Operations & Continuous Improvement Leader

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Operations & Continuous Improvement Leader
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Multifaceted career pursuing operational excellence by delivering bottom line results through implementing process improvement solutions in several industry sectors including healthcare, finance, publishing, films, energy and manufacturing. Experience leading successful transformations in diverse cultures, settings and long-established practices.


Business Process Improvement / Operations Leader

Senior professional with more than 30 years success driving business excellence, improving enterprise value and achieving financial results. Helping organizations focus on improving the performance of operations, through continuous process improvement, data driven decision making, strategic business planning, and problem-solving experience. Decisive, engaging and articulate leader who excels at fostering collaboration at all levels of the corporation. Unique ability to foster computer application development that meets the business needs.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (transactional) Process Improvement/ Process Redesign/ Complex process mapping KPI Development /Dashboard metrics Operational Excellence & Best Practice Transformation MRS / Epic Scheduling workflows Collaborative Problem Solving Program Management & portfolio optimization Change management leadership Personnel development / mentoring / coaching Master planning & scheduling/ S&OP / APICS Global Supply Chain management /Logistics & Inventory control Business & Market Analyst Data Mining Total Quality Management Strategy Development & Execution Strategic Sourcing & Procurement streamlining (P2P) Lean manufacturing/ Cellular design & One Piece Flow ERP systems optimization, analysis, and metric scoreboard (SAP/PS)

" Saved $1.02M in direct manufacturing costs with major film producer and $2.2 indirect savings
" Reengineered SDLC for testing and other functional areas with new Medicaid client implementations
" Successfully piloted UM reviews with one-piece flow (cell) for 36% inc productivity and accountability
" Instituted lean process improvement program at UMMC academic hospital w/ resounding success
" Reduced TTM cycle time 41% (17 days to 10), implemented WIP tracking which system decreased mold fab 51% (35 to 17 days) in 6 months using lean / JIT methods for semi-con market
" Saved >$3M annually on spinning line eliminating nonvalue-added efforts w/lean methods
" Reduced working capital by $ 262k eliminating need for specialty SKUs in elastomer business
" Exceeded working capital goals w/ 2 businesses by 17% & 27% improvement ($9.5M/$13.5M base)
" Achieved goals on financial turns at 4.9 & 6.0 for two businesses (33 % and 53 % improvement)
" Set up toll manufacturing facilities with metrics (KPIs) to drive profitability, for strategic outsourcing
" Led kaizen to recover 1/3 of 50Msqft refrigerated warehouse in sold out business saving $72K
" Led corporate content management w/ Documentum and workflow authorization saving $1.2M
" Implemented IT desktop management system saving $ 3M & improved service (OS upgrade)
" Increased Kalrez business revenue 30% annually ($ 8M base) through growth and development
" Developed & implemented training system for 200+ employees, w/ over 20 distinct operations


G6 Turnaround Consulting  Process Engineer / Operations Improvement 2012 to 2020
- Redesigning core processes with FDA CDRH (De Novo, 510K, PMA, PAS, 522, Q-Sub, BIMO, Recalls, CLIA). Utilizing LSS tools to reduce nonvalue added steps, improve TTD, and increase MDUFA IV performance.
- Implemented corporate packaging standards to reduce costs ($750k) with manufacture of plastic and coated films. Led innovation workshops to identify, quantify and reduce corporate waste ($2.2M), established corporate scrap system to offset recycle waste ($134k Revenue), reduce wastewater costs ($140k), educate and set up 5S and GMA practices, establish procedures, SOCs and validation for operator training systems.
- Documented complex scheduling areas for surgical procedures and appointments to define the current state workflows at University of Virginia Healthcare System for the Epic project team (24 departments w/ 74 schedulers). Managed the transition to future state for OpTime, Cadence, and integrations with Radiant & Cupid. Performed gap analysis to ensure successful Go Live and assisted 4 departments transition to a pods.
- Led six sigma project and governance process for Washington Gas (WGL) Procurement to Payment (P2P) process with PeopleSoft ERP. Drove ePro cross functional flow efficiencies and quicker month-end closing. Documented process work flows and implemented with best practice KPIs meaningful performance goals.
- Improved IT testing and business requirements process for transformational project - Medicaid Operating Model Strategy for TMG Health/ HCSC. Enabled greater efficiencies with new client SDCL, on boarding and lower transactional costs. Focus on rollup of dashboard metrics, User Acceptance Testing, Application Lifecycle Management (Hp ALM), process standardization, training and third-party vendor management.
- Transformed Utilization Management review system at Johns Hopkins Healthcare with lean principles; re-engineering, and established relevant metrics. Streamlined Outpatient Medical Review into cellular pods for efficient one-piece flow and elimination of batch processing. Taught lean methodology and led design team.
- Worked with UHU APL and the US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) on various hospital and healthcare clinic improvement projects: Streamlined supply chain for JIT daily replenishment w/ 2-Bin Kanban system; Clinic, wait time reduction/ scheduling optimization & workflow simplification.

University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD Director of Performance Improvement 2011 to 2012
Established Performance Improvement department to transform healthcare culture by engaging employees in collaborative cross functional solutions leading to dramatic changes within areas they work in. Instituted lean /process improvement program for the UMMC hospital. Managed the Transformational Plan of Care (TPOC) A3 - reporting to CMO. Directed 4 value streams and staff that cut across the institutional silos, to lead/facilitate the VSAs, Rapid Improvement Events (Kaizen), projects, and kamishibai (paper audit) processes using practical, direct measurements to support, sustain and standardize. 1st year savings of $660M and >100% ROI.

ESI International, Arlington, VA - Director of Operations and Quality Assurance 2009 to 2011
Managed operations, training logistics & scheduling, quality, corporate travel, supply chain, sourcing spend, publishing vendors & associated processes, inventory/ warehousing, finance (AR/AP), billing/closeout & profit analysis (Streamlined 3 departments for better throughput). Led transformation to organize, standardize, and improve the delivery process for Adult educational services company delivering classroom, online and virtual training. Updated IT systems to support future needs of the Learning Management and Finance systems.

Constellation Energy, Baltimore, MD - Business Process Improvement Sr. PM 2008 to 2009
Developed /taught Corporate Project Risk Management best practices. Led collaborative projects, corporate safety committee and facilitated balanced scorecard process for enterprise supply chain. Developed prioritization process for portfolio management. Coached mgmt. for utility services; bundling and project/capital efficiency opportunities.

DuPont Co, Wilmington, DE  various Leadership/ Managerial / Engineering positions 1987 to 2008
Global Lean Six Sigma Black Belt / Global Supply Chain & Product Manager / IT Business Analyst
IT Operations Manager / IT SAP Data Manager / Sourcing Manager-Toll Manufacturing / Business Manager Kalrez Custom Parts / Development Manager / Engineering Manager / Consultant - joint collaboration w/ Gemini Consulting / First Line Supervisor Nylon / Product Team Manager Halon / Process Engineer Freon / Project & Design Engineer  Savannah River Plant

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - Drexel University

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Operations & Continuous Improvement Leader

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