Business Operations Manager

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Business Operations Manager
Location Confidential
Southeast USA
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Demonstrated leader with 20 years experience specializing in strategic planning and business management of complex spaceflight programs. Skills include team leadership and mentoring, program planning, cost estimating and analysis, acquisition planning, resources management and control, and workforce management.


Program Analyst, Cost Analysis Division, GS-15 2012  2013
Employer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
One year professional rotational assignment in the Cost Analysis Division of the Office of Evaluation at NASA Headquarters. Managed several commercial research projects and evaluated the potential value to be gained from improving NASA's commercial cost estimating capabilities. Performed cost estimating and analysis of potential commercial projects. Presented briefings to agency executive leadership and interfaced with other government agencies including the Air Force and the National Reconnaissance Office, and commercial companies.

Manager, Commercial Crew Program Control & Integration, GS-15 2011  2012
Employer: NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC), FL
Demonstrated outstanding leadership by establishing a high performing Program Control & Integration team within the Commercial Crew Program at NASA. Provided supervision and leadership of a multi-center cross-functional team responsible for budget planning and execution, development of program plans and processes, workforce management, schedule and documentation management, and external reporting in this unique commercial environment. Activities included developing and integrating the strategic business plan and processes to meet Commercial Crew Program objectives, as well as monthly and quarterly budget performance reports and acquisition strategy development. Advised management on areas of budgetary/financial risk and opportunities and recommended risk mitigation strategies. Managed an annual operating budget of $400 million. Oversaw the development of organizational training modules to educate government employees on the commercial space industry and how to operate as a Smart Buyer. Served as a panel speaker at one of NASAs premier training events, Program Management Challenge 2011, addressing Investment Portfolios: The Business Base for Commercial Crew.

Acting Manager and Resources Lead, Program Systems & Management Office, Space Transportation Planning Office, GS-15 2009  2011
Employer: NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL
Served as Acting Manager of the Program Systems & Management Office of the Constellation Space Transportation Planning Office. Managed the transition from the Space Transportation planning to the Commercial Crew Program for program systems and management. This included developing the program board structure, business processes, financial work breakdown structure and the development of a multi-discipline team across multiple NASA centers.

Assistant, Space Shuttle Program Transition & Retirement, GS 14-15 2007  2009
Employer: NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL
Served in a dual capacity. As Assistant for Space Shuttle Program (SSP) Transition & Retirement (T&R), I was responsible for the overall strategic planning, program and business management and assisting the SSP Transition Manager in making key decisions related to SSP transition and retirement. As Manager of the Sustainment & Transition Office, I was responsible for managing budget integration, cost analysis and schedule risk assessment for SSP T&R, oversight and integration of personal and real property across the Program, and supply chain management.

Assistant, SSP Transition & Retirement Resource Planning & Integration, GS-14
Employer: NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL 2005  2007
Served as Assistant for Space Shuttle Program (SSP) Transition & Retirement (T&R) Resource Planning & Integration. Responsible for advanced business and organizational planning for SSP Transition & Retirement including development of policies and requirements to be issued to Project Elements. Established the financial work breakdown structure and managed SSP T&R operating budget including resources planning, budget authorization and execution across multiple NASA centers. Performed integration and assessment of cost, schedule and staffing levels requirements and coordinated commitments with internal and external organizations.

Business Manager, SSP Service Life Extension Program, GS-14 2004  2005
Employer: NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL
Served as Business Manager for the Space Shuttle Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). Established guidelines and developed strategic plans for SLEP projects across the Shuttle Program. Managed the integration and execution of the annual operating plan and allocated resources across multiple project elements and centers within the Shuttle Program. Identified potential issues to management and recommended corrective actions to mitigate issues in a timely manner.

Program Analyst, SSP Logistics, GS-13 2002  2004
Employer: NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Served as program analyst for the Space Shuttle Logistics Program. Managed budget and allocated resources for the SSP Industrial Engineering for Safety (IES) Program. Served as liaison between Orbiter Project Office and KSC Logistics Office.

Lead Analyst, Financial Mgt., GS 12-13 1995  2000
Employer: NASA White Sands Test Facility, Las Cruces, NM
Served as Finance Officer and program analyst for White Sands Test Facility. Led financial management and analysis, budgetary planning and cost reporting for White Sands Test Facility. Served as certifying officer for the facility and as a member on a Source Evaluation Board for a contract exceeding $200M. Managed multiple appropriations funding for projects including commercial reimbursable projects, agreements with other government agencies and foreign reimbursable projects.

Program Analyst, Orbiter and GFE Project Office, GS 7-12 1990  1995
Employer: NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal - 2012
NASA Exceptional Service Medal - 2010
NASA Silver Snoopy Award  2005
NASA Certificate of Commendation  1998
Employee of the Year (Orbiter and GFE Project Office)  1992

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Ashland College; Magna Cum Laude Graduate
Congressional Operations Briefing Course  2013
Womens Leadership Lab  2010
Business Education Program  2007
Managing the Influence Process  2005
Seminar in Leadership  1999
Federal Appropriation Law  1997
Federal Budget Process  1992

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Business Operations Manager

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