Experienced HR Business Partner and Consultant

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Experienced HR Business Partner and Consultant
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Resume Summary
An accomplished senior HR professional. Background includes HR transformations, compliance, performance management, people development, employee relations, and strategic HR. In 18+ years of experience, supported c-suite clients in a variety of industries including retail, medical, automotive, travel, finance, & legal.



Versatile human resources executive with proven leadership ability, deep knowledge in HR disciplines, and comprehensive management experience and understanding of business beyond the HR function to influence the overall organization. Excellence in effective employee relations, compliance, best practices, and people development has been demonstrated through deeply collaborative human resource delivery processes.


Business Acumen Conflict Resolution HR Compliance Employment Best Practices Interview and Selection
Organizational Development Employee Onboarding and Retention Process Improvement Training
Change Management Strategic Problem Solving


Baltimore, MD November 2014  Present
Human Resources Manager / Consultant
Managing consultant for a multi-million dollar business unit of BBSI (NASDAQ: BBSI), a leading provider of business management solutions, including HR outsourcing and professional management consulting. BBSI works with more than 3,000 clients across all industries in 23 states.
Act as a trusted advisor to business owners, providing guidance, training, and support to clients in the areas of strategic human capital management, employment law compliance, benefits administration, employee relations, organization development, Workers Compensation administration, and the overall development of best practices in human capital management.

Washington, DC February 2012  November 2014
Management & HR Consultant
Managing consultant supporting human resources business processes including HR Transformations within Accentures Talent and Organization / Change Management offering. Accenture is one of the worlds leading organizations providing global management consulting, technology and outsourcing services, with approximately 289,000 employees; offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 56 countries; and net revenues of $28.6B in fiscal 2013.
Led and managed teams for large scale change management, training, and communications work streams that enabled clients to successfully plan for and manage change by bringing proven strategies and best practices. Applied methods-based, data-driven, tailored solutions to increase sustainability of successful organizational change.
Proactively collaborated with clients on HR issues by combining broad and deep human resources and industry knowledge with functional capabilities and an analytics-based approach to identify workforce needs in light of business goals and dramatically improve performance through integrated talent, HR, and organizational change.
Managed projects for a client portfolio which included The Hartford (Training Lead), BMW (HR Consultant), Marriott (Training and Change Management Lead), Bristol-Myers Squibb (Organization Design Managing Consultant), and InterContinental Hotels Group (Training Lead).

Baltimore, MD September 2010  February 2012
Human Resources Business Partner
Client Account Lead and Business Partner providing HR services and client relationship management at all levels to ensure that ADP successfully collaborated with clients to help them achieve their goals.
Provided HR process and best practices coaching including strategic HR, preventative management, training, career development, recruitment process, conflict resolution, new employee orientation, and performance evaluations.
Labor Law Compliance expert including Employee Manual development, disciplinary action, and policy development.
Provided strategic planning and consultation to help clients develop and align employees with their corporate mission and vision using proven business strategies and initiatives including preventative management, performance evaluations, labor law compliance, manager / employee development and training, and project implementation.

Buffalo, NY July 2009  September 2010
Senior Human Resources Generalist
Employee Relations Specialist and member of the Senior HR leadership team, with responsibility for the delivery of HR programs and services to Women & Childrens Hospital of Buffalo supporting Kaleida Healths strategic initiatives.
Managed Employee Relations processes in compliance with corporate HR policies, including policy interpretation and labor relations strategies.
Administered labor contracts and coordinating grievance responses with managers, representing Kaleida at upper level and/or second step grievance meetings.
Led Hospital Change Strategy initiative to properly align patient satisfaction goals and assist leaders in developing skills and leadership competencies necessary to attain desired results.
Enabled System and Process Change by consulting with leadership team to manage and execute workforce re-engineering initiatives through large-scale process change via a modified balanced scorecard approach. Shaped and aligned desired behaviors, identified performance gaps, and standardized processes to achieve consistent results.

Amherst, NY February 2006  January 2009
Client Director of Human Resources (2008)
Developed and managed all aspects of a functioning HR department for an 80-business unit client operating in three US states with planned operations in a fourth state.
Identified $2.1M in potential State and Federal liability from bad or non-compliant employment practices including labor and wage issues, FLSA misclassifications, compliant document retention, critical training gaps, and possible discrimination issues.
Reduced 90% financial liability within one year using various methods consisting of management training and development, standardized employee pay practices, performance reviews, hiring criteria, and application of consistent compliant medical, FMLA, and ADA guidelines.
Created and implemented an electronic onboarding process designed to reduce errors and save up to 75% of labor costs associated with the registration of new hire employees.
Served as On-Site Human Resources Consultant and Director of HR for Kainos Partners. Created a highly effective HR department that supported nearly 80 business units in 4 states.

Human Resources Consultant (2006  2008)
Consulted with more than 200 businesses on all human resource processes and practices including preventative management, training, career development, recruitment process, conflict resolution, new employee orientation, disciplinary action, performance evaluations, Employee Manual development, and labor law compliance.
Created and implemented a comprehensive HR Assessment Tool designed to analyze business policies, practices and procedures for potential compliance liability and to deliver Best Practice recommendations. Realized over $2M in potential client liability on first use. The tool became a standard business offering to all new clients.
Designed and facilitated a full curriculum of management training courses to individual learners and large groups on topics including performance management and coaching, interview and selection, time management, and employee performance evaluations.
Lead Consultant for discrimination claims at both NY State Division of Human Rights and Federal EEOC for four separate clients. Each claim was either dismissed or settled for less than 10% of the original claim liability.

Buffalo, NY September 1995  February 2006
Human Resources Manager (1998  2006)
Managed a store-level HR Team for over 700 employees at a Fortune Best 100 Company to provide a profitable, compliant, fair, harassment-free and union-free work environment. Deep-rooted corporate people practices values and advised in all human resource processes, including staffing, training, career development, succession planning, conflict resolution, and legal compliance.
Reduced voluntary turnover by approximately 40% through rigorous employee surveys, training needs analysis, exit interviews, continuous improvement and employee development plans.

Wegmans United Way Campaign Coordinator (2000  2006)
Managed multiple United Way campaigns in New York and Pennsylvania for over 4,000 employees. Recognized multiple times as one of Buffalos Top 5 United Way campaigns.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 2004
Bachelor of Arts in Communication State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 1999

Society for Human Resource Management, Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), 2015  Present
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), 2011  Present


Member, Pi Sigma Epsilon (national professional honor society for marketing, sales management, and selling)
Member, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM); Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association (BNHRA); and Chesapeake Human Resources Association (CHRA)

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Experienced HR Business Partner and Consultant

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