Vice President / General Manager APAC Fortune 500

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Vice President / General Manager APAC Fortune 500
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$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Strategic ability to balance long-term goals with short-term objectives to achieve exceptional brand equity and profitability. Expanded markets/grown revenues in developed and emerging markets in Asia Pacific-Europe-the Middle East and Africa. Managed start-up operations and large multicultural teams.


Creating strategic and tactical solutions for high-profile companies that lead to transformational change, multimillion-dollar sales and profit growth, team performance optimisation, and a foundation for long-term growth.

19+ years of leadership with 2 world-renowned Fortune 500 corporations. Success in meeting and exceeding sales/profit goals for high-profile consumer products.

▄ Directed sales, marketing, finance, HR, IT, and operations functions within global environments, with advanced knowledge in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and European markets.

▄ Motivational team leader who can inspire diverse groups of employees to reach their highest potential. Exceptional ability to lead change, including transitioning employees following mergers.

▄ Rigorous approach to problem solving, with the ability to create effective alternatives when faced with complex issues such as competitor encroachment, downturn economies, and natural disasters.

A strong leader who has quickly earned the respect of his direct reports&mixes with ease with all peoples/cultures in the APAC regionČ afraid to tackle difficult issues&very committed to results&very strong in development and execution of strategy & a proven track record in developing people and strong teams&one of our most global leaders.
Excerpts from Performance Evaluation across Multiple Criteria Categories


Vice President/General Manager, Newell Consumer Group, Asia Pacific, 2012-March 2013

Promoted to hold full P&L responsibility for $220+ million business operation in Asia-Pacific, reporting to the Global President of the Consumer Group. Lead team of 8 direct, 4 dotted line, and 527 indirect reports. Provide overall leadership across company-operated and distributor-based markets, spearheading expansion and partnership efforts. Provide input in product development and devise go-to-market strategic plans.

" Grew revenues by decentralising business management for the Rubbermaid and Goody brands from Hong Kong into key growth markets (Malaysia, Japan, and China)
- Drove 91% growth in distributor markets.
- Grew Malaysian revenues 100% and increased sales in Japan by 33%.
- Reduced distribution and transportation costs a projected 40% by changing
warehouse partner.

" Delivered double-digit POS growth for the Fine Writing business in Japan and China. Results included 50+% growth for Parker and 25+% increase for Waterman in Japan; 30+% growth for Parker in China.

" Improved planning and partnerships with key customers, including a category exclusivity agreement with K-Mart, by modifying customer strategies in Australia and New Zealand.

" Increased southern Malaysias sales 50+% in 6 months by building and implementing a regional closed market model test in which a CPG distributor was appointed to manage distribution.

Vice President/General Manager, Newell Office Products Group, Asia Pacific, 2009-2011

Promoted to hold full P&L accountability for the $200 million+ OP Group. Managed team of 8 direct and 460 indirect reports, including Regional General Managers. Worked jointly with various global business units to ensure consumer-meaningful products for continued brand growth.

" Improved employee engagement by leading development of One Newell Rubbermaid culture across the region. Collaborated with HR in training and communication initiatives.

" Grew the writing business in Southeast Asia 17% in 2012 despite a macro slowdown in both Malaysia and Thailand. Led build-out of framework to determine category optimisations and product adaptations.

" Increased market share for Parker in Japan from 13% (2009) to 37.8% (2012) through a strategy that included executive changes and delivery of a consistent Parker Experience.
- New product platform launch delivered Parker POS growth of 100+% vs. prior
year in Q4 2011.
- Profitability gain allowed for opportunity to increase consumer-facing

" Reduced SKUs from 21,000 to 6,500 and decreased E&O costs from 12.9% in 2009 to 4.4% in 2012. Led project that harmonised SKU codes region-wide and instituted regional SKU control.

" Improved channel and price management in China. Drove 41% sales growth by resetting distribution focus around key tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in China.

Vice President of Sales, Newell Office Products Group, Asia Pacific, 2007-2009

Promoted to oversee sales and channel marketing activities within $150 million+ division, leading team of 430 and managing brands that included Parker, Waterman, Paper:Mate, Sharpie and Dymo. Directed market/brand development and market entry/expansion strategies and built/developed country teams.

" Optimised region for potential sales growth through organisational restructuring.

" Facilitated 60+% average sales increase for Parker through promotional events
within selected department stores in tier 1 and 2 cities. Maintained continued sales uplift in following months.

