Bilingual Manufacturing Leadership-LEAN Operations

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Bilingual Manufacturing Leadership-LEAN Operations
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Resume Summary
Management Leadership: LEAN manufacturing, high injection molding, P&L. Bilingual: Spanish/English. Lead plants to new levels of performance, productivity and profitability in world class manufacturing environments, utilizing sharing of best practices, operational excellence and advanced level managing systems. Strong technical skills.


Manufacturing Leadership - Plastics Industry

LEAN Manufacturing " High Injection Molding " P&L " Continuous Improvement " Culture of Accountability

Successful instilling a sense of urgency and leading plants and teams to new levels of performance, productivity and profitability. Operational leader with in-depth experience building highly motivated, cohesive cross-functional teams in "world class" manufacturing environments, utilizing LEAN principles, sharing of best practices, operational excellence and advanced level managing systems. Strong technical, critical-thinking and business development skills combined with the proven ability to align sales requirements, quality and safety standards with rigid customer demands. Adept at guiding teams through change enabling management to bring new ideas to the manufacturing front.

* Led underperforming Los Angeles plant (21 molding machines; 200+ employees) on a LEAN manufacturing journey to resurgence. Converted labor force into engaged, motivated, waste eliminating team members. Slashed $10M from operating budget in first two years.

* Transformed work environments into a culture of safety first. Reduced Days without Loss Time Injury from 30 to 1,800 days at LA plant; decreased Dart rate from 9.0 to less than 1.0; improved modification rate from 131 to 64. Maintained compliance with OSHA guidelines and regulations.

* Designed and launched "caught doing something good" incentive program. Trained managers on how to create engaged teams through collaboration, ownership, training and trust.

* Raised Production Floor IQ. Applied for, won and received California State funding of $670K in training monies over four years under the Employee Training Program (ETP) act. Created plant-wide programs that ensured development of skills required to operate in an increasingly automated/robotic manufacturing environment.

* Self-made leader who worked his way up from entry-level production role within Rehrig Pacific Company to position of well-respected Plant/Engineering Manager in two plants (GA and CA). Simultaneously earned BS in Engineering while working, an endeavor fully endorsed by company ownership.

* Created and implemented advanced machine and auxiliary equipment PM program that prevented catastrophic failure and resolved issue of major production downtime. Rolled out across plants nationwide.

* Employed "What Ever Gets Measured Gets Done" as a successful management tool. Drive efficiency and teamwork utilizing basic Lean Manufacturing principles, Continuous Improvement, 5's, Kaizen, Kanbans, Leader-Standard-Work methods, monthly audits and A3 problem solving techniques.

Leadership Capabilities and Expertise

* Plastics Injection Molding: 250T - 4000T
* Injection Molding Machines: Krauss Maffei, Husky, Cincinnati & Van Dorn
* High Injection Processing
* New Product Development
* Negotiation of Contract Labor Agreements | OSHA
* Operational Efficiency | Consolidation | Benchmarking
* Goal Asset Generated Profitability
* Strategy Design and Execution
* System Analysis/Development | Standardization | SOPs
* Walk Around Management | Hands On Leadership
* Capital Planning | Budget Management

A Career Building and Leading High Performing, Sustainable Manufacturing Systems and Teams

Privately-held global plastic packaging manufacturer serving the soft drink, dairy, bakery, beer, waste and recycling, rigid packaging, chemical, food, grocery, agriculture and distribution industries. Rehrig grew rapidly from $50M to $400M in annual revenues from 1988 to 2013; established position as an innovator in heavily patented sustainable packaging industry.


In this newly created role to support management following mass organizational restructure and loss of major accounts. Oversee daily operations of tool & die, processing and engineering teams in managing new and existing capital projects. Provide guidance to department managers to help coordinate resources and budget accountability.

* Capital Planning. Scrutinized, assessed and prioritized all capital projects. Uncovered areas for cost reductions and managed timeline.

* New Product Launch. Instrumental player in the purchase ($1.5M) of equipment.

* Process Improvements. Developed database and implemented color coded, visual control system that tracked and reduced mold/machine set-ups, unscheduled downtime and cycle times.

* Tool & Die Preventative Maintenance (PM). Maintain 80 molds (stack, single and multiple cavities), production-ready through aggressive preventative maintenance and major service programs that added to the bottom line.

* Innovation. Created and implemented a new PM Schedule that extended PM intervals for all machinery. Initiative reallocated resources saving resources, unscheduled downtime and increased profitability.

* OSHA. Ensured compliance with OSHA guidelines and requirements. Personally handled negotiation and abatement of fines with OSHA.


Faced with challenging market conditions, Rehrig was in a cost-saving mode and the Los Angeles facility was bleeding money. Asked to assume role managing company's largest revenue-producing division: $125M in annual sales, 250K sq. ft., 21 injection molding machines (four halls) and finished product, raw materials stored in three warehouses and one off-site location. Managed nine direct reports (production, shipping, distribution, quality, scheduling, engineering (3) and safety) and 200+ employees. Led day-to-day manufacturing operations; managed P&L/budget, warehousing, shipping, union negotiations and office administration.

* Turnaround. Led facility on a LEAN manufacturing journey and completely turned around organization. Analyzed income statement, assessed and ensured systems were robust and sustainable and implemented solutions-oriented, incentive based culture that eliminated waste, reduced overhead and drove employee trust, buy-in and ownership.

