President/Vice President/General Manager

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President/Vice President/General Manager
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Resume Summary
Senior executive with extensive experience in increasing performance. Skilled in lean transformations, inventory control, strategic planning, market analysis, operations anlysis, turn around leadership, managing multiple facitlites and international operations.



An enterprising, innovative TOP SENIOR EXECUTIVE AND CORPORATE OFFICER with extensive experience in leading organizations to meet financial goals. Functions as a company representative, using strong communication to convey messages to customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders. Utilizes expertise in turnaround situations, including revenue enhancement, profitability improvement, and asset management to contribute to bottom-line growth.


Company focused on recording and sharing family stories using a Smart Phone app and a private website.
President 2011-Present

Responsible for all aspects of this new-to-the-world service that allows relatives to record and share family stories.
* Conceived and developed the concept and developed the theory of operation.
* Researched and selected vendor-partner for software development.
* Managed the programming for the website, iPhone and Android application.
* Developed business plan including business justification and profit and loss projection.
* Obtained bank loan to finance startup phase of business.
* First Place winner of Innovation award from the Chamber of Commerce in Springfield, Illinois.
* Selected as one of the Best Mobile Apps of 2013 in a book by the same name authored by Jeremy Warner.

Chief Operating Officer 2008-2011

Developed strategic direction for company and tactical plan to achieve required results. Managed executive team to include vice president of operations, vice president of sales and marketing, controller, director of engineering, and director of human resources. Developed annual operating plans, including new product development plans, sales plans, manufacturing costs, and staff goals and objectives. Presented and defended plan in front of Board of Directors. Monitored shipments and margins on daily basis, reviewed staff goals and objectives in weekly one-on-ones, as well as monitored and corrected performance. Submitted activity report and financial report monthly. Reviewed product development plans and made required changes every six months.

*Responsible for P&L of organization, including $55,000,000 in shipments, 220 employees, and two facilities.
*Managed functions, including engineering, sales, and manufacturing in main plant and sales and service operation in France.
*Increased profit percentage from 13.2% to 15.8% during revenue downturn of 13% in 2009 and 2010.
*Improved gross margins by 4% and reduced inventory by 40% to increase cash flow by 11%.
*Implemented strategic deployment to align employees to contribute to success of company.
*Enhanced on-time delivery from 64% to 85% through combination of organizational focus and better forecasting.
*Developed partnership arrangement with largest customer to jointly develop new technology.
*Created product and technology roadmaps to visually show where and how organization will grow.
*Completed outsourcing model that enabled increased flexibility and decreased capital requirements.

President 2007-2008

Responsible for all aspects of consulting and Internet portal company. Established plans and budgets. Developed marketing and sales activities for consulting and Internet portal operations.

*Responsible for Internet portal for local business to local consumer advertising.
*Developed funding source for machine shop to buy parts from China.
*Helped a small business reposition for growth.

President 2005-2007

Established direction for company, including how company would go to market, what products would be developed, and distribution/sales channels that would be used. Responsible for profitability of company on monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Set goals on quarterly basis and monitored monthly. Upgraded manpower in organization.

*Responsible for P&L of organization, including $27,000,000 in shipments, 160 employees and two facilities, a sales and administrative office, and a separate machining and fabrication plant.
*Turned around operation from breakeven in 2005 to profit of $700,000 in 2006 by improving operations, increasing sales, as well as restructuring sales and administration to eliminate non-value-added activities.
*Increased efficiency on factory floor from 65% to 93% by implementing plan to break production into cells and by using lean techniques.
*Rebuilt sales team to focus on four sales channels used to include catalog houses, representatives, dealers, and direct sales to retail customers.

Principal, Owner 2003-2005

Formed company to purchase FasTracKids franchise. Responsible for developing budgets, leasing, and setting up physical space, hiring teaching personnel and putting together financial systems to support organization. Accountable for marketing service and developing fee structures. Interfaced with clients and served as face of organization.

*Held complete P&L responsibility for start-up company.
*Researched and targeted companies for exploration and possible acquisition.
*Developed and implemented business plan for new franchise.
*Evaluated and selected financing methods.
*Created and implemented brand awareness campaign through multi-media, including magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and direct presentations.

Vice President Enterprise Systems 2002-2003

Responsible for IT structure for five plants and corporate offices. Accountable for purchasing and installing quote system software for automating basic functions of organization. Defined future state of computer systems of company. Managed MIS, supply chain, lean initiatives, and corporate restructuring. Assumed new position developed to overcome profitability problems apparent with growth. Served as corporate officer.

