

5 HIGHER QUALITY. Established part quality through incoming first-article inspection and in-process manufacturing quality standards. This involved all the documentation and testing for both part and finished product compliance.

6 MOSQUITO MAGNET. My most significant contribution was the invention of the Mosquito Magnet (patent # 6,088,949). Led the secret development of this new technology now owned by American Biophysics. Broke new ground and invigorated the insect control market. Setup the research protocols, staffed the group, budgeted the program and helped negotiate the patent rights and development program with the Nicosia Corporation. (All product development related to the Mosquito Magnet was acquired by American Biophysics upon the sale of the division to Berkshire Partners in 1997.)

7 INNOVATIVE. Invented the Brita Humidifier (patent # 6,053,482); the Smokeless Ashtray (patent # 6,116,246); the Wick Change Indicator (patent # 6,308,939B2); the Humidifier Indicator (patent # 6,237,899B1); the method of attracting insects using subsonic frequencies (patent # 6,088,949), as well as many others.

8 CAD SKILLS. Utilized ProE and associated collaborative software extensively. I generated all the part designs, including detailing and then documented those using traditional engineering standards. I utilized my software skills to produce the quality specifications for both the part level and the manufacturing processes involved.

9 ENGINEERING DESIGN. I was a design and product engineer in every sense, and continued to utilize my skills in this field. I was involved in plastic part manufacture, and design. I was involved in castings and sheet metal design. I was involved in electrical design, bread boarding, and testing. I created the visual industrial design prototypes, as well as many of the fully functional prototypes.

10 JOINT VENTURES. Participated in several joint ventures, including Brita, Nicosia & Reinhart and also other companies in China. My level of activity was intimate and involved every aspect including negotiation, budgeting and oversight.

11 NATIONWIDE RECOGNITION. Recipient of Engineer of the Year award by Thomas Register in 1997 for outstanding achievement.

12 TECHNICAL COMPETENCE. Strong expertise in design of plastic parts. Collaborated with industrial design teams. Extensive experience in dealing with regulatory agencies (i.e., UL, CSE, NOM), including approvals and quality issues. Coordinated testing through Northeastern University. Utilized ProE, Solid Works, and surfacing software.

Poulan Weedeater
Shreveport, Louisiana
1995 to 1996

Senior Project Engineer ? Electrical Group
Poulan Weedeater is a manufacturer of gasoline and electrical powered tools and lawn equipment. I was recruited by Lloyd Tuggle, Vice President of Engineering, to lead the development of new electrical products.

1 LEADERSHIP. Managed an aggressive product line. Provided technical support, direction and necessary resources for the engineering team to develop exceptional new products

2 IMPROVED QUALITY. Initiated more aggressive testing procedures. Simplified the designs and improved component materials and construction.

3 NEW MARKET. My successful implementation of the European hedge trimmer enabled the company to enter the European market. This single design paved the way for an entirely new market segment, generating an additional cash flow and revenue source. Following this product, a number of other products were marketed successfully.

4 TECHNICAL COMPETENCE. Tutored under Lloyd Tuggle who was known for developing engineers into an elite corps of outstanding achievers. Fostered a stronger business acumen and ability to communicate in simple terms. Experienced in product development from design feasibility through production. (In the appliance field, Poulan under Lloyd Tuggle was known as the ?Boot camp of Engineering?.)

5 ACHIEVEMENT. Awarded Engineer of the Month for outstanding achievement and exceptional competence.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
1993 to 1995

Engineer ? Heated Products (Functioned as Director)*
Once a very profitable industrial behemoth, Sunbeam was involved in a hostile takeover in the 1980?s by a group of investors known as Allegheny International. This group dismantled the company and sold off the divisions. After bankruptcy proceedings, Japonica Partners Investment Group purchased the remains of the company in 1990. Under Japonica's leadership, Sunbeam-Oster's profits swung more than $200M, from a $95M operating loss in 1990 to a $123M operating profit in 1992. The company reorganized and was restaffed in early 1993.

I was recruited by William Lee, Vice President of Engineering, to head up the entire heated products line. I was charged with creating and staffing an engineering organization that would introduce and sustain new products into the marketplace. I created the systems, hired and directed the team to develop the heated product line.

1 GROUP SETUP. There was no engineering staff at the time of hire. I was tasked with hiring and developing staff to meet the long term strategic vision of the company. Selected, motivated, provided technical direction and necessary resources for the engineering staff. Managed a department of 6 engineers, 3 clerical and 15 - 30 contract engineers and designers. Gained focus and momentum by eliminating non-strategic projects.

2 JOINT VENTURES. Negotiated and collaborated in all aspects of international joint ventures. Directed multi-functional teams globally. Principal liaison in a joint venture with Sunbeam-Victa in Sydney, Australia, spending 30 percent of my time onsite managing the design group. Implemented contract manufacture and design in China, Russia, Columbia, Japan, and Brazil.

3 GLOBAL MANUFACTURING. Contributed to the establishment of a foreign manufacturing base. Domestic plants were closed in favor of cheaper production overseas.

4 IMPROVED QUALITY. Allegheny International reduced the cost of the products to a level that the quality suffered immensely. The longer the poor quality products remained on the market, the greater the damage to the consumer brand perception. I set up very stringent quality checks and immediately corrected design deficiencies in the products.

5 DIVISION INTEGRATION. After the purchase of Mr. Coffee by Sunbeam, I integrated the newly acquired facility and drove the technical strategy for the long term assimilation of Mr. Coffee with Sunbeam. Integral in business planning relating to technology transfers and implementation.

6 CONTRACT MANUFACTURE. Managed all engineering and support efforts, from concept through prototype, testing to production in offshore manufacture. Managed enhancements and sustainability of current and future products. Planned and directed the work of offshore engineers to achieve strategic goals with emphasis on quality.

