Strategy and Operations Executive

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Strategy and Operations Executive
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Resume Summary
Proven expertise building business systems for efficiency and cost savings, identifying operational and financial risk predicting business changes and risk through business intelligence and building highly functional teams which adapt and scale to changes.


April 2009  Present: VP Global Operations & Systems, (Premium Vertical Network & Technology Company) Brisbane, CA  Responsible for leading Business Systems, Business Intelligence and Revenue Delivery Operations [Advertising Operations, Ad Solutions (custom creative & production team), Quality Assurance, Sales Operations & Order Management], throughout companys high growth period; 0.5M to 5B+ impressions/month, 200 to 2500+ publishers and $10M to $100M+ in annual revenue.
* Successful implementation of a custom order management system (OMS) for order and change management, pricing and financial controls, product definitions, billing, reconciliation and revenue recognition  in use across all primary business units; US, Canada, Germany and UK.
* Measured improvements to: transaction visibility and auditability, invoicing accuracy, cost savings, error reduction, and data accuracy.
o Automated manual invoicing / accounts receivable (AR) processes; improved accuracy of invoices, eliminated customer rejections of invoices and reduced end of month close cycle from 4 weeks to 7-10 business days.
o Developed calculation engine for publisher payments; improved accuracy of payments and auditability of statements resulting in savings of $200k the first month. Currently saves 15-18% of annual revenue.
o Implemented intra-month invoicing / accounts receivable (AR) processes which further reduced end of month close to 4-5 business days and reduced DSO across key accounts.
* Overhauled business intelligence team formerly focused on canned reports (low trust, low customer satisfaction) into a team which partners with the business to enable data driven business decisions through interactive dashboards.
* Focused business intelligence efforts on delivering new insights to sales management which identified untapped revenue opportunities and resulted in over-achievement of revenue goals and North American profitability (Q4 11).
* Identified financial risk  increased use of vendors for newly developed products was costing 4-5% of direct revenue and a significant reduction of gross profit margins. Delivered business analytics showing areas of high cost / low margins, subsequently implemented pricing and cost controls which improved gross profit margin by 2-4%.
* Built a global Revenue Delivery Operations team (5 to 18 people in US and 0 to 58 people in India) designed to scale with 20-30% YOY revenue growth, expansion into new countries, rapidly changing technology and changes within the industry (services, technology, regulation, etc.) while minimizing revenue risk and maintaining consistently high levels of quality and customer service.
* Established Indian Operations team. Grew team from 0 to 58 people providing full campaign support  campaign management, quality assurance and technical support  of all worldwide properties (US, CA, DE, UK, FR, JP).
* Designed and implemented unique Brand Safety program which guaranteed ad placement next to contextually relevant and safe content. This program resulted in the retention of the global Unilever account (5-6% of global revenue) in 2011.

November 2010  December 2011: Oversaw Infrastructure and Global Deployment teams (up until (Social Media Tools/Services Company) acquisition and restructure) to allow CTO more time to focus on other areas of the business.
* Improved disaster recovery scope to include all key business systems, shortened full recovery time (from several hours to less than 15 minutes) and implemented a data bus to reduce processing time and allow real-time access to data from mission critical systems.

August 2010: Accepted management of floundering data team which was producing static Excel reports and was inundated with internal customer complaints. Reassessed business needs and tools and restructured into a Business Intelligence group. Within 10 months, achieved a 180 degree shift in business users view of team and strong user confidence in data quality. Today, this teams products, primarily using Tableau visualizations, accelerate revenue in all supported regions.

January 2008  March 2009: VP North America Ad Operations (Premium Vertical Network & Technology Company), Brisbane, CA  Restructured the Ad Operations team, built sustainable and scalable Quote-to-Cash processes and selected, launched and customized an order management system (OMS) for companys rapidly growing North American business ($10M in 2008). Repurposed one engineer, one junior project manager and myself to complete a 3 month build and launch of an OMS using technology with full ad server integration and customized product selection interface at a savings of more than $1M from external bids.
* Developed budget and headcount planning model based on planned revenue growth, revenue/IO, workload analysis and employee location; continues to produce highly accurate forecasts of necessary Ops headcount by country.
* Successful launch resulted in a promotion with global responsibilities, engineering staff and ownership of ongoing development of the OMS and related business systems.

November 1999  December 2007: IGN Entertainment  Division of Fox Interactive Media (News Corp)

January 2006  December 2007: VP Operations @ Fox Interactive Media (News Corp), Brisbane, CA  Responsible for leading Fox Interactive Medias Advertising Operations division and strategy across sites of IGN, MySpace, Fox, and related entities. Supervised 45-80 personnel responsible for ad trafficking, order management, inventory, technical production (including rich media and video ads), QA and ad serving systems infrastructure (including redundancy planning and SOX compliance) serving more than 7 billion impressions per day.
* Developed integrated processes and systems to scale businesses from $40M to several hundred million in revenue.
* Successful implementation of Oracle systems for proposal generation, order management, pricing / rate card management, new product introduction, inventory management, billing, reconciliation and revenue recognition. Implementation included automated integration with DoubleClicks DE 6.1 ad server. Improved cycle times and service levels to sales by 80%.
* Developed team by creating career paths, organizing training and establishing a recognition program to improve job quality and satisfaction among employees.
* Instituted quality controls and processes to improve on time campaign delivery performance to greater than 99%.
* Reduced 3rd party impression discrepancies from more than 30% to less than 7%.

