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Resume Summary
Human Resources Generalist with a strong background in employee relations, labor relations, benefits design and compliance, compensation design, organization development, leadership development, legal compliance, business strategy, value creation and M & A due diligence, integration planning and implementation.

Resume Body      VP/DIRECTOR

Global HR Strategic Planning & Operations / Process & Productivity Improvement / HRIS / Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence / Integration Planning / Divestitures / Project Management / Leadership Development / Ethics and Compliance / Business Acumen

Senior HR business partner for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. I will identify opportunities, and design/implement strategies to strengthen your workforce productivity, reduce costs, and improve ROI and profit. I will optimize human/organizational resources to improve value through human capital growth and development. And as an Award-winning leader known for applying exceptional analytical, communication, and leadership skills, I will identify alternative solutions to problems and build strong relationships.


Ethics & Compliance: An HR leader must be able to manage the compliance function while ensuring the business model can operate without interruption. Introduced/implemented Code of Conduct and Learning Management System (LMS) for all global employees, including Board of Directors. Investigated complaints and implemented solutions for corrective action.

Strategic Partner: The HR leader must have strategic thinking capability to guide the organization via strategy planning and development and have the necessary communications skills to clearly convey the strategy to the organization. I will collaborate with executives and business leaders to develop strategic plans and metrics for implementation and communication to all stakeholders.

Compensation and Benefits: Design, develop and implement innovative benefit and compensation plans on a global basis for the salaried workforce (Global Broad Banding, Global incentive compensation, including metrics, cost/benefit analysis and implementation). Negotiated labor agreements with benefit plan changes (Defined Contribution Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, Health & Welfare Plans, etc.) and wage plan changes (Performance based step increases, piece work, etc.). Clear and well defined Vision/Values are imperative for successful implementation.

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures: Conduct due diligence and implement the integration of Human Resource functions and compensation/benefits as part of acquisitions/mergers. Optimize human capital resources while reducing headcount as part of divestitures, consolidations, and global restructuring. Attended GEs Jack Welch Leadership Development Center at Croton-on-Hudson, NY for integration planning and implementation training while negotiating a sale and exchange agreement between Crompton and GE. A well designed and robust integration plan and execution is paramount to future success.

Organization Development: As Leader of the OD function, provide a plan with meaningful leadership development and workforce development training and coaching. All functions within HR should link to the OD function and be transparent (Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, and Succession Planning). Training programs and results must be tracked, measured and add value to the bottom line to ensure future growth and opportunity for the company.

Labor Relations: Exceptional labor relations experience. Worked with diverse unions including the European Works Council, United Food and Commercial Workers, IUOE, Plumbers and Steamfitters, ICWU, OCAW/PACE, IBEW, IAM, Pipefitters, USWA, URWA, NOITU, and Teamsters. Handled grievances and labor relations for union-represented sites. Negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements. Handled arbitration cases. Managed union campaigns for non-represented sites. I will develop a labor relations strategy for ensuring positive employee relations and overall reduced labor cost.

ERP/HRIS/Systems: Mapped and implemented global HRIS systems (SAP, ADP, PeopleSoft, Ceridian), transitioning from a regional to a global platform. Gained approval from the EU for compliance with European Union Privacy Laws. Served as internal consultant to the SAP HRIS team to improve efficiency/effectiveness of the system and to exploit functionality from the system.

Executive Compensation: A trusted advisor to the Chairman, Board, and Compensation Committee on key issues in executive compensation. Recommended/implemented actions for long-term incentive planning, including NQSOs, RSUs, bonus payments, and accounting for taxes. Designed and presented comprehensive reward programs for the management team to the Compensation Committee.


HDS Companies, Inc., Tucson, AZ 2013 -- present
Human Resources Manager, reporting to Owner/President
A privately held Transportation/Logistics company offering contract freight hauling services division for Swift Transportation, a temporary driver services staffing division for local and OTR freight companies, a Consulting Services division offering DOT compliance initiatives for logistics companies and an Education division with accredited CDL trucking driving schools in Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma, AZ.

" Established HR infrastructure including policies, standardized processes/procedures and documentation.
" Championed the turnaround of the Diesel Maintenance Shop to design, develop and implement process improvement initiatives, trained management team in the use of process flow diagrams and improved process efficiencies. Improved process efficiencies resulting in a $30K/month loss to a $30K profit in one month.
" Championed the school accreditation renewal with the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and wrote the accreditation response to ensure our schools meet Commission standards.
" Provide counsel and expertise to President in support of growth initiatives, primarily in business development. Designed tool kit to efficiently and effectively gain new business through a standardized process.
" Designed and implemented ADP Workforce Now HRIS system.
" Conduct vendor management with brokers and carriers to ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA). Develop and analyze plan design for optimal affordable benefit plans and perform cost analysis to ensure affordability for company and employees.
" Participate as senior consultant to President and CFO in all critical business and legal decisions.

Preferred HR Solutions, LLC, Tucson, AZ 2010 -- 2013
Managing Partner
A human resources and management consulting firm specializing in full service business and management consulting.