* Strategic Business Planning. Saved $10M in operational costs in first two years in role by reducing contract labor, warehouse consolidation and aggressive PM campaigns. Consolidated 7-machine operation from Tracy, CA to Los Angeles to improve overall cost efficiencies.

* Capital Planning. Led execution and installation of capital projects of up to $3M. Initiated system that increased efficiency and outlined expected ROI.

* Contract Negotiations. Negotiated ratification of bargaining agreement with shop stewards and union representatives tri-annually. Overcame objections and agreed upon bonus based on goal asset generated profitability as condition not included in contract. Program still in place today.

* Improved Plant Layout/Reduced Unscheduled Downtime. Led restructuring activities that resulted in improved efficiencies, manufacturing flow, productivity and profitability. Reduced mold change times from 12 hours to two hours.

* Reduced Reject Rate. Integrated employee incentive program that decreased rejects and increased productivity/profit. Created roll out cart department to oversee details in production of 30lb plastic carts, decreasing reject rate 1% and annual scrap rate by 2%, a 10% improvement in overall productivity for this department.

* Budgetary Cost Savings. Company requested removal of $775K in costs from operating budget in 2009. Elevated focus on efficiency, integrated tracking processes, removed waste and by end of fiscal year, exceeded goal and saved $2.3M. Cost cutting initiatives included adoption of lid racks, elimination of external truck vendors and reassignment of uncovered freight costs.

* Cost of Material Savings. Reduced cost of materials by increasing regrind usage from 2,000 lbs/month to two million + lbs/month, including purchase of qualified regrind at a reduced rate from outside vendors.

* Business Innovation. Applied for, won and received California State funding of $670K in training monies over four years under the Employee Training Program (ETP) act. Created walk around management program, training programs and math/English instruction available for all employees.

* Organizational Restructure. Reduced shipping costs through restructure of shipping department ($6M budget item). Analyzed procedures and methods, hired new personnel, renegotiated trailer rental fees, over-the-road rates and fuel surcharge. Established trailer pools with asset based carriers.

* Innovative Warehouse Consolidation. Decreased outside warehousing costs from $55K/month to $10K/month in 2003 by transitioning storage of finished product from rented warehouse space to company owned truck trailers.

* Safety First. Instituted a culture of accountability. Improved Safety DART rate from 9.0+ to less than 1.0, resulting in lower insurance premiums. Reduced Days without Loss Time Injury from 30 days to 1,800 days, decreasing insurance premiums and workers compensation costs. Met OSHA guidelines; negotiated for successful outcomes.

* Quality & Assurance. Led quality initiatives that guaranteed 10 years of product service while saving costs. Through use of co-injection, produced carts integrated combination high density polyethylene material and quality regrind (20lb/10lb) while maintaining quality standards.

* Inventory Control. Adopted use of Kanbans, maintaining proper inventory levels for all production materials, components, supplies and product.

* Performance Improvement. Developed and rolled out incentive based performance management program focused on goal setting, evaluation, feedback, accountability and training & development.

* Knowledge Transfer. Placed two permanent employees in engineering dept. to ensure continuity of knowledge.

PLANT MANAGER, ATLANTA - Lawrenceville, GA (2000 - 2003)

Promoted to lead 10 high-injection molding machine manufacturing operation in Georgia. In this first time plant management role, drove efficiencies that increased plant profitability. Built an environment of trust and ownership based on incentives. Responsible for 100K square ft. facility producing Castle Crate(r) and roll out carts; 75 employees; $50M in annual sales. Developed and executed annual operating plans. Managed capital projects.

* Capital Projects. Erected an elaborate product conveying system and integrated an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that reduced production labor costs.

* "Outside of the Box" Thinking. Saved millions of dollars in scrap and waste by devising alternative approach to salvaging product rejected by hot stamping process. Initiative rolled out across company nationwide.

DESIGN ENGINEER - Los Angeles, CA (1995 - 2000)

Following completion of engineering degree, promoted to improve design and efficiency of company's trademark Castle Crate(r) and create new and more efficient product. Used CAD program. Worked closely with sales and customers to bring new product to market. Saved millions of dollars by designing a high-speed, light weight Castle Crate(r) (2.3lbs reduced to 1.8lb of plastic used). Designed patent for the 2L Mexican Wave Crate and 65-Gallon Roll Out Cart Separator and Clip. Initial designer for the glass bottle Top-Frame. Designed Hood Vent for Green Waste Roll Out Cart. Developed a 16/20 oz. Pepsi-Cola plastic bottle dispenser.



PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR - Los Angeles, CA (1981 - 1987)

Education and Certifications


LEAN Certification, Rehrig Pacific
Completed all certifications required by State of California

In-Depth Technical Skills: Microsoft Office including Word and Excel (Spreadsheets)

Bilingual: Spanish and English

Community Leadership

Head Coach / Manager / Vice President, Board of Directors (1994 - Present)
ASA-USA/PGF Girls Youth Softball Team "Strike Force"
(12U/18U National Champions 1994 and 2013)
Coordinate team tryouts, selection and activities for this highly competitive team. Secured cumulative $5M in post-secondary scholarships for players; provide focus for organization that continually places in Top-10 nationally.

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Bilingual Manufacturing Leadership-LEAN Operations

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