June 2006  November 2006: Acting Senior VP Operations @ Fox Interactive Media (News Corp), Los Angeles, CA  Responsible for 80+ person fulfillment and application development organization, including two VPs. Spent three months in LA office training newly hired VP, hiring 20+ open positions to build up MySpace Ad Operations division and negotiating for increased budget funding. Attended and presented at COOs weekly staff meetings.
* Transferred ad systems team from IT into Ad Operations.
* Developed Ad Operations Best Practices Guide for training and building out fulfillment verticals.
* Launched Fox Affiliate Station Group Ad Operations vertical.

November 2004  January 2006: Senior Director Ad Operations @ Fox Interactive Media (News Corp), Brisbane, CA Managed and developed 8-25 person Ad Operations team responsible for all operational tasks related to insertion order acceptance, ad trafficking, creative design, impression delivery reporting and analysis across IGN properties. Responsible for maintaining high standards for campaign fulfillment, ensuring accurate and reliable campaign management, and efficiently managing inventory to maximize sales revenues.
* Reduced attrition rate from 40% to 4% through career path development, mentoring and training programs.
* Evaluated ad server vendors and selected DoubleClicks Dart Enterprise as IGNs ad serving solution capable of scaling for 3-5 years of projected growth.
* Revised IGNs ad strategy (from complex competitive ad strategy to a standard strategy which would allow inventory to be properly tracked and forecast) and developed method of using secondary, non-sellable ad units as overflow throttles to prevent under-deliveries during periods of over-bookings.
* Developed process to measure actual make goods and revenue movement from one financial period to another.
* Reorganized design services team by developing production metrics and reporting (cost analysis, workload management, staffing planning, and optimization), establishing SLA lead times and documenting process.
* Established a New Product Introduction (NPI) process to streamline product release cycles.

January 2003  November 2004: Director of Production: @ IGN Entertainment, Brisbane, CA  Directed team of 3-8 producers and project managers responsible for all production development, tools and processes for IGN, TeamXbox, GameSpy, GameStats, and related entities. Responsible for setting departmental long-term strategy and ensuring superior quality and on-schedule release of all projects.
* Led team responsible for re-launch of IGN and GameSpy sites into 2004 ad spec including LeaderBoard  HalfPage fixed placements on all hub pages. Among first sites to use IAB approved HalfPage unit as sellable unit.
* Created project and migration plan, led team during migration of GameSpy (5000+ hard coded pages) into Network in a Box proprietary Content Management System including relational object / article database and revised ad specs.
* Managed E3 2004 war room which involved coordination of production, editorial, IT and facilities.
* Developed plan and co-executed critical tear-down and transfer of GameShark site and assets after purchase by MadCatz, including restructure and republish of site; fully completed transfer within 48 hours.
* Demonstrated success leading and growing Production team led to promotion and transfer into Ad Operations with immediate goals of reducing attrition rate and stabilizing team.

February 2001  January 2003: Assoc. Director of Production: Snowball Networks @, Brisbane, CA  Managed staff of 3-8 web producers and project managers responsible for all production development, tools and processes for IGN/Snowball properties. Responsible for product development of proprietary content management system, Network in a Box (NIB), and setting long-term strategy to establish NIB as a viable product within Snowball. Created original NIB training materials and program for GameShark and IGN employees.
* Served as sales engineer to help close $400K GameShark deal (largest deal in companys history at the time), and subsequently was awarded "Most Valuable Employee" by CEO.
* Managed travel and conference center arrangements for IGN war-room for E3 conference (Electronics Entertainment Expo) from 2001 - 2003. Served as events coordinator, facilities/IT support, and production manager.
June 2000  February 2001: Lead Producer: @, Brisbane, CA  Managed all web development projects for IGN from inception through release including design documentation, maintenance of project records and schedules, QA support, and release coordination. Established strategic development direction for assigned product lines and managed development to achieve sustainable success.

November 1999  June 2000: Producer: @, Brisbane, CA  Responsible for ensuring site functionality uptime. Developed triage plan to deal with frequently crashing site including remote management and troubleshooting via PCAnywhere; demonstrated success minimizing site downtime led to promotion to Producer role.

Publication Credits & Accomplishments:
2013 AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Award
2003: Editor, English Firsthand Series (4th Ed.) student books and teacher manuals, Lateral Communications
2001: Editorial Consultant / Series Editor, English Express teacher manuals, Lateral Communications
2000: Editor, Impact Listening Series student books and teacher manuals, Lateral Communications
1995  1998: Taught English in South Korea; developed original courses for Gyeongsang National University.
TEFL/TESL Certification 1995, New World Teachers, San Francisco, CA
BS Biology 1993, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Private Pilots License 1991, Galt Flying School, Wonder Lake, IL

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Strategy and Operations Executive

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