" Bank of Tucson and Southern Arizona Community Bank, hired to provide management expertise in the divestiture from Capital Bank Corporation and merge the Bank of Tucson and Southern Arizona Bank into one legal entity. Designed and developed the HR infrastructure including Payroll outsourcing, HRIS acquisition and implementation, Benefits vendor selection, program analysis and cost modeling. Provide staffing and recruiting for filling critical officer vacancies.
" Desert Whale Company, an agriculture company growing Jojoba plants and refining the seed oil in the cosmetics industry. Hired to staff hourly positions and build the HR infrastructure. Developed H2A guest worker strategy.

Eurofresh, Inc., Willcox, AZ 2006  2009
Eurofresh is the largest greenhouse operator in North America with annual sales just under $200 million, focused on the production and sale of premium perishable produce items, primarily tomatoes and cucumbers. A turn-around situation, I was recruited and brought into Eurofresh as VPHR by two private equity firms  Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill and Bank of America Capital Investments  then owning a combined 72% of the company.

Vice President, Human Resources
" Established HR infrastructure including policies, standardized processes/procedures, and documentation.
" Developed overall legal compliance initiatives including the design and implementation of an online Learning Management System.
" Led collective bargaining negotiations with UFCW, saving $50K on cost of labor attorney. Redesigned piece rate system to improve productivity. Improved productivity 25% and reduced cost-of-labor to 2005 levels.
" Built leadership development environment and culture of accountability, ownership, and high performance.
" Designed/deployed recruiting strategy, attracting/retaining hard-to-find legally documented workers.
" Implemented training program, increasing productivity 25% while reducing labor costs 10%.
" Designed compensation plan linking compensation, benefits and workforce development (including performance management and succession planning). Improved turnover rates from 15% to eliminating turnover among salaried group.
" Changed compensation system from 37-grade system to seven broad-bands linked to performance management and succession planning process.
" During November 2009, successfully completed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and plan of reorganization.

Chemtura/Crompton Corp., Middlebury, CT 2002  2005
Chemtura is a $3.7B global specialty chemical company with 7300 employees. Reported to the Chairman and CEO. Crompton Corporation purchased Uniroyal Chemical, Witco and Great Lakes Chemical to form Chemtura Corporation. Product offerings include Plastics Additives, Vinyl Additives, Rubber Chemicals/EPDM, Petrolatum, Petroleum Additives, Refined Products, Flame Retardant Polymers and Crop/Agrichemicals.

VP HR & Executive Officer
" Integrated three recently acquired companies. Closed one headquarters and transferred staff to other locations. Integrated policies and benefits plans.
" Conducted HR due diligence and negotiated the Purchase and Exchange Agreement with General Electric to sell off $1B Organosilicones division. Did exchange agreement with GE for two plastics additives manufacturing facilities, in West Virginia and The Netherlands, as part of purchase.
" Sponsored three Six Sigma projects in HR. Provided Green and Black Belt training for several key personnel before designing and leading projects using Six Sigma principles.
" Designed new global organizational structure, eliminating need for regional leadership (EAME, Asia Pacific, and North and South America) and overhead staff. Achieved more than $50M in SG&A savings.
" Led development of global HRIS system.
" Conducted analysis and presented HR synergies as part of due diligence on acquisition of Great Lakes Chemical Company (GLCC). Saved $1M on group benefit plans, approximately $6M on retiree medical savings, and $1M on executive plan savings as well as $10M in total functional savings on a global basis.

Millennium Chemicals, Inc.
A $1.5B chemical manufacturing company with 4000 global employees. Led HR function for North and South America, including corporate office and R&D facilities. Represented 3 Operating Divisions (Petrochemicals, Inorganics and Specialty)
Products: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Urethanes, Vinyl Acetate Monomers, Methanol/Ethanol, Titanium Dioxide and Flavors & Fragrances.
Director, Human Resources  Americas, Hunt Valley, MD Corporate (1998-2002)
" Member of the Deal Team for conducting due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.
" Designed and implemented Centers of Excellence (COE) in Baltimore, MD headquarters for HR to become corporate function.
" Received Chairmans Award for innovative collective bargaining technique utilized at Ashtabula, OH and Hawkins Point, MD with the USWA.
" Created Broad Banding structure, transitioning compensation from seven independent global regions to one global system.
Director, HR, Cincinnati, OH Millennium Petrochemicals (1996-1998)
" Designed new organization after formation of Equistar joint venture with Lyondell Petrochemicals. Designed and implemented shared services for three operating divisions out of Cincinnati, OH, saving $540K.
Manager HR. Cincinnati, OH Millennium Petrochemicals (1989-1996)
" Led division-wide HR, serving 3500 employees. Served as Chief Spokesperson for all union sites.


" Chairmans Award, Millennium Chemicals, Inc.
" Award of Excellence, Millennium Chemicals, Inc.
" Participated in the Opening Bell Ceremony for Chemtura at the NYSE
" Member of SHRM
" 2015 HDS Companies awarded Best Place To Work for large employers in Tucson, AZ


" BS in Psychology, Western Illinois University.

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