* Hired with the title of Engineer. I built up the engineering staff from zero to 30 people while functioning as Director. Upon the hiring of a new Vice President of Engineering and subsequent reorganization, the group I had built was divided into two independent groups. One was Heated Products. The other group was Heated Water Products. Both were then headed by different individuals with a title of Director. These events preceded the hiring of Albert J. Dunlap on July 23, 1996, who felt that the company had too much excess capacity, high costs and irrational product lines. In 1996 he decimated the engineering staff and reorganized the remnants.

Madison, Indiana
1992 - 1993

Senior Project Development Engineer ? R&D
Grote is a privately owned, $70 million OEM manufacturer of automotive lighting and switches. Located on the banks of the Ohio River dividing Kentucky and Southern Indiana, it was the location of the world?s first plastic injection molding machine.

1 HIGH TECHNOLOGY. High volume automotive plastics/lighting/electronics position. Coordinated the development and design of 6 new high technology products, working with a cross functional team. Majority of work concentrated in plastics arena with significant work in sheet metal and castings. Utilized ProE.

2 BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCT. Awarded patent for the Roto-Beacon (patent # 5,694,112). This radical new design significantly altered the roto-beacon industry. Reliability increased 1200% with no appreciable increase in product cost.

3 REORGANIZATION PLANNING. Heavily involved in the corporate reorganization from a traditional organizational hierarchy to an automotive industry standard matrix model. Active member of New Product Development and Human Resources Committees. Researched and toured other factories. Recommended changes to the NPD process and presented suggestions to empower and motivate employees.

GM / Delco Electronics
Kokomo, Indiana
1988 to 1992

Lead Senior Project Development Engineer
Delco, a division of General Motors, is an OEM manufacturer of Automotive Electronics. In 1988 they were expanding their design and development resources at the Corporate Technology Center (CTC) and recruited me and other engineers through a third party contract house called ACA Kokomo. I was a member of the International Engine Computer Team at Delco Electronics where I designed automotive electronics and mechanisms.

1 LEADERSHIP. Managed projects and was the primary liaison in resolving all production design problems. Interacted with manufacturing and operations to troubleshoot and implement solutions to problems as they arose. Investigated issues, proposed solutions, generated new parts and assemblies, conducted tests, reviewed tooling, and authorized change documentation

2 ADVANCEMENT. Promoted to Senior Project Engineer in the Product Support Group. Served as a liaison between design and manufacturing sites to resolve production challenges.

3 ACHIEVEMENT. Awarded the Certificate of Achievement for outstanding achievement and exceptional competence for the year of 1990 by ACA Kokomo. This was the only award extended that year to an ACA Kokomo contractor working at Delco.

4 NEW PRODUCTS. Developed new products from concept through production. Involved in every aspect of the design process including analysis, testing, breadboard, proto and pilot builds, vendor interaction, scheduling, mechanical mechanism design, PCB layout, and the mechanical packaging of electronic devices. Interfaced daily with vendors, purchasing, operations, sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, industrial design, model makers, and high level management. Designed die cast, plastic injection molded, plastic blow molded, plastic thermoforming, extruded, stamped, and sheet metal parts.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
1986 to 1988

Development Engineer
Magnavox, then a division of Phillips, is a manufacturer of consumer and military electronics. Recruited by Fred Piering to develop the next generation of military RF sensors, I conducted the mechanical and electrical design of various commercial and military sensors and communication devices. Products included, but not limited to: FZU-39/B, Stinger hand-held missile launcher, Gator, various TV housings, various hand held communication radios and devices.

Ridgecrest, California
1984 to 1986

Design Engineer
Comarco Weapons Support Division, a support organization to the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, is a high technology/high secrecy weapon design in the California desert. Designed and tested various ship and aircraft based weapons and sensor platforms. Conducted plastic and cast metal design, RF testing, EMI testing, some analog/digital design, and large-chamber RF testing. I was involved in the design of RF circuits and RF testing, mechanical part and assembly design, weight and balance studies, and CAD layout. I hold a Secret Clearance.

Edgewater Steel
Oakmont, Pennsylvania
1981 to 1984

Design Engineer
Involved in the generation and fabrication of tooling used in the production of rolled and cast aircraft engine parts and railroad engine components, as well as the solution of production problems. I contributed to the tooling design, production layout, and problem solving. I was tasked with production problem solving, equipment design, and automation selection.

BSME, Syracuse University
AS Electrical Design, McGraw-Hill Continuing Education
The Dale Carnegie® Course

Solid state, low profile, rotary beacon
Biting insect attraction device using subsonic radio frequencies
Humidifier using Brita® filtered water device
Air purifier filter replacement status detector, using light detection techniques
Humidifier filter status detector, using air velocity monitoring algorithm
Non-contact driver interface control for a vehicle transmission, using Hall Effect transistors
PCB stiffener with integrated through-hole support members
Electronic device thermal control system using pulsed liquid though an orifice
Phase-change thermo-siphon for maple syrup production
Non-contact Hall-Effect ignition with CAN interface
Multi-turn non-contact, part/component limited rotary position sensor
Portable thermal wand with rapid shutoff and activation features using quartz halogen heating elements
Transmission range selector switch

Member of Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)
Member of the ACTF Filter Subcommittee of AHAM
Member of the Sound Subcommittee of AHAM
Member of the Air Cleaner Task Force Subcommittee of AHAM
Member of the Air Cleaner Council Subcommittee of AHAM
AHAM Contact for the UL507 Fans/Air Cleaners STP
Member of the Jt. Tech Extended Producer Responsibility Team
Member of the Canadian Pest Management Information Service (PMIS)
Member of the Portrait Society of America

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