Top Technology Leader

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Top Technology Leader
Location Confidential
Northeast USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
SENIOR TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE delivering ability to blend theory to practical execution. Partnering with business functions and executives building competitive advantage. Maintaining strategic vision while acting tactically. Providing organizational change through alignment of business objectives and technology.


1802 Spruce Street
Hamilton, New Jersey 08610
(609) 462-5987


SENIOR TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE delivering the unique ability to blend theory to practical execution. Partnering with business functions and executive management to build competitive advantage. Maintaining strategic vision and leadership while acting tactically. Providing catalyst for organizational change through alignment of business objectives and enterprise technology. Attracting and coaching high-caliber talent for entrepreneurial ventures and the Fortune 500. Innovating with an insatiable need to learn and unstoppable desire to solve business challenges.


Strategic Planning; Best Practices and Standards; Business Process Improvement; Emerging Technologies; Executive Leadership; Team Building and Mentoring; Outsource/Offshore Management; Vender/Partner Negotiation


Custom Development and Integration; Agile Methods and Management Techniques; Domain Driven Design (DDD); Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); Technology Acquisition; Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC); Web, Mobile, n-Tier Client-Server Environments; Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW); Object-Oriented Architectures; Cloud, Hosted and Thin-Client Platforms; High Availability and High Scalability; Business Continuity; Data Center Planning and Migration; Digital Asset/Content Management Systems;


Consultant 2012-present
" Transformed bricks-and-mortar distribution business to eCommerce. Launched eCommerce platform. Integrated SaaS inventory and management processing platform. Automated multi-channel fulfillment and multi-warehouse distribution.
" Advised on product development best practices. Personal medical record (PMR) company prepared for beta launch. Outlined user interactions, selected technology platforms, on-boarded offshore talent, and designed security and HIPAA compliance.
" Established strategy to enable next stages of growth. Medical practice SaaS provider required stability review and system usability assessment. Recommended process improvement for support, change management, and requirement prioritization.
" Prepared management for investor presentations. Medical specialist search provider secured next stage funding. Coached on industry standard search characteristics, integration strategies, multi-tenant platforms, and database architectures.

MUSIC CHOICE, Horsham, Pennsylvania 2008-2012
Senior Director, Application Development 2010-2012
Director, Application Development 2008-2010
" Created and executed multi-year strategic roadmap. Partnered with product management and executive leadership to align technology with business objectives. Prioritized projects with customer collaboration enabling strong market opportunities.
" Architected worlds first fully automated broadcast network supporting 54 million homes. Introduced enterprise architecture, virtualized infrastructure (IaaS) and integration of emerging technologies. Launched web, mobile, social, and cloud products.
" Improved time-to-customer delivery. Procured central asset management storage and distribution system. Implemented business process orchestration technology automating inefficiencies. Facilitated prioritization and escalation initiative.
" Championed ability to pursue rapidly changing market drivers. Introduced hybrid agile/lean methodologies and promoted standards. Streamlined change and release management through continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD).
" Improved cost to market. Discovered, evaluated, and on-boarded numerous vendors, COTS, and outsourced providers. Evaluated and communicated buy/build decisions. Managed deliverable of services, talent, infrastructure, and software.
" Recruited and coached high-caliber talent. Assembled developers, architects, QA, and PM resources. Instituted industry best practices and current technology frameworks. Built culture of professionalism and innovation.

DOTPHOTO ENTERPRISE, West Trenton, New Jersey
Vice President of Application Development 2007-2008
" Managed return to profitability. Created and managed business strategy. Implemented and executed strategy to migrate company to cash positive B2C technology competitor in highly fractured space.
" Upgraded eCommerce systems to support new users. Designed and outsourced development of future SOA architecture. Restructured around third-party tools and outsourced vendors. Secured online cart transactions.
" Managed outsourced relationships. Commoditized architectural elements and leveraged third parties and outsourced vendors (e.g. CRM) to maintained goal of lean operations. Integrated core components into design and implementation.

Director Product Management 2006-2007
" Restructured start-up organization into profitable B2C business. Participated in trade show and client negotiations. Increased numbers of clients and improved reliability of software with quadruple improvement to revenue.
" Negotiated strategic industry alliances. Identified and pursued relationships with other complimentary industry organizations to improve unique selling proposition for company.
" Streamlined company operations. Restructured contracts, business plan, and P&L. Centralized and digitally controlled company documentation, providing viable legal documents, as well as forecasted profit and loss statements.

NAVIGANT CONSULTING, INC., Chicago, Illinois 1998-2006
Associate Director 2003-2006
Senior Engagement Manager 2002-2003
Senior Technology Consultant 1998-2002
" Rescued $6M major development effort. Requested opportunity to take over IT management. Analyzed causes of failure. Implemented programming methodologies and automated tools. Added new features and client capabilities.
" Supervised HIPAA compliance audit. Reviewed security measures of infrastructure and personnel. Produced recommendations for software/hardware improvements. Negotiated with vendors for needed upgrades.
" Generated $3M in new business. Updated multi-company insurance claims application via physical media distribution to web-based system. Converted client/server into thin client web-hosted product infrastructure.
" Architected enterprise-grade solution to replace legacy systems. Re-engineered multi-system legacy operation through architecting full SOA object-oriented n-tier implementation. Designed improved workflow, integrating imaging, reporting, and accounting modules. Distributed web-based and client-server architecture for three-year project.
" Served as project manager of legacy system migration. Engaged as manager of concurrent system runtime environments during migration from five older technology-based systems to modern distributed, scalable object-oriented system, which included programmers, external vendors, testers, and business analysts, as well as budgets, hardware acquisition, and service contracts.


PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS, LLP, Arlington Heights, Illinois, Lead Developer, 1996-1998
THE KNOWLEDGE SHOPPE, Chicago, Illinois, Cofounder & President, 1994-1996


B.S., Engineering


Cross Platform Application Control in an Interactive, Multi-platform Video Network, Filed 2010, United States
System for Automating the Creation of an Episode of an Interactive Show, Filed 2010, United States


Object Oriented Development (.Net, Java), scripting languages (Javascript, PHP), web development (ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JSP), mobile platforms (Android, Apple), operating systems (Windows, Linux), RIA platforms (Silverlight, Flash), DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL), virtualization (Hyper-V, VMware), digital asset management (RadiantGrid, Zeus), load balancing (hardware-based, Stingray), attached network storage (NetApp, EMC), BPM (Microsoft WWF, ActiveVOS), Cloud computing (Windows Azure), structured data (XML, XSLT), communication protocol (SOAP, REST, WCF), social platform (J.IVE software), ERP (Microsoft Great Plains, Broadway Systems), CMS (Sitecore, DotNetNuke), Customer Experience Management (RightNow), Business Intelligence (SAS), media streaming (Unicorn, Limelight), SMS integration (telescope), broadcast automation (, Harris)


Small Business Management Certificate, 2008


Object-Oriented Methodology Analysis and Design  Rational University
Project Management  In-House Training
Introducing Innovation  Element K Training

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Top Technology Leader

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