Senior Executive

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Senior Executive
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$250,000 to $500,000

Resume Summary
Progressive 25+ year high tech career. Excelled in large and small entrepreneurial corporations both privately and publicly held. Experience in strategy,change management, and problem solving on an enterprise scale. Depth, and willingness, to span the full spectrum of an organization.


Dublin, Ohio 43017 614.778.7299
" Identified key capability to license and promote capability. Driving revenue growth of 28%.
" Developed key partnerships and seeking investors for significant revenue growth and future acquisition.

Executing strategic visions that align technology with operations to fuel business growth
Leverages customer and community focus, balanced with honest and integrity laden teamwork approach to drive business success.
Drives transformation of business operations by enabling technology and digital platforms, enhancing revenue by 28%.
Identifies opportunities for operational improvements and defines strategies and visons that position companies for future growth.

ROI-driven Senior Executive with background leading the growth of multimillion-dollar businesses. Identifies opportunities to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency; formulates and executes strategic plans guiding teams of up to 1.8K employees. Navigates complex business challenges by utilizing ability to influence stakeholders across multiple functions and divisions; builds consensus surrounding corporate strategic initiatives.

Strategic Leadership Business Operations Strategic Alliances Strategic Planning
Digital Platforms M&A Profit Growth Information Technology
Financial Accountability Sales Strategy P&L Management Revenue Growth
Business Strategy Turnarounds Business Development Inspiring Leadership
Professional Experience & Impact
The Dispatch Printing Company | Columbus, Ohio 2006-Present
Media advertising business spanning television, radio, and digital channels.
PRESIDENT & COO (2014-Present): Promoted based on ability to drive consensus across multiple disciplines and functional business units; supervise 6 direct and 350 total reports and lead definition of culture and vision for company going through business model transformation. Provide strategic leadership across all entities including digital, 2 television stations, and radio station, generating between $54M and $84M in revenue as well as real estate division with hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate investments.

" Reestablished digital division after sale of newspaper, driving revenue growth of 18% over 5 years and over 28% per year over past 3 years.
" Created company vison of Engage and Enrich Lives via collaboration with 3rd party consultant; implemented empowered culture focused on accountability.
" Aligned vision with revenue business model and companys objective to engage and improve community.
" Recruited new leader of digital function and rebuilt partner network to enhance solutions provided to customers.
" Boosted profitability of portfolio while increasing offerings and revenue.
" Supported significant capital projects valued at approximately $7M; improved functionality and efficiencies of office space at multiple locations.

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, COO & CIO (2010-2014): Selected to turnaround newspaper and align digital and print business lines; oversaw daily print production and distribution of newspaper. Guided efforts surrounding direct consumer facing products across platforms.Guided strategy and growth initiatives for digital division and Corporate IT Team supporting entire organization of 1.8K employees.

" Established new production capability by utilizing new equipment and retro-fitting existing equipment; improved capacity from printing single title to over 25 titles on weekly basis.
" Negotiated new union contract, enabling personnel expansion and higher utilization within facility.
" Secured new partnership with Gannett to adopt new format, decreasing fixed production costs by 50%.

" Launched updated digital platform to improve customer user experience; boosted customer traffic by 20% and revenue by 28% through additional advertising revenue streams.
" Created vision specific to newspaper in collaboration with CFO and CMO, a transformational accomplishment for 140 year old family-owned business.

VICE PRESIDENT & CIO (2006-2009): Recruited to transform antiquated IT function and position IT as valued resource to business. Tasked with special projects by President impacting various business units including production and advertising.

" Reduced overall IT expenditures by 21% while decreasing size of team through outsourcing of PC support.
" Improved customer service levels on break-fix items relating to PCs.
" Assisted in rationalizing Advertising and Creative Departments by engaging India outsourcing, transitioning 90+ employees and retaining 12 internally; saved 30% in operational costs.
" Defined new technology infrastructure approach to adopt new virtual capability, reducing data center equipment size and management complexity, while boosting technical functionalities.

The New York Times Shared Services Center | Norfolk, Virginia 2004-2006
Back-office support organization for New York Times and International Herald Tribune.
DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY: Hired to lead 72-person team supporting PeopleSoft and shared IT infrastructure for U.S. and international based New York Times divisions. Managed budget of $10.1M.

" Supported New York Times, Boston Globe, 30+ small regional newspapers, international newspaper, and 4 TV stations.
" Launched upgraded HR PeopleSoft release, providing several new capabilities to organization.
" Defined company-wide helpdesk function servicing all organizations 24X7.
" Implemented new Sarbanes-Oxley regulations ensuring effective tracking and necessary controls across company.

Cox Interactive Media | Atlanta, Georgia 1999-2002
Internet based division of Cox owned media companies.
VICE PRESIDENT & CTO: Led a total of 59 employees and defined major expansion of technology to improve service levels throughout community. Partnered with VP of Product to define new solutions to position company for the future.

" Gained approval for $23M investment to improve consumer experience.
" Decreased department turnover from 34% to 11%.
" Implemented new PeopleSoft system in conjunction with Finance, HR, and Corporate teams.
" Reduced monthly close significantly from weeks to days improving information gathering process.

Additional Professional Experience
Industry Director | Proxicom, Inc. | Reston, Virginia
Oracle DBA - Proxicom Account | DynCorp |Reston, Virginia
IT Management | Mobil Oil Corporation | Fairfax, Virginia

Board Experience: The Dispatch Printing Company, The Dispatch Broadcast Company, Radio Ohio, The Buckeye Ranch Holding Company, The Buckeye Ranch Operations Board, and Columbus Ground Works Group

Education & Professional Development

MBA " Colorado Technical University
BBA, Management Information Systems " James Madison University
Completed Harvard Business School Media Innovation Program

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Senior Executive

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