Sr. Manager - Operations / Logistics / Maintenance

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Sr. Manager - Operations / Logistics / Maintenance
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$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Proven ability to achieve complex operational, financial, and quality objectives. Flawlessly direct maintenance and logistics operations, providing end-to-end prioritization, decision-making, and resource planning. Skilled at establishing performance tracking and quality analysis frameworks to improve and transform operations, processes, and performance.



Flight Line Operations | Air Field Safety & Security
Aviation Facility Management | Aircraft Maintenance

Accomplished, highly versatile leader with proven ability to achieve complex operational, financial, and quality objectives in the aviation sector. Flawlessly direct concurrent aviation maintenance and flight line operations, providing end-to-end prioritization, decision-making, and resource planning/scheduling. Skilled at establishing performance tracking and quality analysis frameworks to improve and transform operations, processes, and performance metrics. Broad technical, operational, team, and program management talents; dynamic communicator and presenter.


* Aviation Operations Management Strategies
* 24/7 Support / Resource Planning
* LEAN-based Performance Optimization
* Aviation Maintenance Supply Operations
* Partner / Vendor / Contractor Relations
* Multimillion-Dollar Budget Administration
* Federal (FAA/TSA) & State Compliance
* Program / Project / Change / Risk Management
* Technical & Professional Training Programs
* Staff & Supervisor Development


US AIR FORCE- Dover AFB, Delaware 12/1990 - Present

Advanced through progressively responsible, 24-year aircraft maintenance operations management for multibillion-dollar aircraft fleets; culminating in the rank of Master Sergeant. Deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Rwanda.

Section Chief - Aircraft Maintenance, 2/2013 to Present

Provide leadership and direction to 6 aircraft maintenance specialties and 225+ military/civilian technicians supporting 18 C-5M aircraft worth nearly $5B. Manage Communication/Navigation, Avionics, Jets, Hydraulics, Electrical, and Aerospace Maintenance work centers and related Crew Chiefs. Define operational procedures; develop and implement work center safety programs and controls supporting occupational safety, fire prevention, occupational health, and environmental health objectives; and control hazardous materials (HAZMAT) items.

Implement all policies, operational instructions, and technical orders. Plan, allocate, schedule, and prioritize maintenance resources; review and submit aircraft maintenance reports. Ensure consistent operational compliance with Air Force and Federal safety and environmental regulations.

Accountable for multimillion-dollar parts/material inventories; manage Consolidated Took Kit (CTK) and Supply Programs; procure, control, store, and manage bench/operating stocks, Alternate Mission Equipment (AME), and Maintenance / Safety / Protective Equipment (MSPE). Perform contractor/vendor relations. Conduct ongoing supervisor and technician training, coaching, mentoring, and performance management. Routinely present to and brief senior operational and executive-level leaders.

Selected Contributions:

* Seamlessly orchestrated staffing across 7 support sections: Supply, Alternate Mission Essential Equipment (AME), Consolidated Took Kit (CTK), Vehicles, Technical Order Distributions, Transient Alert, and Debrief - 24/7 operations.

* Reviewed quality assurance (QA) reports to define improvement initiatives and corrective measures.

* Chosen for interim Line Chief role, directing C-5 and C-17 flight line operations.

* Enabled C-5M surge over 4 weeks to drive the highest utilization rate in 2 years - an 85% home station departure rate and 125% utilization rate.

* Pioneered "Stripes on the Line" program, assigning leaders to all front-line maintenance operations, resulting in the squadron's best inspection ratings; received rating of "Outstanding" for 9 of 12 monthly inspections.

Production Superintendent, 6/2007 to 2/2013

Prioritized and managed production for 18 C-5M aircraft worth $4.3B, leading flying scheduling and maintenance supporting 24/7 flight operations; supervised team of 370 military and civilian aircraft maintenance technicians. Created and implemented aircraft assignments and flying schedules in alignment with mission requirements; chaired daily production meetings and produced daily flying schedule/maintenance logs.

Collaborated with control center to orchestrate maintenance efforts and communicate aircraft maintenance status updates; coordinated extensively with sheet metal, metals tech, aerial frame repair, and fuel cell shops. Held responsibility for disaster response / contingency plan, including aircraft and personnel evacuation procedures.

Selected Contributions:

* Aligned production operations to seamlessly support $2.8B C-5 avionics modernization/upgrade program.

* Slashed maintenance delays by 80% by standardizing aircraft mission launch procedures.

* Transformed work scheduling by inclusion of professional/technical qualifications in the work scheduling database, allowing quicker assignment of tasks to qualified personnel.

* Forged Production Superintendent/Expediter training plan, cutting qualification from 2 months to 3 weeks.

Program Office Manager, 7/2005 to 6/2007

Directed $30M in programs supporting 520-member aircraft maintenance unit responsible for fleet of 20 C-5 aircraft; managed unit Safety, Security, Anti-Terrorism, Training, Resource Management, Readiness, and Facility Management programs, supervising Programs Office team of 7. Managed office expense reporting. Processed security clearances and investigations.

Selected Contributions:

* Oversaw HAZMAT storage and disposal program in compliance with state/federal regulatory requirements.

* Leveraged LEAN methodologies to revamp mobility and security procedures, cutting FTE requirements by 3.

* Orchestrated deployments for 200+ personnel, providing pre-deployment briefings, training sessions, and travel; launched an Excel-based mobility readiness tracking system which slashed the rate of overdue requirements and pioneered a mobility deployment processing/briefing process which cut time by 50%.

* Introduced a universal "shelter-in-place" kit to enable set-up of emergency shelters in less than 30 minutes.

* Drove the building and office layout planning for Dover AFB's new C-17 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

Aerospace Maintenance Technician, 12/1990 to 7/2005

Led aircraft maintenance operations - ground handling, servicing, and maintenance - for military, civilian, and foreign aircraft, including C-5, C-141, C-17, C-21, C-12, KC-10, and KC-135. Tracked arriving and departing aircraft via automated systems to inform parking, crew, and maintenance requirements.

Selected Contributions:

* Led airfield driver training in "follow-me" recovery, towing, and launch operations; created and implemented new C-5 ground handling/maintenance training program for transient military/civilian personnel.

* Overhauled the vehicle follow-me sign controls to eliminate failures during escort processes.


Associate of Arts in Aviation Maintenance Technology, 2014
GPA 3.3 / 4.0

Licensure: Licensed Operator of C355 - TRAC TOW Support Equipment | C601 - Truck-Mounted De-icer | D503 - CR WHLD HYD 15T | L350 - TRAC ACFT TWG MB-2 | C241 - TRK High Lift V 4x2 3T | C600 - Extended Reach De-Icer | C602 - High Reach Maintenance Platform | D502 - Crane 18T Wheel IND | E956 - TRK FL 10K 463L | L315 - TRK Liquid Nitrogen | L354 - TRAC ACFT TWG U&30

Professional Development: LEAN Maintenance Repair & Overhaul, 2010 | Aircraft Maintenance Supervision & Production (Flight Line Operations), 2008 | Maintenance Resource Management, 2007 | OSHA 2250 - Principles of Ergonomics, 2007 | Building Manager Course, 2007 | National Incident Management System, 2006 | Security Manager Course, 2006 | AFSO 21 / LEAN Operations, 2006 | Full Spectrum Threat Response (CBRNE) Course, 2004 | Aircraft Maintenance Safety & Quality Assurance (QA), 2002

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Sr. Manager - Operations / Logistics / Maintenance

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