Human Resources Leader - Proven Results

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Human Resources Leader - Proven Results
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$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Seasoned executive possessing unique blend of intelligence, people skills, business acumen and common sense with a strong finance background. Consistent track record of producing innovative strategic HR solutions for dynamic, growing companies. Hands on leader with strong relationship building skills.


People + Performance Strategies = High Impact Results

Assertive and dynamic Human Resources leader with over 15 years of strategic human resources experience and a strong grounding in finance that facilitates balanced decision-making from both financial and humanistic perspectives. Proven knack for developing and managing robust, first-rate human resource initiatives that positively impact the bottom line - saved over $8 million for a manufacturing conglomerate while improving quality of programs and benefits. Excellent in-depth understanding of government regulations affecting benefit plans and corporate HR policies. Deep-rooted belief that human capital is the cornerstone of a world-class organization.

Areas of proven ability include performance management*talent development & management*succession planning*acquisition integration*employee communications*benefit plans* labor/union relations*vendor negotiations*HRIS*recruitment*compensation, bonus and incentive plans*regulatory compliance*acquisitions & divestitures*multimillion-dollar budgets.

Experience and Achievements:

Mandeville, LA
September 2012  Present

Privately held, Japanese-owned Agricultural Services concern whose business units include grain handling, crop insurance, financial services, marine/logistics/terminals, soybean processing and fertilizer sales. CGB has approximately 125 locations and 2,000 employees throughout the Mississippi river system.

Human Resources Director
Recruited into a revamped leadership role to design and implement a new strategic direction, positioning the company for rapid future growth. Responsible for the strategic direction and tactical management of Human Resources, including talent/performance management, organizational development, recruiting, training and development, benefits, payroll and compensation and employee relations. Lead a staff of 10 direct and 9 indirect corporate and field HR professionals.

" Implemented an automated benefits enrollment platform  shortly after joining company, jettisoned an ongoing 1.5 year failed implementation, turned course to a successful platform and recouped $40,000 in fees from the failed system vendor.

" Updated and streamlined health benefit plan design, including the addition of a CDHP/HSA option in 2014, resulting in stabilized plan costs and no plan design changes/contribution increases for 2015.

" Upgraded 401(k) service provider, resulting in better administrative and participant service and a lower fee structure.

" Replaced underutilized learning management and performance management tools (Cornerstone) with an end-to-end talent management system (Halogen) at no additional cost (added recruiting, eLearning, performance appraisal, succession and job description modules).

" Introduced concept of single sign-on (SSO) to eliminate multiple usernames/passwords for multiple HR systems. Worked with IT to ensure SSO was introduced to company concurrent with Talent Management system implementation.

" Redesigned college recruiting strategy with a focused branding campaign  CGB  We Have Work To Do. Showcased company culture and individualized new hire experience. Campaign resulted in higher quality candidates, increased intern-to-fulltime hire headcount (3 in 2013, 10 in 2014) and higher number of full-time candidates accepting job offers.

Baton Rouge, LA
June 2010  August 2012

Fortune 500 engineering and construction industry leader with approximately 28,000 employees worldwide. Prior to being acquired by Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB&I), the company was a leading global provider of engineering, construction, technology, fabrication, remediation and support services for clients in the energy, chemicals, environmental, infrastructure and emergency response industries.

Senior Benefits Manager
Responsible for strategic design and tactical management of companys medical and prescription plan (over $140 million annual claims/expenses), welfare plans, retirement plans (over $300 million in assets) and leaves of absence programs. Lead a staff of 8 benefits and leaves professionals in designing, implementing and executing strategic benefits and leaves initiatives, internationally and in the US.

" Realigned Benefits and Leave of Absence teams, upgrading talent and balancing workloads for more efficient execution of day-to-day tactical functions.

" Identified gaps in Leave of Absence termination and benefit billing processes, capturing $500,000 in unpaid/uncollected benefit premium payments.

" Implemented a Dependent Eligibility Audit of self-funded medical/prescription plan, projected to save $1 million  $3 million savings actualized.

" Realized $6 million in savings through replacement of ASO vendor. Reduced health plan cost by 10% through implementation of consumer choice and plan design changes.

Marietta, GA
Feb 2008  Jan 2009

$300 million last mile delivery/transportation private equity owned start-up serving The Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, JCPenney and other large retail and manufacturing customers.

Vice President of Human Resources
Recruited for newly created Executive role to identify and execute tactical and strategic human resources initiatives for rapidly growing transportation company. Responsible for integrating HR processes (payroll, recruitment, employee relations, benefits administration) from three recently acquired/legacy companies into one cost-effective, easy-to-access and administer platform.

" Introduced leadership development practices, including leadership competency evaluation, creating "future leaders" academy to train top talent on leadership and management strategies.

" Centralized and standardized performance management process, creating common evaluation platforms and formats, automated on company intranet.

" Introduced 360 evaluation to gather leadership data for upcoming, first-time-ever leadership talent review/succession planning meeting.

" Rebuilt incumbent HR team to align with a progressive strategic versus transactional service model. Outsourced benefits administration allowing better allocation of internal resources.

