Director Facilities and Support Services Mgmt.

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Director Facilities and Support Services Mgmt.
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Healthcare Executive with 20 years experience in Leading groups of people toward Developing and Implementing operational programs and regulatory compliance resulting in continuous readiness. Obtained Master's degree, LEED Accreditation, Conflict Mediator Certification, and am a continual learner.


Lead - Develop - Implement compliance and operational programs resulting in continuous readiness.

Technical Skills:
* Lead large-scale Complex Projects involving internal and external Constituents and Matrix Partners
* Lead Engineering Solutions in Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Biomedical Engineering
* Assess and Develop Quality Improvement Programs using Key Performance Indicators
* Apply Creativity in Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: especially in complex situations
* Engage in Master Planning and Capital Project Planning from design phase through commissioning
* Oversee Construction Management: from small renovations to large building programs
* Trained in Leading Edge Technology including Smart Systems (Direct Digital Controls)
* Expert in Healthcare Compliance  continuous readiness through the use of customized Matrices
* Incorporate Energy Efficiencies and Green Initiatives (LEED Accredited)

People Skills:
* Facilitate complex business and technical Team Meetings resulting in enhanced relationships
* Develop Team Building based on Trust and Respect (Participative leadership style)
* Implement Change Management through Change Process Facilitation Techniques
* Engage Conflict Resolution skills incorporating Non-Violent Communications (NVC)
* Inspire Others through recognizing and cultivating Individual and Group Potential
* Transition Support Services into Inspirational Service Departments whose mission is to serve
* Remain Steady and Calm in the face of crisis, emergencies, and hardships
* Embrace Diversity and Inclusiveness as essential to creativity and enjoyment in the work place

Facilities Consultant/Interim Director
- Lead multidisciplinary group through licensing, startup, and operations of new physical plant - facilitated successful Grand Opening as local Fire Dept wanted to halt it 1 day before its opening due to a technicality
- Develop long-term strategic plan for a new organizational design (Healing Environment) that included budgets and staffing plans in which Support Services would combine to provide efficiencies of process
- Implement EOC and CMS compliance programs producing a clear direction for employees

Interim Director of Facilities and Support Services Management
- Lead five depts and served as EOC Safety Officer with minimal staffing and creative collaborations
- Develop long-range planning for SCAQMD and OSHPD compliance regarding seismic upgrades and major infrastructure replacements with a five-year payback and a positive cash flow
- Implement regulatory compliance programs which increased productivity and raised satisfaction scores - plus transitioned Security from outsourced contract to an in-house dept reducing their budget costs by 28%

Owner/Operator Contract Management Company
- Lead proposal development, final sale, and delivery of contractual agreements  offered and delivered these services for 40% less than any other contract mgmt company  clients more than 100% satisfied
- Develop and Implement user friendly and site specific operating and regulatory compliance programs for a diverse portfolio of clients including internationally known healthcare facilities.

System Director of Facility Engineering / Safety Services
- Lead four departments within this multi-hospital system that included off-site buildings and apartments
- Develop a comprehensive management program for all 7 EOC functions, a hospital-wide Safety training program, and a computerized Quality Assurance Inspection process  all this produced standardizations
- Implement a re-org plan that integrated three (3) depts to form efficiencies of process and cost reductions

Corporate Director of Facilities Management
- Lead the formation of their first Facilities and Support Services Division to serve a growing portfolio of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities (grew from 6 to 42 sites nationwide)
- Develop Key Performance Indicators for each site and a continuous readiness program of compliance that met each individual States Dept of Health regulations plus local building and fire codes
- Implement training and competency programs for each site resulting in portfolio standardization

Director of Facilities Services
- Lead two departments (165 employees), a $200mil campus modernization project, and transition of the EVS Dept from a 17-year outsourced contract to in-house mgmt trimming 40% of management staff
- Develop and Implement a new Zone Maintenance concept which integrated two departments and resulted in an increase in productivity and increased customer and employee satisfaction scores

Degree and Certificate Programs:

MS  Healthcare Administration

BS  Business Management

AS  Engineering Technology
following graduation, served as instructor for two years

36 addl graduate credits towards a second Masters in Applied Humanities

LEED Accreditation - USGBC (US Green Building Council)

Certified Plant Engineer
Obtained Professional Certification as CPE

CHFM  Certified Healthcare Facility Manager
In progress  completion date: Oct 2013

Conflict Mediator Certificate

Process Work Certificate
Acquired skills in change management

Professional Practitioner Certificate - Feng Shui
Approved by AIA  American Institute of Architects

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Director Facilities and Support Services Mgmt.

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