Senior Executive - Financial Services

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Senior Executive - Financial Services
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Resume Summary
Skilled senior leader in risk management, credit approval and administration, compliance, and performance optimization across multiple regions, with proven success delivering efficient platforms for profitable, sustainable and scalable growth. Respected for team leadership, creative problem solving, and change management.



Enterprise Risk Management - Credit Administration - Compliance - Performance Optimization

Skilled senior leader in enterprise risk management, credit administration, compliance, and performance optimization across multiple sites and regions, with proven success delivering efficient platforms for profitable, sustainable and scalable business growth. Respected for team leadership, creative problem solving, market revitalization, and change management.

> Business Responsive Chief Risk Officer with extensive knowledge and experience across business lines including consumer and business lending, workout, Allowance for Loans and Lease Losses (ALLL), capital, liquidity, and asset / liability Management (ALCO), compliance and audit, physical and information security, and risk-based pricing.

> Regulatory Risk & Compliance Officer successful at achieving strong regulatory results for Safety and Soundness, Consumer Compliance , Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Fair Lending, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Information Technology and Security.

> Senior Credit Administrator with proven success in commercial lending, underwriting, credit approval, documentation, disbursement, servicing, loan review, and workout / collections.


* Risk Assessment & Management
* Compliance and Audit
* Credit Administration / Policy
* Commercial / Consumer Lending
* Strategic Planning
* Leveraging Technology
* Regulatory Results
* Performance Optimization
* Acquisition Integration
* Program / Product Development
* Team Leadership & Development
* Change Management


Regional Financial Services Consulting Firm. Mar 2015 - Present

Services include pre-funding due diligence, loan portfolio management, problem loan management, portfolio administration, acquisition due diligence and regulatory relations.

Credit Consultant (Mar 2015 - Present)

Serving Community banks and Credit Unions in the areas of ALLL modeling and review, loan review, stress testing, problem loan sales and management, collateral valuations, credit administration policies, practices and processes, and regulatory relations and remediation.

REGIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK - Rochester, NY Oct 2004 - Aug 2014

This Regional Commercial Bank, with $2.9B in assets and more than 600 employees, provides a wide range of consumer and commercial banking services to individuals, retail, commercial, and municipal customers across western and central New York State.

Executive Vice President - Chief Risk Officer (Jul 2012 - Aug 2014)

Chief Risk Officer responsible for the company-wide risk enterprise program covering Credit, Capital Adequacy, Liquidity, Reputation, Regulatory, Operations, IT, Information Security, Physical Security, Audit, Compliance, Fair Lending and CRA. Chaired the Risk Management and ALLL committees. Member of the Audit, ALCO, Lending, IT and Disclosure committees. Responsible for Management and Board ERM reporting.

* Developed and implemented risk management processes, practices, and reporting to facilitate business growth objectives and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) requirements during a period of unprecedented changes in the regulatory environment.

* Consistently realized top metric results (e.g. net credit losses, non-performing loans, and delinquency rates) in peer group of similar sized financial institutions.

* Obtained strong regulatory results and working relationship with applicable Federal and New York State regulatory agencies.

Senior Vice President - Senior Credit Administrator, Compliance Director & Risk Officer (Oct 2004 - Jun 2012)

Served as Senior Credit Administrator and Compliance Director for the bank. Senior member of leadership team working to implement bank-wide initiatives. Provided top-level Credit and Compliance management.

* Re-engineered the four former subsidiary banks into one commercial platform under a single entity, standardizing commercial credit policies, practices, underwriting, management, MIS and operations.

* Updated and standardized note and collateral documentation reducing errors, omissions and outside legal expenses.

CITIBANK, N.A. / CITIGROUP INC. - Rochester, NY Mar 1989 - Oct 2004

Citigroup Inc.(NYSE:C) is a global diversified financial services company whose businesses provide consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services.

Senior Credit Officer, Commercial Markets Group - Upstate New York Region (Mar 2002 - Oct 2004)
Vice President, Credit Officer, Commercial Markets Group - Rochester and Buffalo, NY (Mar 1989 - Mar 2002)

Promoted to Senior Commercial Credit Officer for the entire Upstate region of New York, with focus on Small Business, Investor Real Estate, Not-For-Profit, and Middle Market lending segments. As a core member of the Upstate Leadership Team, facilitated and developed joint initiatives and business goals with Divisional colleagues in the Retail, Investment and Insurance businesses. Provided top-level credit oversight and authority, client and prospect development, sales closure and retention. Fully responsible for managing P&L, Credit Policy, Credit functions, Note and Collateral Documentation and related support services. Oversaw and/or assisted in National initiatives and projects realizing productivity gains, expense reductions and standardization of policies and practices.

* Achieved a 14% expense reduction in Commercial Credit Administration by streamlining staff functions and automating workflows.

* Reduced net credit losses by 50% while increasing approval rates by 20% in the Upstate Region.

* Implemented product revisions, rejuvenating market demand for key targeted lending offerings (e.g., created a 15-year term / 15-year amortization commercial mortgage based on 7-year cost of funds interest rate).

* Assimilated multiple markets into common practices and processes, realizing double-digit savings.

* Automated underwriting and support functions; standardized collateral and note documentation.

IRVING TRUST COMPANY - Rochester, NY Jan 1982 - Mar 1989

Irving Trust Company was a principal subsidiary of the Irving Bank Corporation, then, the 11th largest bank in the United States, headquartered in New York City. The company was acquired by Bank of New York in 1988.

Vice President, Commercial Credit

Began with the bank as a Commercial Collector in 1982; promoted to Credit Analyst in 1984, and participated in the rotational Management Training Program involving Loan Review, Commercial Workouts and Lending. Subsequently, became Commercial Credit Department Manager, with promotions to AVP and VP of Commercial Credit.


B.S. Business Administration

Veteran, Honorable Discharge

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Senior Executive - Financial Services

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