Atlanta, GA
Jun 2004  Jan 2008

$2.1 billion concrete building products manufacturer - a subsidiary of Oldcastle, Inc.

Vice President of Human Resources
Promoted to a newly created, unsupported and unstructured role with minimal resources and a challenge to create and execute the human capital strategy for a subsidiary doubling in size every 5 years.

Oversaw human resources for a $2.1 billion manufacturer with 8,000 employees comprised of 2,500 salaried and 5,500 hourly employees across 206 locations in the US and Canada. Lead a team of 3 direct reports and 8 regional HR dotted line reports. Managed a $6 million HR budget and a $12 million health care plan budget.

" Managed a year-long, 4-course program on leadership and management strategies, held training sessions ranging from 1-on-1 for top executives to groups of up to 100+ that included topics such as benefits, compliance, HR systems and job functions. Ensured seamless integration of 15+ company acquisitions through HR policy/process due diligence.

" Introduced a formal performance management system that replaced disparate criteria and processes from 40 companies, boosted productivity 10% and saved 80% in hiring costs by implementing an online job posting system. Gained executive management buy-in on a $250K project and led cross-functional team in project execution. Company recognized as an early adopter of performance management best practices within the building materials industry.

" Created a structured talent management/succession planning process that placed 33% of identified successors in new roles within 6 months and saved $400,000 in recruiting fees.

" Strengthened employee relations by demonstrating a corporate commitment to career development and pathing. Developed the platform to groom internal talent vital to maintaining the company's #1 and #2 rank in its markets.

" Identified and executed a marketing strategy that distinguished APG as an employer of choice for job recruiting fairs, saving hundreds of thousands in recruiting fees. Both college and military collateral pieces won gold Addys (excellence in Advertising/PR industry award), with military piece also winning 1 of 5 "Best in Show" awards. Tapped into a pipeline of viable talent that was strategically vital to meeting the company's long-term performance and growth goals.

" Increased marginal 401(k) plan participation and avoided potential future failure on IRS discrimination testing by adding an auto enrollment feature and deferral escalator provision. Rolled out communication campaign to targeted employees and plan participants. Turned around participation from 61% to 96%, beating industry norm of 76%. Restored opportunity for highly compensated employees to contribute at maximum levels and saved money by eliminating need to establish a separate non-qualified plan for executives.

" Reversed poor perception of company communication with employees by designing a company-wide newsletter that focuses on new products, company initiatives, recent acquisitions, success stories and employee special interest features. Launched an effective venue to communicate company programs and strategic plans that impact all employees.

Atlanta, GA
April 2000- June 2004

$6.7 billion North and South American holding company of international building materials manufacturer, CRH PLC

Corporate Benefits Director
Brought on board to fill a newly created role-- where no corporate HR/Benefits function previously existed-- to streamline and manage multiple health and retirement plans. Oversaw corporate risk functions that included worker's compensation, general liability, automobile and excess insurance lines. Acted as HR consultant entity-wide, providing guidance general human resource issues and project management support. Started company's first benefits committee to facilitate product group input.

" Merged 21 401(k) plans with combined assets of $85+ million into a "super plan" in just 9 months, saving over $200,000 annually in administrative fees. Concurrently added a 401(k) plan for an acquisition at CEO's directive in just 2 months. Upgraded plan service levels by automating most services and contracted with a TPA to provide all support services. Leveraged economies of scale to secure most competitive deal, and greatly decreased risk of IRS and DOL non-compliance.

" Consolidated 4 disparate group health/welfare plans into a single 10,000-employee self-funded plan, generating savings of $7 million and stabilizing claims costs. Gained buy-in and consensus from regional and product group CFOs by demonstrating cost-savings. From 2003 to 2006, maintained average health care cost of $4,500 per employee versus national average of $5,800.

" Overhauled incomplete and obsolete employee handbooks and created new handbook template. Ensured companies were covered legally while allowing for customization by each entity.

" Negotiated an improved group term life insurance contract that increased coverage from an average of $10,000 to 1x pay at a 50% lower premium.

Atlanta, GA
1998 - 2000

One of the nation's leading media and communications companies with 60,000+ employees.

Benefits Manager
Joined an organization in dire need of functionality and solid benefits administration. Managed 6 member team in the administrative of complex, fully insured cafeteria plan covering 30,000 employees and 3,500 retirees.

" Designed and implemented 3 innovative benefit programs: long-term care, part-time medical and domestic partner plans. Addressed challenge of pressure from special interest groups in benefits design, and positioned the company as progressive employer that valued a diverse workforce.

" Ironed out service, cost and claims issues with health and welfare provider that resulted in 25% improvement in service levels and a 10% increase in timeliness and accuracy of claims payments.

Atlanta, GA
1994 - 1998

Federal regulator of pension and welfare benefit plans under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

Senior Auditor
Acted as team lead in enforcement of ERISA, COBRA , HIPAA and other employee benefit related laws. Monitored and audited private pension and welfare benefit plans.

Education & Professional Certifications

Masters of Business Administration, Risk Management and Insurance concentration

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS)

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

Professional Affiliations

Member, ATD
Member, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Speaker, 2007 Profit Sharing Council of America Annual Conference - Mergers and Acquisitions - Opportunities and Challenges

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