Senior Executive

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Senior Executive
Location Confidential
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$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Executive with 20 years of accomplishments in high technology businesses. Experience in business development, sales, multi-unit operations, manufacturing, start-ups, and turnarounds in international and domestic settings. A leader skilled in strategy development, marketing and team building who meets profitability targets.



Executive with extensive accomplishments in business development, sales, multi-unit operations, mergers & acquisitions, start-ups, and turnarounds in international and domestic settings. Unusual record of success in establishing and leading improvement initiatives which drive increased sales and significant growth of profits. Visionary leader with broad technological competencies in merger and acquisition, startup and turnaround environments. Led the turnaround of 10 international businesses for Fortune 500 companies.

Leadership & Team Building, International Operations, Lean Manufacturing, Product Design, Program Management, High and Low Technology Operations, Business Optimization, Strategic Planning & Execution, Business Development, Financial Analysis, Market Share Attainment & Profit Improvement, Turnaround & Growth Situations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Raising, and Performance Measurement.

" Increased sales by over 71% in less than 3 years and sold company at attractive multiples
" Improved Manufacturing efficiencies by over 30%, resulting in profitability improvements of over 35%
" Rescued a company headed for bankruptcy, increased sales by over 25% annually, sold at substantial profit
" Turned around 10 international businesses for Fortune 500 companies


AGC Aerospace & Defense, Composites & Structures Group 2008 - Present

Group President
Provides operational and strategic leadership for profitable, aggressive growth of this international group of companies. The companies are focused on composites and metal design and manufacturing sector of the commercial and military aerospace market. Developed and effectively executed plans for increasing profitability, market share, and diversifying the corporation through acquisitions as well as organic means. Began with $9M and one plant, now $100M Revenue, 5 plants, and 450 people.
" Organic Growth Averaging over 20% per year
" Increased EBITDA by over 35%
" Improved Manufacturing Efficiencies by over 30%

TMC Aerospace, Santa Ana, CA 2006 - 2008

President and Chief Executive Officer
Led the profitable, aggressive growth of this international designer and supplier of products for the aerospace industry. Developed and effectively executed plans for increasing profitability and market share. TMC Aerospace is the parent company of The Mexmil Company, Mexmil Global Services, Secart Aerospace, Mexmil China Ltd., and Airframe Support and Logistics. Over $70 MUSD, and 800 people.
" Increased Sales by Over 71% in Less Than 3 years
" Increased EBITDA by over 59% and profitability by over 50%
" Established Manufacturing Operations in China
" Successful Sale of the Business at Attractive Multiples

EMS Technologies, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2003 - 2006
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Aggressively recruited to direct and manage all aspects required to turn-around a fast-paced $100 million high technology business with 400 people. Reorganized the operation, spun out a subsidiary and returned the business to record profitability with positive cash flow. Established new business model, instituted cost reduction actions, and returned business to cash flow positive in 90 days, and profitability in 180 days.
" Re-energized a workforce that had been subjected to significant layoffs and salary reductions.
" Introduced process improvements that increased quality, and reduced costs an average of 24%.
" Increased sales over 22% sales increase from 2003  2004, and a 27% from 2004-2005.
" Led the successful sale of the company at attractive multiples


SkyCross, Inc., Melbourne, Florida
President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer
" Led the development of 4 product lines which positioned the company to address the $2.5 billion wireless communications market.
" Identified and acquired initial customers to establish a diversified customer base in multiple markets.
" Acquired $5 million in new funding - in the most difficult period ever in the venture capital industry.

Andrew Corp., Richardson, Texas
Group President  Communication Products
" Turned around 7 underperforming global business units and manufacturing operations in 5 countries with annual sales of over $300 million and 1800 people.
" Increased profit margins from 12% to a division record of 27%
" Achieved annual sales increase of 20%
Vice President  Terrestrial Microwave Systems, Richardson, Texas
" Turned around 4 underperforming global businesses, reversing sales and profitability decline and contributed 100% of the entire corporations profits in 1999.
" $100M in Revenue and 900 people

Ericsson Inc., Richardson, Texas
Vice President of Professional Services, Director of GSM Strategic Sales & Marketing, General Manager of Cellular Systems/PCS
" Turned around ailing business units from a loss of 33% to a positive 22% operating profit.
" Created and led a new international division and grew it to a $200 million, high profitability operation.
" Sales ranged from $10-250M.

University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas Texas: Engineering Instructor. Designed and taught courses in wireless telecommunications, digital and analog circuit design.

Micropac Industries, Garland Texas: Program Manager. Designed, marketed and produced optoelectronic displays for military applications.

Texas Instruments, Dallas Texas: Assistant Program Manager. Responsible for Department of Defense contract negotiation and implementation of a missile guidance system for the Army. Lead Electrical Engineer, 1982-1986. Held various positions ranging from Design Engineer to Lead Design Engineer. Secret Clearance.

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Senior Executive

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