" Increased sales and operating income by 8% vs. the prior year by refining tactics to pull forward business and drive double-digit growth in the first half of the year in the midst of global financial crisis.

" Generated sales increase of over $5 million in first year following reassertion of the companys trademark rights for the Mongol brand (#1 pencil brand in the Philippines) and change in business model.

General Manager: UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, 2006-2007

Held full P&L responsibility for the $100M Office Products Group across multiple European regions, supervising 3 direct, 5 dotted-line, and 47 indirect reports.

" Halted 3 years of decline and delivered 12% sales growth by rebuilding marketing team, upgrading team leadership, and driving successful Back-to-School Program. Received Presidents Award in Europe.

" Generated 20% annual sales growth within #1 customer for stationery in the UK following implementation of research project that included in-store observation and layout changes.

" Developed re-launch plan for Sharpie in the UK that led to a doubling of sales in 2007 vs. prior year.

Country Manager, Former Soviet Union, 2003-2005

In charge of all activities for the Office Products business across the Former Soviet Union, supervising 5 direct (Sales Director, Marketing Director, Finance Director, Supply Chain Manager, IT Manager) and 34 indirect reports. Established and executed strategies for market entry and expansion, partnership building, brand development, and strategic plan/budget management. Built, developed, motivated, and empowered the team for ongoing success.

" Returned compounded net sales growth of over 20% vs. European Group sales downturn by changing business model from offshore to country market model.

" Gained entry into key accounts with core range and secured entry/strong presence in stationery and book stores by conducting research on the potential opportunity for the Paper:Mate brand in Russia. Developed and implemented the entry plan, leveraged partners and expanded warehouse space.

Business Manager, Former Soviet Union, Mediterranean Region & India, 2001-2002

Retained following acquisition to manage transition of distributor network from Gillette to Newell Rubbermaid. Supervised 5 direct reports and managed brands that included Parker, Waterman, and Paper:Mate. Set up an office in Moscow and assembled the team.

" Expanded sales by 20% following Gillette-to-Rubbermaid transition in Russia.

GILLETTE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; London, UK and Johannesburg, South Africa 1993-2000

Business Director, Stationery Products Group - Middle East, 1998-2000

Initially transferred as a manager before earning promotion to director-level. Managed distributor markets across the Middle East region, leading team of 5 direct management reports with 2 additional dotted line reports. Accountable for sales budget of $9.5 million spanning the Parker, Waterman and Paper:Mate brands.

" Built first marketing function and developed/executed marketing strategy to provide support to distributor base.

" Drove sales and brand share gains by establishing localized marketing plans for each region, taking care to address specific cultural and competitive issues; gained buy-in from distributors and sales teams.

" Forged strategic partnership with McDonalds, clearing 6,000 units of discontinued inventory through a give-away campaign that also raised brand awareness via $500K worth of free marketing.

" Developed new distribution in the mens traditional clothing retailer channel in Saudi Arabia, creating a pilot program that was successful rolled out across the kingdom.

" Expanded the B2B channel for Parker by forging a promotional partnership with a well-known manufacturer of Arabic headgear. Secured extensive coverage in media (TV, print, radio) and in-store.

Business Development Mgr, Stationery - Former Soviet Union, Central & Eastern Europe, 1996-1998

Brought in to develop marketing strategies and plans for newly emerging markets, collaborating with regional business leaders to ensure implementation.

" Boosted gross margin by implementing price harmonization strategy to reduce parallel trading.

" Rationalized product portfolio, dramatically improving product mix and capitalizing on launch synergies.

" Beat sales and profit targets after developing full-year marketing program that included specific promotions and product launches.

Marketing Director, Stationery - Southern Africa, 1993-1996

Managed marketing across entire Southern Africa region with matrix responsibility for P&L. Established marketing department for newly acquired business, driving continued sales of existing brand while adding two new product lines.

" Launched the Waterman brand, competing successfully with other established brands.

" Delivered sustainable growth in excess of targets each year by building a strong, engaged marketing team and developing strategic marketing plans.


Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree - Marketing: University of Natal, South Africa, 1991
Bachelor of Commerce Degree: University of Natal, South Africa, 1987-1990
Direct Marketing Diploma, Honours: Direct Marketing Association of South Africa, 1992
Post-Graduate Diploma, Advertising: International Advertising Association, 1992
Member of Newell Rubbermaid CEO Forum, 2011-2012

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Vice President / General Manager APAC Fortune 500

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