*Saved $4,500,000 per year by conceiving and leading team to develop and implement supply chain improvements that included changes to multi-plant purchasing and bidding organizational structure as well as new systems to increase effectiveness and reduce cost.
*Negotiated with customer to increase price of product sold, adding $2,400,000 to profit.
*Reduced cost by $1,200,000 by championing lean initiatives by eliminating non-value-added activities, resulting in increased throughput.
*Coordinated savings of $600,000 in outsourced MIS cost by negotiation with vendor.

Vice President Operations 1996-2002

Responsible for five plants in four states, with P&L responsibility and 900 employees. Developed and managed operating budget of $35,000,000, with capital budget of $4,000,000. Responsible for all functions except sales and marketing. Consulted with sales and marketing to develop financial plans for each plant. Monitored progress on monthly basis. Visited each plant four times per year to review operations and work on continuous improvement.

*Generated $3,000,000 of additional profit by decreasing material cost and increasing prices, with average gross margin increase of three points.
*Added $2,500,000 to profit by settling lawsuit between LaBarge and partner over build of medical laser, requiring coordination between outside legal counsel and plants to develop information necessary to prove facts of case.
*Increased on-time delivery of 3% per year by developing and implementing new purchasing techniques.
*Developed and implemented plan to develop Center of Excellence in PC surface mount assembly, enabling company to compete on a broader range of products.
*Obtained and shipped $40,000,000 order, generating profit of $6,000,000, largest in company history.
*Built additions to two plants, increasing manufacturing space by 30%, with total construction value of $4,100,000.


MANUFACTURER OF BROADCAST EQUIPMENT, Vice President Manufacturing and Customer Service, 1989-1996. Responsible for manufacturing in two locations well as international customer service. Consulted with sales and marketing to develop manufacturing plan that included quantities of product and cost to manufacturers. Built continuous improvement plans into budget. Eliminated loss of $1,000,000 over two years in Cambridge facility by working closely with engineering to solve technical problems while implementing lean concepts in manufacturing. Improved on-time delivery by 20%. Decreased cycle time by 50% by implementing JIT.

MANUFACTURER OF PRINTING PRESSES, Director of Operations, 1987-1989. Directed assembly and machining operations in Dover plant. Responsible for materials organization. Developed plans to support sales and marketing plans, monitoring to ensure on-time assembly of product. Monitored quality daily. Held reviews weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Increased on-time delivery from 45% to 90%. Transferred electronics operation from Melbourne, Florida to Dover, New Hampshire with zero missed shipments. Reduced cost of materials by 2% per year.

MANUFACTURER OF ELECTRONICS USED IN PRINTING PRESSES, Manufacturing Manager, 1985-1987. Provided electronics for five printing equipment plants. Oversaw delivery, quality, and costs. Reviewed material availability and manpower requirements on weekly basis. Decreased inventory by 50% in nine months. Changed manufacturing system from MAPICS I to MAPICS II over four-day period, requiring new part numbers for 8,000 parts. Increased on-time delivery to 100%.

MANUFACTURER OF SMALL COMMERCIAL PRINTING PRESSES, Machining Manager, 1984-1985. Directed machine shop that provided assembly operations with critical parts. Ensured availability at right time and at lowest cost. Completed negotiations on daily basis to ensure production of correct parts. Increased on-time delivery by 35% by developing and implementing new shop floor scheduling system.

MANUFACTURER OF SMALL COMMERCIAL PRINTING PRESSES, Manager Commercial Press Assembly, 1982-1984. Coordinated assembling of printing presses. Managed three floor supervisors and schedule for shipment. Completed daily interaction to assure availability of parts to meet schedule. Responsible for manpower planning and continuous improvement. Reduced hours required to build printing tower from 265 to 123. Implemented targeted work assignment system to ensure completion of work by fastest assemblers. Increased on-time delivery from 65% to 90%.

MANUFACTURER OF SMALL COMMERCIAL PRINTING PRESSES, Manager Electrical Industrial Engineering, 1978-1982. Accountable for start-up of manufacturing for new division. Leased building for offices. Hired floor personnel. Developed routings and work standards for assembly operations. Facilitated leasing of manufacturing facility and staffed organization with industrial engineers and assembly workers.

ORDNANCE SYSTEMS DIVISION, Test Equipment Design Engineer, 1974-1977. Took Navy testing specifications for products produced in plant and designed hardware to verify performance of equipment to specification. Developed budgets and costs. Designed and sold $1,400,000 in test equipment to Navy. Handled design of Time of Day clock simulator to replace atomic clock used on submarines for testing purposes.


COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, New York, New York, M.B.A., 1978
UNION COLLEGE, Schenectady, New York, B.S.E.E., 1974


Microsoft Office Suite, Enterprise planning systems, including Oracle, AMAPS, MAPICS


Past board member of Chamber of Commerce
Past member of and participant in Rotary Club
Involved with Superbowl for the homeless in St. Louis and Thanksgiving baskets for the needy in Springfield

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